Monday, February 22, 2010

Duct Tape the Man Purse

Hey Family!

How´s everyone doing. Sounds like all is well in Tucson! Sounds like there is a lot of rain and wintery weather. I can not even imagine what winter is like. I keep forgetting that it is winter time until I look at the date and it is Feb. The other night there was no power and it was really hot that night and that was the first night that I experienced the not being able to sleep because I was sweating so much! It was pretty horrible. But luckily I fell asleep fairly quickly.

This week was pretty un eventful. It flew by soo quickly. It is weird how fast time is going. Seems like it is always time to write! Before I forget, I am going to take out money to get some pants. I wasnt going to have to take out any money and I do not really want to but Palmeroys Pants just arent working for me. Theyre ripping all over the place and the belt loops and stuff are already falling off. So I am going to have some made today.

Hair cuts.... well mom... uh ya... You asked if you would be proud or embarrassed, I would have to say most likely embarrassed. Everyone says I got a hard core dominican cut! Haha I will send some pics if they work today.

I tried fry bread. I did not have enough flour so they did not turn out so well but I think I am going to have to wait until I have a different area to try it cuz Elder Barrett never likes anything I try to make so I think I will wait to experiment with other people. But yes they do have tomato paste here and I am learning to love to eat speghetti!

Funny story of the week, an old lady said that she could not let us in when we showed up to teach her. Her excuse was that the door was locked and she did not have the keys so she could not let us in. I just hope that there isnt a fire cuz apparently she is locked in. I guess you had to be thre but it was funny. Other funny story is the little kids just pee here where ever. They do not care who is looking or where they are. Two kids were bathing themselves in the street and one of them just started peeing on the other and they were both just cracking up. They thought it was hilarious. other random things, most people who weld here do it with out any eye protection.

The package was amazing!!! Those ear plugs are going to be very helpful when I have another house with out windows! In the old house it was hard to sleep because of all the noise. Those will be very useful and the crystal lite packages and amazingggg! Wow stuff those in anytime you all send anything becuase those are amazing and I do not wanna drink a ton of soda and water gets old so those really are priceless! Headlamps are awesome too and already used duct tape for the man bag. I can not wait to get the one you sent because mine is looking pretty sad right now.

- Dud wants to know how your shoes are holding up?
They are holding up amazing for now! Not even looking old yet... the insides are getting a little warn but not anything to bad.

- Have you had anything crazy to eat this week?
Nothing to crazy. A lady tried to get us to eat the colon of a cow but all the missionaries say to NOT eat that. And the other intestines too.
Meagan is wondering how you like chicken feet? chicken feet were not bad but they just do not have much meat to them. not really anything there too eat.

Spanish this week was better. Still a little rough but I understood someone better and could talk a little bit more. I actually had a full convo with a recent convert last night about just small talk but it was cool to actually have a convo.

Eng class was cut. Apparently the pres does want us doing that anymore haha I did not know but ya they say not to do that anymore.

- Are you still playing the piano for church? I do not play for church because they sing their songs differently than how they are written so when I play how they are supposed to be no one really follows it. It is pretty funny. They always add notes and take others away and have pauses random places. It is pretty funny!

SY is the most legit campo branch according to Elder Barrett. There are usually about 80 people and it is pretty well run. We do not have any callings for right now. THe branch has a great president and he does most of the stuff.

-Do most of the members live in pretty humble circumstances?
All the houses here were made by the gov because there was a flood in the old town 30 years ago so the gov came in and built a bunch of block houses so the houses are nice but they do not have much in them. Most people do not have much things. Only those who have family in other countries are well off. Work here is very hard to find and most people do not have a job.
The lady that lives below us isnt a member but worked in the US for 30 yrs so has some money. the ¨bank¨down stairs isnt actually a bank. the bancas sell lotery tickets and she also has a colmado which is a little store that sells drinks, salami, ect. Those are everywhere.
- What was your most memorable/favorite experience this week?
We met a lady that has 112 years. She is sooo old. I will send a picture of her. Another one is theres this crzy lady and she was singing in her house and all the neighborhood kids and me and Elder Barrett were watching her through her window and then someone walked in the door and we all took off running hhaha you had to be there but a bunch of kids and then two americans running.. I do not know why but it was hilarious.

I love you all lots! Thanks for your love and support! You all are amazing and thanks for you do!

love you lots

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