Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Elders

Hola Familia!

First off i would like to personally thank jordan for his letter and song. Def made my day and the song is very original. I am really bummed that he cant send the rice...

id write a novel supporting what zane said (to the girls at girls' camp) and say it to all the youth if i could, being here on the mission, i can see so much more clearly and see how the ¨rules¨are guardians. they keep us safe from harm but satan makes them look like barriers or things that keep us from the things we want. idk.

I am doing good! Another wet week in Haina. Its raining while we speak right now. The beginning of the week was a constant rain and was cold!!! But we kept going and my comps new umbrella broke so we got really wet.

We taught lots of lessons this week and had a bunch of good people that were going to go to church. We were planning on havinf 15 investigadors in church but for some reason or other, all but 3 couldnt go. We found atleast 3 more people that should progress and get baptized. We found a couple that has more than 70 yrs and have 50 yrs marriend and 9 kids and 35 grandkids. They should progress and we hope that later their familyies will progress too.

Yesterday was fathers day here. ltos of parties. there was a little girl like had 10 years and she was carrying a beer and elder price and i stopped her and asked her why she would drink pee haha she told us it was cerveza but we acted like we didnt understand and she was getting so frustrated and we get asking her why she would drink pee and idk another story that you prob just had to be there to think it was funny.

Cristian bore his testimony in church yesterday and it was amazing and sooooo spiritual. Everyone felt the truthfulness of his testimony. The change that has happened in their life is amazing. They now have a hope. A hope that one day their imperfections will be made perfect. I love them soo much.

The lady that cooks for us does cook for all of us. but this is the last week that we will be eating with her. We have to stop eating with her. I am kinda glad. I am pretty tired of rice. I think this next transfer I will eat ham and chees every day. I am looking forward to it!

WEll I think that thats all that I have for now. Haina is awesome. I really love it here. I am hoping Ill gave another tranfser or two here. I am sure I will have atleast one more!

I love you all sooo much and miss you all a lot! Thanks for all your love and prayers. I feel them everyday. Do whats right and God will bless you!!!!

love you all lots

elder wilson

ps... mom im not sure what the difference between young women here and there are but i will look for an answer this week ;)

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