Monday, July 5, 2010

Eight months. "Put two and two together and told my seth happy fourth of july."

Hey family how are you? I am doing great!
Sounds like the fourth of july was good! I didnt even realize it was the fourth of july. I realized it was my 8 month mark and my day is the 4th and then i realized it was july and I put two and two together and told my seth happy fourth of july. Then I told everyone else in the house it too. then didnt realize it either.
I hear everyone is a little hard on dad about the dr pepper. baby steps. thats how we do it with people here. I think he should be able to drink pepper freee! (i threw it in there for you dad!)
I got the package! Thanks so much. I got one from vicki too and my comp got one from home! IT was elder schoenhals yr mark so we had a candy party! THanks for everything! I do have a couple things for the next package but i forgot the list at home but i will bring it next week! But thanks sooo much packages def make my day :)
I still havent made anything with the sour cream yet but the fact that i know it is sitting in the fridge makes me feel a whole lot better :) haha
The ward is pretty much normal. Until it comes to fast sundays. I love fast sundays down here. The culture is def different and when it comes to religion people like to get emotional so there is always some interesting testimonies! It is awesome!
there are so many hills in Haina. I am dying! We treat to marry cristian y francisca this morning but we didnt have one paper that they needed but they should get married fri and baptized sat.
We got 7 people with a baptismal date so the work is going great. We are working hard and doing whats right and really seeing the fruits of the labors. My comp is great and I love him. We def had diff enterests before the mission but are best friends here cuz we both want the same thing. I am very grateful for him.
Congrats fud and dud on the job. Look out for the joker batman! :) love you all sooo much and miss you all so much. Think about you all everyday! Thanks for your love and suport you are all sooooo amazing!
elder wilson

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  1. Wow, 8 months! I can't believe it's already been that long. We are loving reading the unfolding saga of your mission, and you seem to love living it. You sound busy, successful, and happy.

    As always, we are proud of you!