Monday, October 18, 2010

Lizard Time Out

Hey family!!!

Another good week. Time is flying by. I heard a Christmas song the other day and I thought wow... its almost Christmas time thats wierd... sure doesnt seem like it being really hot and humid and the fact that its not really celebrated here doesnt help. Its so weird thats its almost been a year since i left home! This week was a good one but very eventful like always.
We were pretty down when we went to Leidys how and talked to her. She isnt going to get baptized for now. It was pretty discouraging. She lives with her sister and her sisters 2 little babies and leidy supports them both. Right now leidy doesnt have a job but has a boyfriend that is supporting her. Shes been praying for several months now to find a job but hasnt been able to get one and doesnt want to get baptized until she has a job. Although they arent breaking the law of chasity she doesnt want to risk it. We did a special fast for her yesterday. We will see what happens.
We had one baptism on Sat. It was the longest day of my life!!! We went to the church for the interviews and Salvador was already there and his interview went well. But the other two didnt show up until 1 hr 1/2 late. One of the kids is a nephew of a member and was in a bad mood and refused to answer the questions so he didnt end up getting baptized. The other passed. The light left during the interview and I left to turn on the huge generator and it turned on for 5 minutes then ran out of gas. I then went to start filling up the font. NO WATER. We were filling it up by buckets until finally they found a little pump and started pumping it out. It was a nightmare. Then baptism time comes around and Salvador was there but the other kid didnt show. We ran all the way to the other side of town for him to tell us that he was grounded and couldnt leave the house. It was a mess but finally when the baptism got started about 2 hours late it was a nice service. Salvador has been wanting to get baptized for a long time. It was a good.
Weve been searching hard but still are working in a rough area. While we were contacting the other day this little kid said a bad word and i said hey you cant say that and then the grandma came running and and was like who said it and i pointed to the little kid and she started slapping his face and was hitting him hard!!! She was an evangelica and was embarrassed that her grandson said the word and tried telling us that he is deaf and doesnt know what he was saying. I didnt buy in considering that i was talking to the kid b4 she came and he seemed to hear me just fine!!
Yesterday we had the missionary coordination meeting and it went well but theres always a bunch of youth at the meeting because they are ward missionaries. One of them kept talking to me and showing me this lizard that was right behind us. Long story short, the bishop put him and me in time out. We had to sit in the corner all alone haha it was so hilarious elder kleiner couldnt stop laughing.
So in the transfer supposively elder kleiner and i are leaving. THere were some stupid rumors that were getting spread around about several of the young women have crushes on me. I didnt want the president to hear anything about them and think something was going on so elder kleiner and I prayed about it and felt like we should call the president. He received the call really well and was very kind and said that he really appreciated us calling to tell him and that he trusts in us so he was going to wait to move us until the transfers. He says that both of us are going to go together. We will see what happens. Goes to show how stupid rumors are but i really didnt want to take the chance of it becoming some big rumor so we told the president about it.
Thats the week in a nutshell. Weve found several good investigators. One named Eurelis and then two others Daniel and a really weird named lady. They are awesome and I hope they will continue to progress. Thanks for your prayers and support. I feel it everyday. I love you all lots.
Elder Wilson
p.s. tell bro brown thanks for his letters and sorry that im really bad at writing back but im going to write him this week.
p.s.s. Suzy i sent another letter for haley to your house cuz the address she wrote on the card she sent me isnt written so well so i dont know her address so if you could tell my mom and dad what it is that would be great!! :)

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