Monday, February 7, 2011

Jeffrey's engaged???? Stick and the puddle.

Hey Family how are you all doing. It was another good week here in the DR. We did a lot of walking. We moved into the other missionaries house in San Juan and its about an hour walking to get to our area and coming home too. (Tim says.....Uphill both ways too?) But thats all good. Good excercise right?
First things first congrats Jeff on the engagement!! I cannot believe it. The card I got from him from October was saying how he was sure he wouldnt be married when I got home because his girl life wasnt so excited but I wrote him back saying I doubt it!!! Looks like I was right!!
I got a package and two small ones in this week!! I am wayyy spoiled! Thanks soo much. Mom's 20 dollars in the card saved me because I sent my reembolsos into the office for all the traveling and money but it hadnt come yet but mom;s 20 dollars made it so I could live until it came! Thanks soo much! I loved everything. The rain coat is pretty intense and it should start raining pretty soon.
I also got some letters from Bro Brown and Sis Bringhurst but i forgot the CD of chani so I will have to watch that next week!
On Wed we went down to Azua for conferencia with the Pres. It was good. I saw all of my buds like elder Allred and Elder Kleiner. There are doing great. Elder Kleiners spanish is stinking amazin!! I was proud of my kid!! On the way back we went two hours on a bus and it was so ghetto and so crammed but it was awesome. I loved it!
On Thurs we had to go to this funeral thingy and it was pretty crazy.. People screaming and yelling and crying... Def glad for the plan of Salvation and the knowledge that there is more after this life.
On Fri I got to do a baptismal interview. Elder Moya was sick so I had to go with his comp. We walked to my area and then back to do the interviews and then back to my area to tell the people sorry for not making it to the appointment. It was an insane day. A crazy lady with a stick tried to beat me up too. On the way home we took a bus because we were late but we got on the wrong bus and as I was getting in I slipped into a puddle and soaked my whole leg!! It was just one of those days when you gotta laugh it off and count your many blessings!
WE have several investigatores that are progressing. We are praying a lot for them and hoping that they continue to progress. We had 16 people that were going to go to church and we went out looking for them for 3 hours on Sunday and only 2 went but this week will be better. The mission is hard but sooo sooo worth it. Everyone needs to go. Dont put it in second place. It is a duty and a blessing to do. I love you all so much and thanks for your love and support.
Love you all lots
Elder Wilson

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