Monday, February 22, 2010

Duct Tape the Man Purse

Hey Family!

How´s everyone doing. Sounds like all is well in Tucson! Sounds like there is a lot of rain and wintery weather. I can not even imagine what winter is like. I keep forgetting that it is winter time until I look at the date and it is Feb. The other night there was no power and it was really hot that night and that was the first night that I experienced the not being able to sleep because I was sweating so much! It was pretty horrible. But luckily I fell asleep fairly quickly.

This week was pretty un eventful. It flew by soo quickly. It is weird how fast time is going. Seems like it is always time to write! Before I forget, I am going to take out money to get some pants. I wasnt going to have to take out any money and I do not really want to but Palmeroys Pants just arent working for me. Theyre ripping all over the place and the belt loops and stuff are already falling off. So I am going to have some made today.

Hair cuts.... well mom... uh ya... You asked if you would be proud or embarrassed, I would have to say most likely embarrassed. Everyone says I got a hard core dominican cut! Haha I will send some pics if they work today.

I tried fry bread. I did not have enough flour so they did not turn out so well but I think I am going to have to wait until I have a different area to try it cuz Elder Barrett never likes anything I try to make so I think I will wait to experiment with other people. But yes they do have tomato paste here and I am learning to love to eat speghetti!

Funny story of the week, an old lady said that she could not let us in when we showed up to teach her. Her excuse was that the door was locked and she did not have the keys so she could not let us in. I just hope that there isnt a fire cuz apparently she is locked in. I guess you had to be thre but it was funny. Other funny story is the little kids just pee here where ever. They do not care who is looking or where they are. Two kids were bathing themselves in the street and one of them just started peeing on the other and they were both just cracking up. They thought it was hilarious. other random things, most people who weld here do it with out any eye protection.

The package was amazing!!! Those ear plugs are going to be very helpful when I have another house with out windows! In the old house it was hard to sleep because of all the noise. Those will be very useful and the crystal lite packages and amazingggg! Wow stuff those in anytime you all send anything becuase those are amazing and I do not wanna drink a ton of soda and water gets old so those really are priceless! Headlamps are awesome too and already used duct tape for the man bag. I can not wait to get the one you sent because mine is looking pretty sad right now.

- Dud wants to know how your shoes are holding up?
They are holding up amazing for now! Not even looking old yet... the insides are getting a little warn but not anything to bad.

- Have you had anything crazy to eat this week?
Nothing to crazy. A lady tried to get us to eat the colon of a cow but all the missionaries say to NOT eat that. And the other intestines too.
Meagan is wondering how you like chicken feet? chicken feet were not bad but they just do not have much meat to them. not really anything there too eat.

Spanish this week was better. Still a little rough but I understood someone better and could talk a little bit more. I actually had a full convo with a recent convert last night about just small talk but it was cool to actually have a convo.

Eng class was cut. Apparently the pres does want us doing that anymore haha I did not know but ya they say not to do that anymore.

- Are you still playing the piano for church? I do not play for church because they sing their songs differently than how they are written so when I play how they are supposed to be no one really follows it. It is pretty funny. They always add notes and take others away and have pauses random places. It is pretty funny!

SY is the most legit campo branch according to Elder Barrett. There are usually about 80 people and it is pretty well run. We do not have any callings for right now. THe branch has a great president and he does most of the stuff.

-Do most of the members live in pretty humble circumstances?
All the houses here were made by the gov because there was a flood in the old town 30 years ago so the gov came in and built a bunch of block houses so the houses are nice but they do not have much in them. Most people do not have much things. Only those who have family in other countries are well off. Work here is very hard to find and most people do not have a job.
The lady that lives below us isnt a member but worked in the US for 30 yrs so has some money. the ¨bank¨down stairs isnt actually a bank. the bancas sell lotery tickets and she also has a colmado which is a little store that sells drinks, salami, ect. Those are everywhere.
- What was your most memorable/favorite experience this week?
We met a lady that has 112 years. She is sooo old. I will send a picture of her. Another one is theres this crzy lady and she was singing in her house and all the neighborhood kids and me and Elder Barrett were watching her through her window and then someone walked in the door and we all took off running hhaha you had to be there but a bunch of kids and then two americans running.. I do not know why but it was hilarious.

I love you all lots! Thanks for your love and support! You all are amazing and thanks for you do!

love you lots

Monday, February 15, 2010

Staying in Sabana Yegua

Slideshow week ending Feb 15, 2010

Hola familia

Another good week. We had the baptism of Santa this past weekend and she was totally scared of the water. I guess she has a phobia of water and she was like a cat that gets thrown into the water. She was terrified. When she was baptised she was so scared that she started kicking her feet so we had to do it over! It was a good experience! haha

What else happened this week, I must have looked cute or something this week because for some reason I got hit on by girls a lot. We invited some people to church and they said they would go if I kissed them. They were not serious about the going part but the girl was def serious about the kiss part!

We go on exchanges with a lady named Marcella.. She is really cool and we were teaching this one guy that was complaining about everything. After we left she said that he was a chick with a the private part of a man! It was hilarious!

The Webster´s are moving? That is sad :( I am going to miss them. Tell them that they have always been a great support and friend to me. And tell jace to stay away from girls!

Maren asked me in her letter if there were any good treats here. I do not think that they believe in treats. I am craving cookies and brownies! I do not know if I can survice for two years with out them! It is killing me. Oreos are the best thing I can find and I eat a ton of those! Also maren, we do our own laundry and I included the picture of it, roach and all!

We ate at a members home yesterday, she gave us so much food it was insane! She is super nice though. She said that I looked like an Elder that served there a while back and Elder Barrett said no way, the Elder was mexican and Wilson is white. She said I know, but they both are just always happy! That made me feel good. Atleast they can see that I am happy even if I can not talk the best!

What else happened this week, nothing to special this week. The high light was SAnta´s baptism and no really amazing stories from this week. We had to drop to really good investigators because they just do not quite understand the Apostacy. That is a bummer but maybe the next elders can help them.

I wont know for 6 more weeks if I am staying or going. I hope that I do get a Dominican. Would really help with Spanish ect.

- What kind of ingredients are easy to get besides beans and rice?
Rice and beans everyday for lunch
Can you get pasta noodles? Pasta noodles yes I can get those!
Have you tried cooking anything yet?!
I have not tried. Elder Barrett does not really want me to cook because he likes his food. For now I am not going to complain and take advantage of the cooking! I watch so that I can learn! I did make the rice the other day though!

My favorite food is platanos made by Marcella. She makes them really thin and crispy. They are amazing.
A guy is selling fruit by our house now so that is nice. I have been eating a ton of china... it is pretty much like an orange and a lot of pine apple too.

I haven´t taught a whole lesson by myself yet but spanish is coming a long a lot better. I realize that if I have confidence it comes a lot better. That is an important lesson!

I love the questions they help me to think of more to write. Meagan and Dustin´s baby is soooo adorable. Give her a kiss on the forehead for me. THanks for all your love and support I appreciate it a lot and I feel it everyday. I miss you all and love you all more than you know!
con amor
Elder Wilson

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sabana Yegua Pics and Stalking one's food

Here is a link to some pictures that he sent today! He did a great job of labeling them!

Hola familia!

I´m about to give on up the picture thing. EVerywhere I try it says that the files are wrong ect and only lets me download one at a time. Takes for ever and is really making me angry. I want it to work but it just is not doing so well! And we all know how well I do when little things do not work haha. Actually I might be figuring it out right now. We Will see

To answer questions first, I still haven´t gotten yoour receipes mom! I am sure they will come eventually. You never know with mail here. The problem isn´´t so much that you did not teach me how to cook but it is that there are no ingredients here! Thats the prob!

Spanish is coming around a little. I had an intercambio with our District leader on WEds. He came out here to SY so I had to show him around and I talked a lot that day and Spanish was going really well that day. That was a lot of fun. He was a really tight missionary and he had a lot in common so that was fun!

We had a baptism on Sat. His name is Papito. He is about 20 years old and he has been investigating the church for about 4 years but was really invovled with the catholic church and was a joven pastor ect but he decided it was time so we have been teaching him again for a couple weeks and he was baptized on Sat. It was a good baptism. One that is a potential missionary and would be a very good one.
Yesterday one of the recent Haitain converts decided that he was going to serve a mission. He still has to wait until he has one year of membership but that was fun to see him change from not wanting to go to all of a sudden really wanting to do it. He would be a solid missionary.

We have another investigator named Santa. She is about 65 years old. She has more faith than anyone I have ever met! She has a baptismal date for this Sat and we will see how that goes. We have to review a lot with her because she has a hard time remembering all the things we teach. She is a crack up. If we are ever having a rough day we go to Santas to lighten the mood. She always reads to her goats outloud iin the Book of Mormon! haha She is a hoot.

We had to drop our best investigator because she just does not feel ready to be baptized at this time. She says she knows it is true but she just does not want to be baptized. That is hard because she is not telling us why. She just says because. Hopefully we can get it out of her eventually.

Our other one that was supposed to be baptized, apparently she is a hooker and two days before the baptism we walked in her house and she was smoking. Her mom then later that night told us about her hooker problem. So ya, she didnt get baptized. It was pretty funny. I know that is horrible to say but I do not know just funny!

I have not gotten a ball yet. It cost 20 dollars for a ball that is rubber and is like the 2 dollar walmart ball. THe rama pres says the only place to buy a good one is in the Capital but it is not that big of a deal! I am not sure what the Maxpedition man purse is but I will take an man purse!

LAst monday as I was gettign out of the APs truck, because they gave us a ride, my pants ripped HUGE all down the crotch! I have a picture of it on my camera it was pretty intense but I had one of the Young Women in the rama sew it up because when I tried it was a failure!

The suitcase with extra supplies like deoderant ect is goig to be huge! Deoderant, tooth paste, ect and othe hygiene stuff here is really expensive. Everyone is jealous that I already have it all! Deoderant out here is like 8 bucks! and contact solution is like 20.

It is a good feeling to walk in the house and the thermoater says 90 degrees. 90 degrees and muggy haha but luckily it is not too bad with fans and stuff.

I had my 3 month anniversary this past week! We were in Azua for a DM and to celebrate we went to pico pollo which is like fried chicken fastfood run by Chinese people but I had 2 full plates to celebrate. IT was sooo much food!

Sat night we were starving so we stalked up on food for when we broke our fast on Sunday. I drank 2.6 liters of soda after fasting haha... it sure felt good!

Life here is good. I can not complain! Spanish is coming little by little. I just need to be patient. I still can not comprehend knowing it completely- kinda crazy!

I can not think of too much more! Glad to hear U of A is doing better!

Remember that God loves us and wants us to talk to him so that he can help us. He is always there for us! I miss you all and love you so much!

Con amor
Elder Wilson

First House in SY. No glass in windows; just bars

"Brand new" Internet Cafe in Sabana Yegua. Used it today Feb 8 2010

Elder Barret, Elder Wilson Papito Baptism

Road in area through spice fields

Chicken Feet

New apt in SY on second floor

fish lady


Monday, February 1, 2010

Kissing, Cousins, and a tough week.

Hola toda
This week was a bit rougher than others! But all is well. We had two baptisms on Sat. One of them was a Haitain and the other is an 11 year old from a part member home. It was a pretty cool deal. I wish I could get pictures to work cuz I have a bunch.

The highlights/funny stories of the week... We were talking to one of our investigators outside their house and we were talking about this crazy lady and I said she was crazy and a lady that happened to be walking by thought I was talking about her. Everyone started cracking up. It was pretty funny!

Elder Barrett let me teach the law of chasity to a 70 year old lady. That was def an experience and she didnt even know what half the stuff we arent supposed to do was. If you catch my drift.

Our Haitain baptism doesnt know spanish but she has two cousins that she lives with that know creol and spanish so they always translate for us. One of the days the cousins were not there so we ended up having to use a little 3 year old girl to translate for us and the whole time she was picking and eating her boogers haha it was def funny.
I got a letter from Dr. Weaver this week. He send it Dec 7th and it just came in this week. But I thought it was nice of him to write me. Tell him I said hi and that I appreciated his letter but you will have to tell him we dont ride bikes here so my bike doesnt have an umbrella and where I am at now it never rains so I am doing ok.
On Weds I went on an intercambio with the Zone Leader and spent the day in Azua. It was with a great elder named Elder Freckleton. He was really fun to be around. Small world, he actually knows Brindy´s cousin who I have talked to and hung out with several times.

The same lady that I taught the Law of Chasity to gave me a hug and then asked if I would kill her goats for her when shes ready to eat them. I am not sure if she is all there!

Then on sat a girl came out of nowhere and kissed me on the cheek. She snuck up from behind me and when I turned around to see who it was bammmmm. got hit. Oh well lol

I got like 4 Christmas cards this week. I do not really understand the mail. Some cards make it in 10 days and others in 8 weeks! I got Zane and Suzys card! Kinda weird to see Jeff in it! ha I miss ED! I wish I would have written more to him.

Haley officially wrote me and told me that she likes Devin. And that they are dating a lot. I figured I might as well write it here so she knows I am still gonna give her a hard time whenever I can! :) Love you Buns!

Ok Maren's question... remember Maren when I wanted to get colored handkerchiefs but you wouldnt let me?! FYI colored handkerschiefs are def in so there! But yes I used them. I do not really use them for boogers. I just pick my nose if I have boogers! Then I flick them. The culture here its ok to pick your nose. But gas is considered very inappropriate!

Still have running water in our showers so I am lucky! The locals bathe in the canal because it is easier to do that than to retrieve the water in buckets.

I got my first Dominican hair cut. It is sooo short. Number two on the sides with a three on top and its even trimmed like they do it with the pointed hair at the temple of the head.

(Deleted conversation about baby wipes here.)

I havent gotten fruit yet. I am not exactly sure how to clean them. You should ask gpa for me again! And the fish has some sort of chemical or something I guess that we are not supposed to eat!

I have not got the recipes yet so I am not sure if they have ingredients haha but its especially hard for us because there is no store so we have to plan pretty far in advance ingredients wise.

Meat is doable price--wise for special ocasions. Salame  is pretty cheap. We eat a lot of that. Still eat a lot of toast and grilled cheese. And Coke. I cook eggs now too.

Spanish is still not very good. I have a work book that I work with but we're pretty much on our own to make a study program. PMG has a section about it but not for Spanish specifically.

Pdays we go to Azua and play some sport sometimes and then shop for food then go back to SY and start up working again. I have only played ball twice. Kinda sad.

Havent heard about adoption in our area. I imagine it is cuz in his area  people are better off.

Greenie area depends. Usually 2 transfers with trainer and then the newbie stays in his area.. I am not sure about here because the area is really small but we will have to wait and see.

Some have tvs but light is on and off..most do not have phones and they kinda just sit there all day... some of the houses are given by gov and those are nicer but one area is tin houses with cardboard and pretty bad off.

No Dad I am not being patient with myself that is something I am trying to be better at this week! And ya I got Travis´s note and tell him thanks for it and I will have to be more patient.
Man purse is going well. I am going to have to get a new one soon. It is def falliing apart haha it is pretty ghetto.
Well that is my life in a nutshell for this week. I am grateful for your love and support. Tell Bro Brown I am grateful for his letters and his love and support too. Tell everyone hi and that I love them. I love you all sooo much

Elder Wilson

only in SY... woman breast feed while swinging on hammock and talking to the whole family and the elders at the same time!