Monday, May 30, 2011


Hey family how are you all doing?!?!
So its been a long crazy week!! WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF I TOLD YOU THAT NUMBER 6 IS GONE?!?! We will start with monday when I left from the internet center. We did our normal work got back to the house and everything was cool. We all went to bed and ya everything was cool. I wake up the next day at 630 and am saying my prayers and elder mendez yells ¨LADRON!!! HAY UN LADRON!!! LADRON!!!!!¨ (robber) Elder mendez always jokes around so I didnt think anything of it just thought he was being funny but then he comes running into the room and yells at me that there was a robber in the house when and that he had climbed up to the roof. I got up and ran searching for the keys to the door that leads to the roof and we couldnt find them anywhere. (We thought that the robber had taken them away but later in the afternoon we find them.) He had taken 1000 pesos of mine and guess what... MY CAMERA and the camera of elder baguley. So i went out the balcony and started to climb up to the roof with a kitchen knife because I was already tired of loosing cameras but elder negron and elder mendez called me saying not to go up since we live on a third story and the robber could have been there waiting to kick me off. So we searched for the keys for about 5 minutes and then we heard a big THUD and we realised the ladron jumped of our roof to the roof next store and kept going from roof to roof until he disappeared..
That day passed well but in the night Elder Negron got really scared and started freaking out a little bit saying he heard people on the roof and stuff so he decided to sleep on the floor so he didnt have to sleep by the window. In the middle of the night he had a nightmare or something and grabbed my arm screaming my name haha it was kinda crazy. So the next day we had a conference for zone leaders with pres almonte and he asked me how everything was going and how things were going with elder negron. I told him he was pretty scared and didnt feel comfortable so the switch him out with another zone leader. His name is elder espinal. He is really cool. Hes crazy and out going like me. We are working like crazy and already we have 4 baptismal fechas. Hes a great people person and teaches really well. We have found lots of cool people. Hes from the capital and has one more transfer them me so goes home in september.
That same wednesday presidente send out elder baguley too so elder mendez has a comp named elder schafer of something like that. They also told me that my old comp Elder Morgan went home early. Not so sure why.
Hmm... what else is there I left the list I had at home and we are in ocoa to do an intercambio so I cant remember what else I wrote.
The ladron in the house was the big story of the week. And finding some people to teach.
I love you all so much and I am grateful for all you do. Hugs for everone and happy domincan mothers day mommy :) I miss you soo much I am so grateful I have the best mommy in the world!!!
elder wilson

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