Monday, April 25, 2011

Bani Week two

Hola Familia how are you doing?!!?
IT was a good week. We had the south mission conference on tuesday in Azua and I got to see ELDER KLEINER, just so he doesnt complain that I dont write about him!!!, hahaha and Elder Dolan. It was fun to see everyone there. It was a good conference. Basically turned into a testimony meeting and it was really nice. It was President´s last conference with us. I got a package from Dearie with all the soap in it that day. It took almost three months to get here it must have been lost in the mail but thanks so much Dearie for thinking of me!! :) I really appreciate it.
Other than that it was a really long week because we are contacting in the rich part and no one wants to receive us. They are even mean to us sometimes!! haha thats a first for my mission. We only taugh 10 lessons this week and had over 40 planned nad they are failed us!!!
We are pretty much not lost anymore so that is good. We can get aroudn atleast.
Today we went to another beach called palmar de ocoa. You should look it up online it was soo pretty. Maybe when we come back we can stop by there!!!
I dont have much time this week and not to much more to write about. I love you all lots and think about you all always but enjoy working in the Lord´s work. In 13 days we will talk!!! I love you all sooo much!!!
Elder Wilson

Seth and his "Hijos"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beach Bani

Hey Family how are you doing?!?! I am doing great here in Bani. There are a ton of rich people here. AFter walking around in dirt streets for so long its kinda weird being around so many rich people!!! There are mansion and craziness here. Of course there is still poorness but wow its really insane some of the houses. When we contacted last night I saw a normal kitchen for the first time in who knows long. The bad part is two months ago they closed down the burger king here in Bani so that is kinda a bummer.
On Tuesday was transfers. I came from San Juan to here by myself and that was kinda weird but kinda nice to be alone for a little bit. On the way here the movie fireproof was on. The one about marriage and all that. It was kinda cool to watch it in Spanish and be able to understand it all.
On Weds we have to go to the capital for the zone leader conference with Presidente Almonte. I had to give the spiritual thought and I think it went well and then after President decided that instead of him talking to us, the missionaries were going to teach the conference. Ofcourse, being my first time I got to be one of the ones that taught it. I think it all went really well.
It was a great week. Getting to know everyone and all that. Tomorrow we go to Azua to have the south mission conference. It will be fun to see Dolan and all that. I am going to send some letters back to San Juan with him.
Today for pday we went to the beach. We got up at 5 in the morning to get there by sunrise. It was my first time actaully going to the beach in 18 months here. It was beautiful. I absolutely loved it. On the way back I was grabbing a fruit off of a tree and a whasp didnt like that I was stealing his first and I saw him coming at me and tried to get out of the way but that little booger got me right in the eye. I was ticked. My eye swelled up a little and then went back down. THats about the most eventful story for the week!! hahah

Where exactly did you end up? I am in the Central of Bani by the central park but our area goes all the way to the beach. The area is HUGE!!!
I was super bummed when Elder Urry told me that we were supposed to be together. THat would have been soooo coool. He is an awesome kid.
What is the area like? Our area consists of really poor part and then an extremely wealthy area. Its huge and well thats about all I know for now.
What is your comp like? How has it been to come to an "white-washed" area? Its always fun being white washed but after a couple weeks everything gets cleared. Luckily from driving around town with dad all the time I learn to pick up directions quickly.
Have the ward members been helpful? They have helped a lot but its so huge that we still get lost. On the way back to capital we got lost trying to get to the house.
Have you tried out the Chinese restuarant Mattias was talking about?! Ya i had so lemon chicken. ITs pretty good but a little pricey. Actually a whole nice meal is less than 5 dollars but for me that is expensive now.
What is your apartment like? Its awesome. Its a third story. One of the nicer houses that I have ever been in. Its right next to the middle of town so its close to everything. I really like it.
What is it like to be a Zone leader? Its about the same except you have to make phone calls at night and do intercambios. WE havent done any yet but in this next week we should.
Are you liking it? As for now I cant really feel the difference. But its weird to think how much, when i first started in the mission, I looked up to the Zone leaders and thought tht they were so perfect and now I am it and realise its really nothing haha
I hope all is going well and that everyone is safe and happy. Always do whats right and we will be happy. Lots of time we spend so much time trying to find something that will make us happy but in reality being obediente to the commandments and doing the right and loving you family is the only true happiness. Love you all lots!
Elder Wilson

Monday, April 11, 2011

San Juan days are over..... Off to Bani.

Hey Family how are you doing?!?!

It was an amazing week!!! Crazy but amazing. We will start off with Emmerson. He is the one that went to conference with his family and was really amazing. We got to his house on Tuesday *(Its about an hour and a little bit more walk to get to his house) and we found them fighting and saying that they were going to break up and how they never wanted to stay together. We spent about an hour and a half teaching them and we were guided by the Spirit and both of them felt in and it end with them sitting close to each other holding hands for the first time in over a year. Telling each other they love each other and that they were going to forget the past and go forward. We promised them so many blessings if they would just be patient with eachother putting the other one first. I translated Garth Brooks song If Tomorrow Never Comes and I dont know it was amazing. We saw a physical and spiritual change in their life. IT was so tight. Elder DOlan and I left that cita smiling like crazy and fist pumping the whole hour walk back.

We went back Friday with hopes up wanting to but a fecha for baptism and we when got there the wife was the only one there and she said that they had been fighting again and that Emmerson had returned to treat her bad and that it wasnt going to work out. THat she wants to be a member of the church but needs to get out of the situation. Later showed up Emmerson and I saw one of the saddest things of my life. He acted like a selfish five year old kid calling his wife all sorts of nasty words and saying how worthless she was. I felt sick there hearing all this. A marriage that could be eternal but yet this man was to prideful to love his wife. Things got esclated and it ended up us seeing a family of four seperate. He pulled out all the money he had to give to her to buy her bus ticket and walked out. We felt soo sick as we walked out. She has no where to go. I never thought I would see two people that once loved each other say such harsh things one to the other. I am def blessed to have grown up in a family where the parents love each other. I decided that day to never ever ever talk to my future wife or anyone for that matter the way that we saw at Emmersons house on Friday. IT was soo sad. We walked back the hour in silence and disappointment instead of fist pumping. But the wife ended up showing up to church. She is awesome.

That same friday, after visiting them we went to visit Lauri who also is having problems in her marriage. Her husband has another family and refuses to talk to her. He just comes in the house and shakes our hands and never salutes her. Acts like shes not there. We had an amazing lesson with her on Friday talking about her dreams and wants for her life and how she wants to acheive them. She is one of those people that you can just tell that she thinks profoundly about everything. We all ended up having a few tears fall as we talked that night. The Spirit was strong and amazing. As we left she was asking if we were going home by walking and she said be careful its really late and dangerous and then said actaully never mind God sents His angels to guide you guys because you really are servants of Him. Then she said that she wanted us to know something. She said that she had been prayer to God to send her hope in her life because she was getting hopeless and then we showed up at her door several days later. She said I know you guys are perfect but to me you are God's Angels answering me prayers. Everytime that you guys come buy and share with me I feel more hopefully and have more animo. You give me a purpose to my life. You two really are angeles from God. It felt so amazing hearing someone say that. Knowing that we can help someone out. I am not perfect but God can use me to help others to come unto Him.

Then yesterday night we decided to go make cobbler at Juana's family's house because they are always wanting us to cook something and they didnt they I could cook so us four missionaries went over to their house and I cooked us some cobbler. It was amazing. When we got done eating, it was about 8 o clock, (they live right on the main highway) we saw a bunch of cars stop and a bunch of people running. We figured something had happened so we took off running too. When we got on the road, there was no light at this time, we heard a bunch of people yelling. We crossed the street and I wasnt sure exactly what was going on until I saw a huge puddle of blood under my feet and a bicycle that was crashed bad. A car pulled up with his lights and we could see that a motorcycle had crashed with a bicycle. IT was a gorey sight. Long story short us four missionaries basically did everything. The guy that was on the motorcycles head was busted open and he had no clue where he was. I grabbed him and yelled at a guy to take him to the hospital. The guy came over with his motorcycle and I threw the guy on the back of the motorcycle. The kid that was on the bicycle was way worse. The other three missionaries had picked him up while I helped the other guy and and we took him over to the back of a police truck that had happened to be driving by... All four of us lifted him into the truck and they took of to rush him to the hospital. I am more than she that he died on sight because carrying him was lifeless weight. Everyone was shaken up at first but honestly until we got back to the house it didnt get to me. but then we started talking and said well atleast he will reconoce the missionaries in heaven because we were probably the last thing he saw.. what a way to go in the hands of four of the Lords servants. It was a weird experience. Def one of those experiences that is like an outside of the body experience where adreniline just takes over. We were all hit pretty hard by it but in the end we decided we did all we could do and now He's in a better place. I had a little trouble sleeping last night thinking about it. It def makes one think about how we should treasure our lives. On the way home we saw a car in the middle of the road and we were going to help the guy move his car out of the road so we didnt see another crash. We get up there and it was a drunk guy and I dont know I kinda got mad at him and asked him what we was thinking driving like that. Especially after seeing what we had just seen.

IT was a great week though just an emotional roller coaster. Def learned a lot and feel even closer to my Savior. I love this work and these people. We met several potencial investigators this week too. A family that I tihnk will get baptised this next transfer. Along with Solando y Rosa.

Transfer calls came last night. I am going to Bani with Elder Negron. I dont know him but everyone says he is a great missionary. I am really looking forward to it. Bani is the only zone thats in the campo that I havent been too so now I can really say that I am a campo missionary. I love you all so much and thanks for all you too!! You all are amazing examples to me and I feel so blessed to have an amazing family!!

p.s. I got my poop tested finally and GOOD NEWS- my parasite is gone!! !BAD NEWS- I have a new one. Again I dont feel sick but its says I have quistes ameba histolityca or soemthing like that!! haha
Love you all
Elder Wilson

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

National Anthem Work Stoppage

Hey family how are you doing?!?! I am doing marvelous. I little bit of a rough week but life goes on :) We got two families to conference so that makes it worth it :)

On Tues I went to the temple!!! IT was AMAZING!!! Wow going after having so much time that I havent gone made it so much more special. Elder Foster and I were just sitting there smiling not stop for the first several minutes, we were like two little kids on Christmas morning. I love that place.

On Weds we had a guy clean our yard and he was working while the national anthem was going so the took him to jail for an hour and stole his shovel so we had to go to the fort (across the street) to get it back for him. It was pretty funny but not so funny for him!!!

Dolan wants me to ask if Aubrey got our letter or not? Still nothing from Papa?

Solando and Rosa are doing great. Turns out that he was going to get baptised awhile back but hurrican george came through and wiped everything out, including where the church was so we stopped going but just goes to show everyone has their time because now he can get married with his wife and have a family in the church. On Thursday we was telling us how much he loved us and how grateful we was for us and that he would do anything to show us how grateful he was that we had brought him the message of the gospel but being so poor he couldnt do anything. Weve been teachingthem for over a month now and he has never pray with us. He always wants us to do the prayers but i told him that the only way he could show us how much he cared for us was if he say the closing prayer because that woulld mean more than anything in the world to me. he got a little teary eyed and this is how is pray went
"Heavenly Father, Jesus, and all the Angels in the Heavens,
I ask that you help us resolves all the problems that we can resolve ourselfs,
in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen"
It was short but sooo sooo sooo sincere. I think we all felt the Spirit. Elder Dolan and I were on a high after hearing that prayer. Walking home we were fist pumping the whole way.
On a lighter note one day while we were contacting i had to spit so i turned to spit and without looking a hauked a loogy and then i realised I had spit on someones underwear that was drying!!! WHOOPS and in a contacted I made Elder DOlan laugh so hard he couldnt complete the contact. The girl was evangelico and didnt think it was so funny that we were laughing but i thought it was funny.
WOW TELL EDGAR CONGRATS AND THAT HE NOW NEEDs TO GO ON A MISSION!!!!! To help others make the same decision he made.
I love you all sooo much!! I miss you soo much. I cant believe it was 17 months ago today that you left me at the airport!! Time flies.
Love you soo much.
ps i loved that talk about the difference between being and doing. If only we all did everything we claimed to be then the world would be so much better :)
Love you more than anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder Wilson
ps thanks bro brown for always forwarding keatos email. I always atleast have one letter when mail comes :)