Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey family how are you all doing?!?!
So its been a long crazy week!! WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF I TOLD YOU THAT NUMBER 6 IS GONE?!?! We will start with monday when I left from the internet center. We did our normal work got back to the house and everything was cool. We all went to bed and ya everything was cool. I wake up the next day at 630 and am saying my prayers and elder mendez yells ¨LADRON!!! HAY UN LADRON!!! LADRON!!!!!¨ (robber) Elder mendez always jokes around so I didnt think anything of it just thought he was being funny but then he comes running into the room and yells at me that there was a robber in the house when and that he had climbed up to the roof. I got up and ran searching for the keys to the door that leads to the roof and we couldnt find them anywhere. (We thought that the robber had taken them away but later in the afternoon we find them.) He had taken 1000 pesos of mine and guess what... MY CAMERA and the camera of elder baguley. So i went out the balcony and started to climb up to the roof with a kitchen knife because I was already tired of loosing cameras but elder negron and elder mendez called me saying not to go up since we live on a third story and the robber could have been there waiting to kick me off. So we searched for the keys for about 5 minutes and then we heard a big THUD and we realised the ladron jumped of our roof to the roof next store and kept going from roof to roof until he disappeared..
That day passed well but in the night Elder Negron got really scared and started freaking out a little bit saying he heard people on the roof and stuff so he decided to sleep on the floor so he didnt have to sleep by the window. In the middle of the night he had a nightmare or something and grabbed my arm screaming my name haha it was kinda crazy. So the next day we had a conference for zone leaders with pres almonte and he asked me how everything was going and how things were going with elder negron. I told him he was pretty scared and didnt feel comfortable so the switch him out with another zone leader. His name is elder espinal. He is really cool. Hes crazy and out going like me. We are working like crazy and already we have 4 baptismal fechas. Hes a great people person and teaches really well. We have found lots of cool people. Hes from the capital and has one more transfer them me so goes home in september.
That same wednesday presidente send out elder baguley too so elder mendez has a comp named elder schafer of something like that. They also told me that my old comp Elder Morgan went home early. Not so sure why.
Hmm... what else is there I left the list I had at home and we are in ocoa to do an intercambio so I cant remember what else I wrote.
The ladron in the house was the big story of the week. And finding some people to teach.
I love you all so much and I am grateful for all you do. Hugs for everone and happy domincan mothers day mommy :) I miss you soo much I am so grateful I have the best mommy in the world!!!
elder wilson

Monday, May 23, 2011

Bani 5.23.11 Camera Number Six

Hey Family how are you all doing?!?!

Im doing great. ANother great week her in Bani. It raineed like crazy on Friday so I got to use the cool rain suit that dad sent me awhile back!! My comp was embarrassed of it but it kept me dry so I cant complain :)
On Thursday a member from the mission presidency in Puerto Rico who was the institute teacher of Elder Negron got permission from Presidente Almonte to leave with us. Unfortunately we didnt have to many citas but he was such an amazing man!! He inspired me so much to share the gospel with everyone. He would stop and talk with everyone. Sometimes as a missionary you get in a routine but he def helped me get out of mine. After being with him for an afternoon I felt really refreshed and ready to go out and work!!! The best part was he took us out to dinner and for the first time in 18 months I had a steak!!! it wasnt like a normal steak but it was still amazing!!!! Def the highlight of the week.
Weve met a lot of people this week. We started teaching a family of cousins that live together and have shared with missionaries before. They were going to go to church on Sunday but because of the rain they didnt end up going. Dang it light when out and we had to walk to the other end of town to find another internet center. Life is good. Working hard not seeing so much success because we are in the rixher part of town but while we were contacting the other day we met a family. usually we dont sit down and share while contacting but being that they were a family and it was raining we decided to share with them. The guy had lived in the states for 13 years and loves it there and says that he believes that America became to be from God. We explained the story of the Book of Mormon and how the Americas is referred to as the Promised Land and how religious freedom started in America and that that was really important so that God could restore the gospel. He asked for a Book of Mormon and when we passed by the next day we had alread read a ton. It is hard because he works a lot but were hoping to catch him at home. When we left with the guy from Puerto Rico he made me remember that its important to ask to be able to have people be in our paths so that we can meet them so that night I prayed and the next day we met this family.
I honestly love the gospel and I am so grateful that I could be born in to a family that was part of the gospel. It is perfect. Those who live it will be happy. Hermano Saia from PR reminded me that. He is such a happy man. You can see it in his countanance. Its so true and real. I hope all those that dont know the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints atleast invite the missionaries over to share a message with them so that they can feel of the truth of our message.
I love you family so much. I miss you all like crazy but wouldnt change what I am doing!!! THanks for all you do and who you all are.
love you lots
Elder Wilson


Raisa Baez

Companion, Elder Negron

Limpia botas

Elderes Negron, Romero, Guzman, Elder Wilson, Zelasko, Barkow, Mendez, Berge, Baguley, Herreras

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

Hola Familia how you all doing?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!!
I am doing great!! it was an amazing week!!! On Monday night we visited a lady that was baptized in 1980 when the church only had 1 year here and she has been inactive for about 20 years but we started visiting her this week and she and her daughters were going to go to church on Sunday but her brother was arrested so she had to go to the jail to try and get him out. But one of the daughters had her birthday this week and they invited us over for dinner. The night before the birthday we were over there sharing and the little girl, 11 yrs old, was whispering something in her moms ear and then left the house. When she had left the mom said that the girl had been saving her money for quite some time to buy something for her birthday but the little girl asked if she could go the the colmado (its like a little tiny ministore thingy) to buy a coke because she wanted to use her money to buy us a coke instead of buying herself a present for her birthday. I felt pretty guilty drinking the coke knowing that it was her birthday money but at the same time it was really sweet of an 11 year old girl to do something like that. Def made me feel selfish.
I was thinking about when we come back that with 10 days we could get everything done. It would be cool to have 2 sundays to go to 2 different church meetings.
On Tuesday we went to a members house that we had never visited before. THey were really awesome. A fun family it was really fun sharing with them. And they gave us food too.
Everyone Weds night there is an activity in the church. We usually play games and stuff but last weds I decided to make banana bread for everyopne. IT turned out really well and everyone was asking me for the recipe.
I got the package from dad. THat night we had a mt dew party and it was AMAZING!!! and ive been happy with my seeds too!!! THanks a bunch
On Friday I went on an intercambio with Elder Mendez. IT was really good. We had a fun time talking and sharing the gospel.
Today we went to palmar de ocoa again but with 4 other missionaries from the zone. It was a blast. It was really fun. THere is a couple that are members that live there and they cook lunch for us. IT was amazing. Rice beans and fish!!! IT was soo amazing!!! they are an awesome couple. sHe loves me so that makes it a lot funner :) I am def a brown noser with her. Elder Mendez and I went on a bike ride too. That was fun.
Did you have any new investigators? We found a new guy named manuel. He is about 80 years old but is an amazing man. We are going to visit him to night and try to put a batismal date with him.
How is your zone doing? THe zone is doing well. The last week of transfer this weeks so next week it will be a different zone.
Finally....did you get rechecked on your parasite???????? ummmmm no :)))) love you mommy hahah
Well I think thats all for this week!! I love you all soo much thanks for all you do and for who you all!! Love you lots
elder wilson

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers' Day 2011

hey family!!!
Long time no talk. I loved talking to you all yesterday!!! Everyone sounded so good. Next time we talk will be in person in 6 months!!! I love you all so much.
I came to the conclusion, dad I am pretty sure spell check will fix it if its written wrong but I dont know how to use spell check, that are family is awesomely insane and that I am extremely grateful to have been born in such an amazing family!! you guys are all the best. We talked about bodily funciones and I got to perform a little. I forgot to tell mom happy mothers day. I kinda honestly forgot it was mothers day. I just remembered it was one of the days I got to call home. But long story much I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY"!!!!! THANKS FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE AND DO FOR ME!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!! I will see you soon with my red striped suit ;)
I am pretty blank since we just talked last night. Tuesday we went to ocoa. Its kinda cold up there. Its very pretty fun. All the missionaries up there are cool!!!
I love this work and love what I do and love taking the Restored Gospel to everyone and seeing the change that it makes in their life. God lives and He loves us. He is literally our Father in Heaven. He sent us His Son to give us the path that leads to eternal life. His Son is perfect. Our Savior. He loves us so much that we cant understand it completely but by serving others and keeping the commandments we can feel His love. I love Him and I love all you!
Elder Wilson

Monday, May 2, 2011

Dame todo!.... Except the backpack and scriptures....we'll return those later...

Hola familia how are you all doing!!!
I am doing great here in Bani. Loving life as a missionary!!!
So it was an adventful week!!! Monday was Pday and all and after we left the internet center we went to a few citas and then headed back to the house. On the way home we stopped by a small market to get some stuff for dinner. Then headed home. We turned the corner to the street of our house and we just walking normal. Right next to our apartment there is a medical clinic. Like a small hospital. As we were passing it, right next to the big gate to the apartment, in the corner of my eye I saw a motorcycle that was slowing down with 3 men on it. As it got right in front of us, the guy on the back jumped off. My first thought was hmmm thats weird that hes going to the clinic so late. He got right infront of me and I didnt think twice I kept walking and then he reached across into his pocket and pulled out a pistol and said dame todo (give me everything). With a pistol pointed to my head I said, tu puedes tener lo que tu quieras pero no tenemos nada. It was more like tu puede tener lo que tu quiera pero no tenemo na. The second guy on the bike got off and pulled out a big kitchen knife and started to search my pockets and told me to take off my backpack. I told him no because theres nothing he wants in there. Theres only scriptures but he reminded me he had a knife by showing me it and giving me a little smirk with his face so I decided that I would just give him want he wanted. They only took about 200 pesos from me. I had more hinding in my shirt pocket in my missionary hand book. My camera was in the bag so its gone. They also took the celular. From my comp they took about 1000 pesos or 27 dolars. They wouldnt have gotten much be he got scared and took out his handbook and gave them everything he had. The guy that was driving looked very familiar. I am pretty sure that he was in the internet center earlier that day and knew that I had my camera. He had a pitt pirates hat on. I am going to have to buy me one of those when i got home to remember him. We walked in our gate and it kinda sunk in what had happened and i was pissed. I kicked the three top ramon packets that I had just bought and I felt a lot better!!! ;)
The next day our bags were found in the other mormon church in Bani. They threw them over the fence. So atleast I got my scriptures!!! Apparently Bani is known for having a lot of muggers. My comp walks arouind like a wet scared cat at night now haha its kinda funny. Last night I made him walk down the same street agaain and I thought he was going to have a heart attack. hahah
I did find the 20 bucks you put in the other package. I opened the package upside down thats why I didnt find it and I found the letter from Jessie too. Thanks jessie.
On Tuesday we did an intercambio. I stayed in our area. The assistants from the Sur came over too and we had an intercambio with them. They are cool missionaries.
This week we met several great investigatores. Juana and Cándida are the best. they have amazing questions that lead into the gospel and I am sure that they will both progress a lot. We met Juana reading her Bible in a blow up pool and werent going to contact her cuz thats just a little awkward talking to a woman in a pool but we put a cita with her and tuesday we were running really let and was really tired and wouldve been really easy to not go but we ended up going and wow it was amazing. She was asking why theres no prophets and why people say that God has stopped communicated with his children here on the Earth. It was perfect to go into the Restaration (no clue how to spell it in english) Cándida went to church on Sunday. We had a cita with her on Tuesday but I couldnt find her house again and on Fri we walked by and she yelled out HEY YOU GUYS FORGOT TO PASS BY!!! We put a cita for Sat and the next day she went to church and loved it.
We had interviews with ^Pres. Mine was less than a minute. He was ready to be done haha.
I had written down as one of the things to talk to you about the scholarship to see what you had foudn out!!!! Thats soo awesome that it came through!!!! That is such an answer to prayers and shows that Heavenly Father provides for those that serve him!!! Thanks so much mom for working so diligently with that. Thats so awesome that the whole family will be in Tucson. I live with an Elder Mendez from Phoenix area and he plans to go to U of A too. Elder Price says he is kinda thinking about it too. IT will be awesome and put keato and kenny on top we will have a great gang. U OF A!!!!!!!!!
Tody we went to Ocoa to play softball. ITs very pretty up there!!! I hit four homeruns. Thats was fun. The Dominicans were saying wow this white boy must have played in the big leagues.
Ryan Hunts engaged?! THats pretty tight. Tell him congrats.
Thats about it from here. Love you soooo much all of you!!! Thanks for your love and support!! !know that I love you all sooooooooo much
elder wilson

Another one (Camera) bites the dust...

hey pops how you doing?!?!!?
gots some bad news.. i got robbed at gun point last monday. being pday my camera was in my bag.......................
ok so i will explain the long story in the letter home since every one knows now but tell mom i took out 30 bucks cuz i thought that i was going to be able to get it back but i didnt work... going on 5 cameras in the mission. i am going to find the cheepest one out there.

credit cards are fine...
We asked Seth if he needed new underwear after the robbing....

i dont need new underwear but my comp does. i actually handled it really well hahaha but i blame on my comp looking like a good target easy to jump
haha but atleast im safe right?!?!!?
can i tell mom? ;) haha

Today we played softball up in Ocoa. i def wanna sign up for an intramural softball league.. it was so fun... i went 4 for 5 with four home runs and the other one woulda been a homerun but when the best native player saw that i was coming up to bat he sprinted to the far part of the field and he caught it hahaha