Monday, October 25, 2010

Me voy pa azua. Its pueblo arriba in azua really close to sebana yegua. Im excited but azua is really hot!

I heard Elder Price is going to train Haley's friend, Elder Day.

Hey yall it was a good week. We worked hard and saw the blessings from it. We had a couple of Haitains that came to church with us. it was really fun. There are some pictures of the little kids. They are so stinking cute!!! One had 1 year and 7 months and I thought wow thats what mikayla will have when I got home!! that made me happyª He was runniong around everywhere.
On tuesday we had a missionary activity at a members house and a huge rat crawled up on the wall. Elder Kleiner and I looked at each other than back at the rat and then back at each other and we both started laughing. It was HUGE!! one of the kids saw it too and it was out of control!!! Elder Kleiner and I always start laughing if we see something funny and look at each other. Sometimes its bad timing though!! hahah
While doing contacts this week i got the closest ive ever been to the beach. WE were by the docks and for the first time in my mission I saw the ocean up close and personal!
Elder Kleiner and I bought some Christmas lights to celebrate. We will have to buy more in Azua too.
We had a really cool experience with the Haitains that we told you about. Weve ran into one of them like 7 times and he always stopps and talks with us but weve never really thought much of it. Then on Weds a guy stopped us and said he wanted to share from the Bible with us and to pass by later on. We said ok and when we went back that guy was there again. We shared a great message and it was really amazing. At the end they played an english cristian song. It went like Jesus loves me Jesus loves me Jesus. Idk all of us started singing the chorus everyime it came artound and it was just so cool. idk hard to explain. one of the moments that makes you feel like all the hard times are worth it. Just makes you feel so good. Theres so much to learn on the mission and im soo grateful for it. Although sometimes its hard and difficult it has helped me grow so much and to be able to see my perspective so much clearer. Idk everyone needs to do it. Tell all the young men to not waste their time and to start preparing. Its so amzing and nessessary. Youll never regret going but will regret not going.

I love you all so much and love this work., Im really excited to start working with Elder Kleiner in Azua and think it will be fun to see my first area again. I love you all so much and hope you all are great. You're in my heart and my prayers always and thanks for all you do. Glad to hear u of a is doing so well.
love you all lots. and hope all continues well. thanks for your love and support! Until next week cuidense mucho y les amo mas que mi vida!!!

elder wilson

ps add to the letter that elder kleiner and i whooped two guys in basketball in proselytes and were making a good dominos team too and beating natives in their own game. And ps mom i love you!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lizard Time Out

Hey family!!!

Another good week. Time is flying by. I heard a Christmas song the other day and I thought wow... its almost Christmas time thats wierd... sure doesnt seem like it being really hot and humid and the fact that its not really celebrated here doesnt help. Its so weird thats its almost been a year since i left home! This week was a good one but very eventful like always.
We were pretty down when we went to Leidys how and talked to her. She isnt going to get baptized for now. It was pretty discouraging. She lives with her sister and her sisters 2 little babies and leidy supports them both. Right now leidy doesnt have a job but has a boyfriend that is supporting her. Shes been praying for several months now to find a job but hasnt been able to get one and doesnt want to get baptized until she has a job. Although they arent breaking the law of chasity she doesnt want to risk it. We did a special fast for her yesterday. We will see what happens.
We had one baptism on Sat. It was the longest day of my life!!! We went to the church for the interviews and Salvador was already there and his interview went well. But the other two didnt show up until 1 hr 1/2 late. One of the kids is a nephew of a member and was in a bad mood and refused to answer the questions so he didnt end up getting baptized. The other passed. The light left during the interview and I left to turn on the huge generator and it turned on for 5 minutes then ran out of gas. I then went to start filling up the font. NO WATER. We were filling it up by buckets until finally they found a little pump and started pumping it out. It was a nightmare. Then baptism time comes around and Salvador was there but the other kid didnt show. We ran all the way to the other side of town for him to tell us that he was grounded and couldnt leave the house. It was a mess but finally when the baptism got started about 2 hours late it was a nice service. Salvador has been wanting to get baptized for a long time. It was a good.
Weve been searching hard but still are working in a rough area. While we were contacting the other day this little kid said a bad word and i said hey you cant say that and then the grandma came running and and was like who said it and i pointed to the little kid and she started slapping his face and was hitting him hard!!! She was an evangelica and was embarrassed that her grandson said the word and tried telling us that he is deaf and doesnt know what he was saying. I didnt buy in considering that i was talking to the kid b4 she came and he seemed to hear me just fine!!
Yesterday we had the missionary coordination meeting and it went well but theres always a bunch of youth at the meeting because they are ward missionaries. One of them kept talking to me and showing me this lizard that was right behind us. Long story short, the bishop put him and me in time out. We had to sit in the corner all alone haha it was so hilarious elder kleiner couldnt stop laughing.
So in the transfer supposively elder kleiner and i are leaving. THere were some stupid rumors that were getting spread around about several of the young women have crushes on me. I didnt want the president to hear anything about them and think something was going on so elder kleiner and I prayed about it and felt like we should call the president. He received the call really well and was very kind and said that he really appreciated us calling to tell him and that he trusts in us so he was going to wait to move us until the transfers. He says that both of us are going to go together. We will see what happens. Goes to show how stupid rumors are but i really didnt want to take the chance of it becoming some big rumor so we told the president about it.
Thats the week in a nutshell. Weve found several good investigators. One named Eurelis and then two others Daniel and a really weird named lady. They are awesome and I hope they will continue to progress. Thanks for your prayers and support. I feel it everyday. I love you all lots.
Elder Wilson
p.s. tell bro brown thanks for his letters and sorry that im really bad at writing back but im going to write him this week.
p.s.s. Suzy i sent another letter for haley to your house cuz the address she wrote on the card she sent me isnt written so well so i dont know her address so if you could tell my mom and dad what it is that would be great!! :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tuna, anyone?

Hey family how are you_!_! ___ is question mark for today. Im doing good!!! First things first.. Leidy FINALLY ACCEPTED A BAPTISMAL FECHA for the 23... bad news... she called me a couple of hours ago and told me that she need to talk to us about it so i hope its not going to fall. so much for a stress free pday ive been kinda stressing it all day. we have more than three months working with her so I hope it doesnt fall through. pray for her and for the others. this week we should have 3 baptisms if all goes well. weve had a little trouble contacting one of our investigators but i hope all will go well.

the temple trip was great. i didnt know that president was going to come but he showed up and sat next to me. Def unexpected but was a cool experience sitting next to him during the session. we only did one session. it was neat because it has been so long and def helped me to rethink everything and get more motivated to do myt best again. it was in spanish so that was a cool experience. nope no inviews with president that day.

Friday we went back to the capi for the trainers meeting. usually he doesnt do that but he called a special one. it was great. helped me to realize so of the small changes that i need to make to be worthy of the spirit. a lot of times we make justifications for the little things and say were the exceptions but we arent. we need to be completely obedient to have the Spirit with us. I made a few changes and hope to continue to make more. i doubt ill still train haleys friend because he comes in in two weeks and i should still be with elder kleiner but who knows. im not ready to go yet. i love haina. but saying that will probably mean im going hahah.

Stories from the week. one of our rooms had been stinking badly. I thought that maybe elder kleiner had some bad reeks and he was thinking it was me but then i pickup one of the packets of tunas you sent and it looks like i had accidently cut in and there were maggets all over it!! it was discgusting and i didnt eat for a while. then on weds we went and helped cristian and fransisca, the blind couple, and there was rat poop all over there buckets. i was gagging thinkin of all the times i have eaten in their house. idk how im not sick.
Yesterday while we were walking some drunk guy came up begging for money and ran into me. and they yelled at us and i told him we cant give him money and he got pissed and backed up and started running at me again so i had to give him a pretty good forearm to the chest. took him by suprise and we took off. it was pretty funny. i think that is all for this week.

i love you all sooo much and im grateful for all you do for me. Thanks for everyones love and prayers.


elder wilson

Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Great Week

Hey Family how are you all doing? Life is good here. Pretty uneventful week but life keeps going on. Weird to think that its been 11 months since i left home!! On WEds we had to go back to the Capital to the CCM. We ate at Mcdonalds on the way with elder yeip and holt. It was lots of fun. I def used to money you sent mom!!! It was AMAZING!!!
We saw a motor wreck on the way back from conference. there wasnt any light and the guy didnt see a whole in the rode and totally wrecked. we rran to see if he was alright. he rolled like 8 times but after a bunch of cuss words he thanked God that he didnt die. It was kinda funny when it was all said and done. Conference was good. Def a different experience here. We couldnt go to Priesthood Session because President Almonte doesnt let us go. We went to Sat afternoon and all of Sunday. We had 6 investigadors go on Sunday.
This week we met two families that I really feel like can progress. WEre going to try and put a fecha with them this week! It would be awesome if the accepted. Its going to be kinda hard though because next week is Stake conference and theres not going to be transportation so idk if we will have anyone next week. My favorite talk was by Elder Ballard on Sunday. I think it was him.
How can i teach Elder Kleiner to budget when i dont budget!!! You know how i am mom. We buy what we want until money runs out and then we start eating rice! IT works better that way!!
- The pic of Elder Kleiner and shirts hanging on a line. Where was that? On your roof?! THat was on the roof of the family Jambati. After they helped us with our laundry.
- Did Elder Kleiner eat the oatmeal after you put the juice packet in it? Haha no he refused. I cant blame him.
- What did you do for pday today? We went to San Cristobal to hang out with Elder Yeip and Elder Holt. THey are two awesome elders.
- Have you been able to get to a grocery store yet or are you still eating from the street vendors? We are starting to buy sandwish stuff more andn learning to cook.
- DID YOU GET YOUR BIRTHDAY PACKAGE YET? If so, you'll have to let us know what your favorite is :) I LOVED THEM ALL THANKS SO MUCH and thnaks to the Websters too!! I loved the slippers and all the food and everything was soo amazing! I loved it sooo much everything. I will have to think aobut what my favorites are.
IT bums me that the Kartchners didnt get my letters. I wrote them all one.
- I saw on a blog that you are doing a big service project at the end of the month (all the missionaries) to clean up all the beaches. Have you heard about that yet? Um I know that the wards are doing that but i dont know what we as missionaries are going to do.
Everything is going great here. I lvoe you all so much and im so grateful for all you do for me!
It was another great week! Oh and tomorrow I finally get to go to the Temple for the first time in my mission!!! IM sooo excited! I love you all and we will talk next week!
elder wilson

Sunday, October 3, 2010

General Conference

I am Tim Wilson, Seth's dad. Twice per year, the entire Mormon World turns its attention to General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. This weekend is the second conference of 2010. There are meetings on Saturday and Sunday. We are lucky enough in Tucson to have the local cable company, Comcast, broadcast Conference. Saturday evening is the Priesthood Session of Conference. That session is not broadcasted live on cable, so I took my nephew, Josh, to the church and we attended there. Josh's parents are in SLC and his dad and brother attended in person.

As we listened, one of the speakers, an Apostle, Russel M. Nelson, asked all of the full time missionaries to stand. Eight young men stood in the congregation that we attended. They all looked similar to Seth; young and healthy and they each had that radiant smile that we see in Seth's pictures from the Dominican Republic. There was also a wonderful choir of new missionaries from the Missionary Training Center in Provo where Seth started his mission. My thoughts went to him and I loved thinking that at that exact moment, he was standing in a building -hopefully one w/ A/C- somewhere in the Dominican Republic at the request of another witness and emmissary of Jesus Christ. Elder Nelson spoke about preparation to serve and the trials and growth that come from serving others instead of seeking comfort for self.

I know that there are those who read this blog who are not thoroughly acquainted with what we members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The official name of the Church) know as The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some ask us how we could send our only son to such a distant and strange land for two years. I hope that as you have read his blog over the last year you will realize the development of his heart and soul as he has made the attempt, daily, to serve others: many of whom the Savior might describe as "The least of these, your brethren."

This metamorphasis is made possible for 19 year old young men in this unique and singular experience across the world and across generations. (I served in Nagoya, Japan 30 years ago.) We fully expect you will share and witness his further progress over the coming year.

I know Seth would have me invite you to discover what it is that is so important to him. You can watch the meeting I reference as well as many other messages from living apostles and prophets at these websites:

Thank you for supporting Seth.