Monday, November 7, 2011

2 Days!!!!

Seth sent a short message today stating that his group (The missionaries he trained with in Provo and will leave with on Wed) was in the Institute in Santo Domingo taking a class on how to make a resume and how to take advantage of the Church's "Perpetual Education Fund"  (For native Dominicans who have served missions.)  He says he's anxious to get home but it doesn't seem real. 

He is threatening to hide in the airport instead of coming down the stairs when he gets here.  I told him we were going to hire a bum cab driver to hold up a cardboard sign with his name written in magic marker and WE were going to do the hiding.  He said if we did that he was going to wear the UGLY Dominican pants he had made there for pictures at the airport.

He has training today and then they get to do a little shopping tomorrow and he gets on a plane Wed at 4 AM.  He said to tell all his friends he will see them Thursday since we will be late getting home Wed night.
Can't wait, can't wait!
Seth will report his mission in Sacrament Meeting Sun Nov 20th at 12:30 PM at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints West Stake Center 3580 W Magee, Tucson AZ  (Magee just east of Thornydale)  All are invited and welcome.


  1. Yayy!! I wish it was possible to teleport myself to Tucson this week. How exciting for everyone!! I can't wait to hear from him!! Spanish accent and all...

  2. Get Josh to dress up as a bum cab driver with a cardboard sign...he'd be good for it! I'm so dang excited for Seth to come home. I've missed him... as of right now, I think I can come to his talk in church! Hooray! Now if we can just convince Mikayla to smile at him...