Monday, October 4, 2010

Another Great Week

Hey Family how are you all doing? Life is good here. Pretty uneventful week but life keeps going on. Weird to think that its been 11 months since i left home!! On WEds we had to go back to the Capital to the CCM. We ate at Mcdonalds on the way with elder yeip and holt. It was lots of fun. I def used to money you sent mom!!! It was AMAZING!!!
We saw a motor wreck on the way back from conference. there wasnt any light and the guy didnt see a whole in the rode and totally wrecked. we rran to see if he was alright. he rolled like 8 times but after a bunch of cuss words he thanked God that he didnt die. It was kinda funny when it was all said and done. Conference was good. Def a different experience here. We couldnt go to Priesthood Session because President Almonte doesnt let us go. We went to Sat afternoon and all of Sunday. We had 6 investigadors go on Sunday.
This week we met two families that I really feel like can progress. WEre going to try and put a fecha with them this week! It would be awesome if the accepted. Its going to be kinda hard though because next week is Stake conference and theres not going to be transportation so idk if we will have anyone next week. My favorite talk was by Elder Ballard on Sunday. I think it was him.
How can i teach Elder Kleiner to budget when i dont budget!!! You know how i am mom. We buy what we want until money runs out and then we start eating rice! IT works better that way!!
- The pic of Elder Kleiner and shirts hanging on a line. Where was that? On your roof?! THat was on the roof of the family Jambati. After they helped us with our laundry.
- Did Elder Kleiner eat the oatmeal after you put the juice packet in it? Haha no he refused. I cant blame him.
- What did you do for pday today? We went to San Cristobal to hang out with Elder Yeip and Elder Holt. THey are two awesome elders.
- Have you been able to get to a grocery store yet or are you still eating from the street vendors? We are starting to buy sandwish stuff more andn learning to cook.
- DID YOU GET YOUR BIRTHDAY PACKAGE YET? If so, you'll have to let us know what your favorite is :) I LOVED THEM ALL THANKS SO MUCH and thnaks to the Websters too!! I loved the slippers and all the food and everything was soo amazing! I loved it sooo much everything. I will have to think aobut what my favorites are.
IT bums me that the Kartchners didnt get my letters. I wrote them all one.
- I saw on a blog that you are doing a big service project at the end of the month (all the missionaries) to clean up all the beaches. Have you heard about that yet? Um I know that the wards are doing that but i dont know what we as missionaries are going to do.
Everything is going great here. I lvoe you all so much and im so grateful for all you do for me!
It was another great week! Oh and tomorrow I finally get to go to the Temple for the first time in my mission!!! IM sooo excited! I love you all and we will talk next week!
elder wilson

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