Monday, February 28, 2011

Still training two Greenies.

Hola Familia how are you all doing?! I am doing great!! Cant complain. It was a pretty crazy week walking around with the two kids but it was a lot of fun. They have a lot of faith and we saw the fruits of it.
On Tuesday we were walking around doing our work and we passed by a members house just to say hi and see how things were going. Apparently her daughter in law went to the capital, also miembro, and was really sick and went blind. She was comoing back from the capital but didnt know when she was coming to arrive. I offered our phone so that she could call her daughter in law to see where she was at. She called her and she was pretty close. The husband was working and couldnt pick her up so we offered to go walk to the bus stop and wait for her. Long story short the husband ended up showing up but we met the most amazing guy ever. His name is emmerson and he has three little kids. Hes not married to his wife and she is not a declared citizen so were going to have to work with that too. But emmerson is so amazing and he was the one that approached us. He says he felt an urge to talk to us. That something inside him told him that he needed to talk to us. He lives forever awway but its totally worth the walk.. He will be a great member when he joins. He read one chapter in the book of mormon and says that althought he couldnt read much, with what little he could read he felt of the truthfulness. He wants to get baptised. Its so amazing. We trusted in God and decided to serve one of the members and althought the service wasnt given, we qualified ourselves to be guidded by Heavenly Father.
Ive never felt more guided and more blessed in my life than what I did this week. We met person after person who accepts our message. Dk its the hardest part of the area but we havent seen it like that. Its been so fun. Loving the work. I know that what ever happens is what He wants to happen. ITs all in his hands right now. I feel so unworthy so His guidance sometimes but always grateful for Him and that he trusts me even with my imperfections. He only asks that I try to do better everyday.
Yesterday I received a call from Presidente Almonte. I was wondering what in the world could he be calling me. When I answered he said ""Elder Wilson I am here with so in so"" I didnt reconize the name but then he said that so in so was preparing to go on a mission and he was doing the final interview to send him off. Right away I knew it was Vladimire from Sabana Yegua. I didnt reconize his name because I know him by his nick name but he passed him the phone and I talked to him for a little bit. I made me feel really good seeing fruits of the labors. Presidente congradulated me and it was pretty cool. I felt pretty good.
It was a great week. I love my job and I love this work. I love my companion. He is amazing. We only got 3 hours of sleep last night talking about life and the blessings of the mission. He was struggling a little bit and decided to wake me up to talk. I felt really good that he felt comfortable enough to wake me up and ask to talk. He is so amazing. He says that he looks up to me and thanks Heavenly Father for giving him a good trainer but if he only knew how much i look up to him and admire his faith. I too thanks Heavenly Father every night for giving me the chance to work with him.
I love you all so much. I am grateful for your love and support. The work is hard but oh so rewarding. Every young man needs to experience something like this. Its priceless. Its an obligation of the Priesthood but in realidad its a blessing of the Priesthood. I love you all sooo much!! Take care!

Elder Wilson

PS..happy bday KEATO!!
PSS... two shirts went down the drain this week so I might actually end up needing more!!!

ZL speaking about Seth's apartment:
In the zone of San Juan, we started with 18 missionaries and 3 districts. However, an entire house got tested positive for parasites and 2 missionaries were transferred to the capital for treatment. One of those missionaries returned to the house in the other week and the other elder returned to Chile. So for some time we have had a trio of Elders here in the zone. So, this upcoming transfer should start the same, 18 missionaries and 3 districts. We`ll see how it goes.

Elders Haroldsen, Wilson, Dolan

Sliding on bottles

Elder Dolan

Taylor Swift meets the DR

For the holiday

Elders Gomez, Fondeur, Sanchez,Espinal, Dolan, Yo, Bird, Tyler

Elder Espinal, my Zone Leader

Elder Dolan

Elder Haroldsen

Elders Dolan and Haroldsen

Monday, February 21, 2011

Return of Elder Dolan and the Dr Down Under

HEy family how are you doing?!?!? Everything is good here!!! Another stinking crazy week!!!
So on Thursday we had interviews with presidente. On the way there Dr. Kilgore called me and asked my what I had and he said to see a uralogist. I got in a little bit of trouble for not calling Hermana Almonte about the issue down low but I smooth talked my way out of it. I didnt get senior class teachers pet for nothing. I know how to work them over :) I told her I was to embarrassed to tell her about it so I wanted to wait to tell her in person. But she said that they had a specialist in the capital and that they were going to send me to see him but that I needed to talk to pres about it. So the interview came along and I told him about it and he said that I should go to the capi on sunday and then on monday morning i could go to the specialist and that......................................................................................I could take Elder Dolan back with me to San Juan!! I WAS SOOO EXCITED!!! So basically that is the highlight of the week. I went to the capi to get checked and to bring back Dolan. Elder Haroldsen got all packed up and went with me. He was going to stay in the capi but this morning they decided to send him back with us to. So now I am training to greenies at one time!! Pretty intense but I am excited!
In the interview pres said that he wanted to keep in touch after the mission to do a reunion is arizona with everyone and asked if id be incharge of it. I said sure.\
Right now we had 6 people with baptismal fechas. One of them is a family. Husband and wife. Hes 70 and shes 43 but they are amazing!! the problem is that she isnt a declared citizen so were going to have to work for that to get her declared.. We will do what we can.
Today with the dr he made me cough and everything. He says to just get a sonogram and make sure that there is nothing just to make sure!!
This letter is all over the place but thats ok.
On Friday I did an intercambio with the other people in my district and it went well. One random lady went off and how she had a dream and it was pretty crazy and wacked her dream. She ended up saying that she saw Elder Moya (one of the missionaries in that area) playing with an lion. I asked her if the lady ate him. I thought it was funny and so did the other missionary but she didnt think it was funny hahah but it was hilarious. She was kinda crazy anyway but I kinda passed myself on that one but we laughed for a goodwhile afterwards.
Thats about all for this week. Here with EldeR Dolan and EldeR Haroldsen. Training them both. IT will be an adventure but lots of fun. Elder Dolan was soooooooo excited when we went to pick him up. He hasnt stopped saying how excited he is all day. I love that kid its going to be lots of fun!!! I love San Juan I love the mission and I love all of you!!! Keep it safe and real unmtil next week!!!
love you
elder wilson

San Juan kids

Elder Haroldsen

Hey, mom.....How do you like the pants?

Moving Again

Fishing San Juan style

San Juan Zone

If you know Seth, you've seen this face.

Making cake for FHE

Monday, February 14, 2011

Nutso Crazy.......

Wow crazy stuff happening. I thought the jeff thing was weird but now Haley?!?! Aubrey... you are still too young sorry!!! :) hahaha I am doing well. Glad to hear u of a beat asu and that finally they are doing better again. I cant wait to hit up a game. I will have to go to the U of A vs ASU game next season and send a picture to Elder Kleiner.
Elder Nelson is coming here but yet another time I wont get to see the Apostle because I am in the campo not in the capital. The native assistant asked me if he could use my suit so I lent it to him. I dont even know when he is coming. They never told us out here in the campo that he was even coming. I just heard it through the grape vine.
The house is pretty much finished. They said they were going to come to load up all the trash but no one has come yet. I wouldnt be suprised if they done. They told us not to throw it away but if they dont come this week than I am going to through it out.
I emailed Elder Dolan today and he responded and siad that he is feeling better.

I still think I got my parasite friend. Tell grandpa hes not the only one thats frustrated. They told us in the MTC that we were going to get a medication every six months too but I never received it. Neither has anyone else that I know of.
Elder Haroldsen and I are doing well. We have 7 people that are preparing to get baptised on the 5 of March. We have an old couple that is amazing. They live in a house with a 22 year old son that is smaller than my room at home and the only furniture they have is a matrice so we all sit on the matress to share. Its pretty cool. Yesterday we went to pick them up for church and they had already left and were already in church. Another investigator has epilipsy. I dont know how to spell it but its what Ms Hersh's girl has but shes way cool and progessing alot. I think her borthers and sisters are going to get baptised too. The members here are awesome and very supportive. Just dont leave with us much. They work alot and get off school late so that makes it pretty hard.
I am still living on my budget but had to take out to send stuff home to you!! My comp on the other hand, I am trying to teach him about budgeting. I think hes even worse than pops!! haha buys any and everything he sees!! I dont need anything for now. I think I am good. I think that my shoes will actually last until the end of the mission so dont worry about that. If you ever send anything though throw in a bunch of alfredo sauce mixes!! The best ones are Knorr brand!! I love those a lot but just whenever u send something no rush at all!!
On Weds I had to go to Azua again at 5 am for a district leader meeting. It was good. Learned some good stuff.
I was feeling like I was just getting into a routine and not giving necessarily all that I had so I tried extra hard in my studies and the thought came to me to read my Pat Blessing. I read it and felt overwhelmed and it was recomfirmed to me that that blessing is for me personal and that all those promises were valid and real if I have faith and do my best. I am so grateful for that.
On Sunday I had to talk again.. I think it went well.
On Sat we were contacting and there was a big group of people and I had a feeling to not contact them so we went down by the river and were messing around with some kids and helping them get some fish out of the river and while we were down there there was a shooting that took place. We went back up there and it just happened to be that same group of people that we felt like we shouldnt contact. You can say that its just a coincent or choose to see how Heavenly Father guides us through the Holy Ghost.
Someone tried to break into our house too. They managed to break the lock on the back door but looks like we came in right and they had broken it because nothing was taken from the house. Needless to say I went and bought the biggest lock possible!!!
Other than that my life was pretty normal this week!! I met a toddler that is 2 weeks old that mikayla and he walks all over the place. Mikayla needs to step it up a bit!! barely started crawling!! haha
love you all so much. Thats for your love and support!! love you lots
until next week
Elder Wilson

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jeffrey's engaged???? Stick and the puddle.

Hey Family how are you all doing. It was another good week here in the DR. We did a lot of walking. We moved into the other missionaries house in San Juan and its about an hour walking to get to our area and coming home too. (Tim says.....Uphill both ways too?) But thats all good. Good excercise right?
First things first congrats Jeff on the engagement!! I cannot believe it. The card I got from him from October was saying how he was sure he wouldnt be married when I got home because his girl life wasnt so excited but I wrote him back saying I doubt it!!! Looks like I was right!!
I got a package and two small ones in this week!! I am wayyy spoiled! Thanks soo much. Mom's 20 dollars in the card saved me because I sent my reembolsos into the office for all the traveling and money but it hadnt come yet but mom;s 20 dollars made it so I could live until it came! Thanks soo much! I loved everything. The rain coat is pretty intense and it should start raining pretty soon.
I also got some letters from Bro Brown and Sis Bringhurst but i forgot the CD of chani so I will have to watch that next week!
On Wed we went down to Azua for conferencia with the Pres. It was good. I saw all of my buds like elder Allred and Elder Kleiner. There are doing great. Elder Kleiners spanish is stinking amazin!! I was proud of my kid!! On the way back we went two hours on a bus and it was so ghetto and so crammed but it was awesome. I loved it!
On Thurs we had to go to this funeral thingy and it was pretty crazy.. People screaming and yelling and crying... Def glad for the plan of Salvation and the knowledge that there is more after this life.
On Fri I got to do a baptismal interview. Elder Moya was sick so I had to go with his comp. We walked to my area and then back to do the interviews and then back to my area to tell the people sorry for not making it to the appointment. It was an insane day. A crazy lady with a stick tried to beat me up too. On the way home we took a bus because we were late but we got on the wrong bus and as I was getting in I slipped into a puddle and soaked my whole leg!! It was just one of those days when you gotta laugh it off and count your many blessings!
WE have several investigatores that are progressing. We are praying a lot for them and hoping that they continue to progress. We had 16 people that were going to go to church and we went out looking for them for 3 hours on Sunday and only 2 went but this week will be better. The mission is hard but sooo sooo worth it. Everyone needs to go. Dont put it in second place. It is a duty and a blessing to do. I love you all so much and thanks for your love and support.
Love you all lots
Elder Wilson