Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Elders

Hola Familia!

First off i would like to personally thank jordan for his letter and song. Def made my day and the song is very original. I am really bummed that he cant send the rice...

id write a novel supporting what zane said (to the girls at girls' camp) and say it to all the youth if i could, being here on the mission, i can see so much more clearly and see how the ¨rules¨are guardians. they keep us safe from harm but satan makes them look like barriers or things that keep us from the things we want. idk.

I am doing good! Another wet week in Haina. Its raining while we speak right now. The beginning of the week was a constant rain and was cold!!! But we kept going and my comps new umbrella broke so we got really wet.

We taught lots of lessons this week and had a bunch of good people that were going to go to church. We were planning on havinf 15 investigadors in church but for some reason or other, all but 3 couldnt go. We found atleast 3 more people that should progress and get baptized. We found a couple that has more than 70 yrs and have 50 yrs marriend and 9 kids and 35 grandkids. They should progress and we hope that later their familyies will progress too.

Yesterday was fathers day here. ltos of parties. there was a little girl like had 10 years and she was carrying a beer and elder price and i stopped her and asked her why she would drink pee haha she told us it was cerveza but we acted like we didnt understand and she was getting so frustrated and we get asking her why she would drink pee and idk another story that you prob just had to be there to think it was funny.

Cristian bore his testimony in church yesterday and it was amazing and sooooo spiritual. Everyone felt the truthfulness of his testimony. The change that has happened in their life is amazing. They now have a hope. A hope that one day their imperfections will be made perfect. I love them soo much.

The lady that cooks for us does cook for all of us. but this is the last week that we will be eating with her. We have to stop eating with her. I am kinda glad. I am pretty tired of rice. I think this next transfer I will eat ham and chees every day. I am looking forward to it!

WEll I think that thats all that I have for now. Haina is awesome. I really love it here. I am hoping Ill gave another tranfser or two here. I am sure I will have atleast one more!

I love you all sooo much and miss you all a lot! Thanks for all your love and prayers. I feel them everyday. Do whats right and God will bless you!!!!

love you all lots

elder wilson

ps... mom im not sure what the difference between young women here and there are but i will look for an answer this week ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Want me to get that back hair for ya too?

Hey yall how are you all doing!!

I am doing graet! This past week was soooo awesome. Definently the best week of my mission. It rained soooo much and we were wet the whole stinking week. My umbrella broke awhile back so Ive been toughing it out but this week was insanely bad. Soaked the whole week but asi es la vida.

Cristian and Francisca are still doing great. They love being members. We are going to do a Family home evening in their house tonight with another family. They have already listened to more than half of the Book of Mormon. Whenever there is light, they are listening to it. They remember everything too. They recount the stories to us. They offered us milk one day but it was a little sketchy so i searched for an excuse real quick and came up with weve been walking a lot today and when I walk I have to drink water and not milk because milk hurts my stomach. Luckily the bought it. Elder Price cant believe that they bought it.

We are still working with Clari. She is still living with her husband that is married to another wife so she cant really progress. But she is helping us share the gospel with all her family members.

We are also teaching a fmaily. The guy is def gangster with a bunch of scars and tatoos but they have accepted a baptismal date because he received an answer to his prayers. We will se what goes down with them.

Today we played bball with kids in the ward and some kids off the streets. We whooped them haha it was fun because they were talking crap and we whooped them. They tripled teamed me but I still found a way to show them whats up ;) we live right next to a court like you can see on google so i think i am going to see if I can find another ball so we can play in the mornings.

Elder Price and I are doing great. WE are working our butts off and it is awesome. Seeing the fruits of our labors and being able to come home each night knowing we did our best is an awesome feeling. He even cut my hair the other night and noticed some of my back hair and offered to shave it off for me. What a good comp. I love the two elders we live with. They are awesome. I love this place, the people, and everything. I am still working on loving rice but I look forward to mondays because I dont have to eat rice on PDays.

Thanks for all you do and all your love and support. I Miss you all a ton but the days are flying by. Thanks for all you doo and all your prayers. Know that i love you soooo much!

love elder wilson

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ups and downs

hola familia!
this week was a great week. Def a hard week but a great week. We had a lot of last minute things that tried to impede on the wedding of Cristian y Francisca but we were able to over come them all and they got married and baptised on Sat. I baptized cristian and elder price baptized francisca. it was interesting with them being blind and all and but it was great and they absolutely loved it. they are flying high and really love being members and married. It was a very spiritual experience. I have some great pictures but i will be lucky if this internet lets me even send this email so i dont think i can send pictures this week.
our other family that we were teaching, clari, her husband is still married to another women through the law so it is basically impossible for her to progress. she is soo amazing and wants baptism so bad. it broke my heart when she told us that he was still married to his other wife. She is absolutely amazing.
this week we worked our butts off. Weds was prob my best day in the mission. Spanish was going great and the lessons were amazing and everything was just perfect. But like always, I was humbled on fri and sat and they were probably some of the hardest days I have ever had. but life goes on and today is a new day! I am definently learning a lot
To answer dads question we contact around the house. right now we are contacting in a barrio called barcequillo. it is a little poorer part of town adn has so many hills. i am dieing!
I really feel like elder price and I have the confidence of the Bishop here and we can see the difference that it is making in the work. He is a great man. He even gave us dinner one night so that makes him even graeter.
I still havent made anything with sour cream and have not found ranch dip. We are very close to the port but i cant feel the difference. its always humid. its nice tho because therer is always a breeze and a lot more electricity so that helps a lot!
well thats all for this week! For the package just a few ideas-deflated volleyball that we have in the house in the front closet. costco trail mix, toothbruth head and some more pens! ;) love you all so much
i missed you all a lot this week! love you all soo much
elder wilson!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Eight months. "Put two and two together and told my seth happy fourth of july."

Hey family how are you? I am doing great!
Sounds like the fourth of july was good! I didnt even realize it was the fourth of july. I realized it was my 8 month mark and my day is the 4th and then i realized it was july and I put two and two together and told my seth happy fourth of july. Then I told everyone else in the house it too. then didnt realize it either.
I hear everyone is a little hard on dad about the dr pepper. baby steps. thats how we do it with people here. I think he should be able to drink pepper freee! (i threw it in there for you dad!)
I got the package! Thanks so much. I got one from vicki too and my comp got one from home! IT was elder schoenhals yr mark so we had a candy party! THanks for everything! I do have a couple things for the next package but i forgot the list at home but i will bring it next week! But thanks sooo much packages def make my day :)
I still havent made anything with the sour cream yet but the fact that i know it is sitting in the fridge makes me feel a whole lot better :) haha
The ward is pretty much normal. Until it comes to fast sundays. I love fast sundays down here. The culture is def different and when it comes to religion people like to get emotional so there is always some interesting testimonies! It is awesome!
there are so many hills in Haina. I am dying! We treat to marry cristian y francisca this morning but we didnt have one paper that they needed but they should get married fri and baptized sat.
We got 7 people with a baptismal date so the work is going great. We are working hard and doing whats right and really seeing the fruits of the labors. My comp is great and I love him. We def had diff enterests before the mission but are best friends here cuz we both want the same thing. I am very grateful for him.
Congrats fud and dud on the job. Look out for the joker batman! :) love you all sooo much and miss you all so much. Think about you all everyday! Thanks for your love and suport you are all sooooo amazing!
elder wilson