Monday, August 29, 2011

Nine to go.

Hey Family how are you all doing!!! 
Just throwing it out there 9 letters left!!!
This week went well.  Started out wet because of the hurricane thingy but not too wet.  Just lots of wind!! It def made me home sick!! It made me think of the wind that there always is at Grandma and Grandpas house!!! The breeze that you can hear through the cottonwoods.  I cant wait to go to Benson.  And fish and camp!!!!   Tell mike congrats on the game.  Sounds like he is quite the player!!! that is awesome.
Things are going well here.  Yanely continues to progress.  She has gone to church 3 times now.  Her only difficulty is that she feels like she hasnt gotten a sure answer but at the same time she feels that she has felt a change in her life.  She has a fecha for the 17 of sep so we will pray so that she can receive an answer or so that she can reconize her answers.
I have studied a lot this week about the Priesthood after my interview with Presidente and reading about Pres Uchdorf invitation to read the seccions in DC.  Its so amazing that the Priesthood is here and real in the earth.  We are very blessed.
The work is going well.  We are working in a poor area that is crazily populated.  I will have to take mom and dad there when we come back.  But we wont carry much money with us :) haha
I love you all sooo much!! Thanks for your love and support.  I love you all.
I want navajo tacos with refried beans and enchiladas for the first meal!!! hahaha
Love you family thanks for your prayers and for your letters every week.  I have the best family in the world!!!
I love you alll sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. 
Tell Ms. Romero congrats.  When is her wedding?? Is it after I get home??? If so tell her I will be there... if im invited :) hahaha
elder wilson

Monday, August 22, 2011

Hurricane Irene passes uneventfully

Hey sorry but letter for week goes like this


theres no light anywhere and where I am now has little light so I am going to send you this before it goes out!!

(Luz=light=electricity)  Tim

Know that I love you all very much!!!


Elder Wilson

Just rain so far from Irene. H Mateo keeping us updated

This is a link to a Facebook thread that H Mateo has been using to update us as to the conditions on the ground in Santo Domingo today as Hurricane Irene passes.  Thank you Sister Mateo!


Monday, August 15, 2011

Staying in Independencia. Elder Price se va.

Hey familia how are you all doing!!!??

So basically you all know that I am staying here in Indy. I am super excited. This week was really long and weird but went by really fast at the same time!!! Elder Price is gone. He is getting on a plane in less than 7 hours!!! They came and picked him up yesterday.

On tuesday we had an intercambio with the office elders. It was fun. I went with Elder Martinez in the office. It was nice driving around in air conditioning for a little bit!!! We were arrived to the house at night I was dry and not completely full of sweat. THat was kinda weird!!! haha and showered with hot water. That was even weirder. ANd with a shower head.. even weirder. Not sure how I feel about that.

So I am getting a new comp. Elder Juarez. I think he is from Salvador. He was in my zone in San Juan. He is a great kid. I am looking forward to it. I hope he kills me.

This week we taught Yanelis several times. She is sooo amazing. She is sooo opened minded. We left her the site to dcheck things out about the church. She decided not to go to that site but to others and had all sorts of questions for us when we went back. But she accept all of the answers sooo well and prayed about it and said that she felt it was true. She said that about a month ago she was thinking to herself what is my purpose in life. She said she felt like a robot and that dshe wanted more purpose and meaning to her life. She said that when we knocked on the door she felt something inside her telling her to go talk with us. She accepted una cita out of curiosity and everything is going amazing. Says she feels a vibration inside her chest when we share with her. Her kids said that the ¨mormons¨must be very lucky because she never lets religious people in her house. She says she usually lies and says she doesnt have time to share with missionaries but for some reason she felt like she should talk to us. We exdplained to her that that was the Spirit impulsing her to accept us. I was having a little but of a hard time one of the days that we had a cita with her and I was praying all day that Heavenly Father would help me feel of His love for me. I just kept feeling empty but then we got to her house and shared about the Plan of Salvation and wow it was one of the best lessons of my life. The Spirit was so strong. As I was testifying to her about the Plan of Salvation I felt so strongly that the plan is real and that God loves us sooo much that he provides away for us to return to Him. It was def an answer to my prayers. IT felt so good. I had a hard time not just breaking down because I felt so warm inside. I love this work. Little moments like that make it all sooo worth it.

She went to church on sunday and the whole reliefs society went crazy over her. They all want to visit her now and teach with us in her home. Everyone is getting involved. I feel like is a needed spark for the ward members.

I also met Sister Hill in Zane and Susy´s ward granddaughter. She is going to Santiago mission but did intercambios with our zone while in the CCM.

Well thats about it for this week.

Keep up on your missionary efforts at home. If we are persistant we will find those who are ready. I love hearing about your experiences!! I love you all oh so much!!!!!

thanks for who you are and what you doo!!

love you

elder wilson

Monday, August 8, 2011

No hurricane? Let's check the roof during a lightning storm and the street drain just to be sure.....

Hey Family!!! How are you all doing!!!
I am doing super well!! It was definently a different week!!! So we kept hearing that dk emily was coming and that the world was going to come to an end because it was going to be huge. Long story short nothing happened. Dk she was going to enter the country tuesday morning, then tuesday night, then wed for sure but never came. We couldnt go out on Weds because it was supposed to hit directly Santo Domingo. It was one of the longest days of my life!! So we might have ended up crawling into the road drain in the front of our house. I was lying down in bed and then Elder Groll and Elder Price called me and said to go outside. Then they were like I bet you wont crawl into the drain pipe. I was bored enough to prove them wrong. Long story short all four of us ended up going inside it.

So Thursday they did let us go but it rained ALL day LONG!!! I iwas soooooo soaking wet. It was kinda fun but it was kinda a cold rain so not so fun at the same time!! It was hard because we basically lost two days and we had some important citas and we lost contact with one of our investigators but I know that we will be able to find her again.

Things are going well with Yoana and Ana. They still havent gone to church yet but they will get there. They just have so many questions and its awesome because we can always answer them with the Book of Mormon and they always just say wway that makes so much sense!!! I love it!!

We finished up with the rich part of town and we are now it a poorer part of town. Its pretty crazy because there are just houses everywhere. On top of everything and its just a bunch of sidewalks that have a bunch of houses going up and down the hill. Its hard to explain but you will see when you come down here!!! After not putting citas for along time in the rich part, we put 13 citas in less than an hour in the poor part. When we left the area I said to Elder Price thats why I love these people soo much. Everyone is just so friendly and loving. I hope that those of us who are more fortunate dont blind ourselfs thinking that we dont need Heavenly Father and that we dont have "time" to do what He would want us to do.

It was really nice to hear about all your experiences this week sharing the Gospel. It made me more motivated to share. I really hope that Larry and Honey, the Webster's friends, keep progressing. The gospel is amazing and will bless them so much. I hope that we all continue to share. Even if its just a little and we can plant the seed in other peoples hearts. I love you all sooo much. I am so grateful for you all. Thanks for your amazing examples and love for me.

Like it says in 2 Nefi 29 God's work is not done and will not be done until the end of men. Work in the field!!! THanks for sharing the scripture from Mosiah 2:41. I actually read that this morning and loved it. I love chapters two and three. I love all of King Benjamin's address!!!

i almost forgot to tell about the baptism that Elder Groll and Elder Farra had it was a woman of like 50 years!!! It was sooo amazing and sooo spiritual and Yoana went and felt the Spirit it was sooo awesome!!! I played the piano for it and I played it well!!! The Spirit was def helping me!!! this work is aweseom!! love you all so much
hasta luego!!!

I love you all soo much!!


Elder Wilson

ps. Pops- use Preach My Gospel as much and you can with the young men. Help the to get to know the book. It is inspired and the guide manual.

love you all soo much
ps... add to the letter that I jsut got call from the kids papito from Sabana Yegua. He is getting set apart tonight to go on his mission. Hes leaving tomorrow to go to Guatemala!!!

Papito and Seth in Sabana Yegua Feb 2010

Monday, August 1, 2011

Risk and Reward

I am doing amazing!!!! It was a very hard but very amazing week!!!

Ok so first things first. I want everyone of you this week to invite atleast one person to listen to the missionaries and pray to know who it is and if they accept the invitation you need to go with the missionaries to teach them.

This week was amazing. As you know Weds and Fri we work in the institute. There is a senior couple named the Finlaysons and they are soo amazing. They are soo nice to us. We were talking to them about there marriage story and how they got to know each other. They love each other soo much and they are both so sweet. We asked him what the secret to their marriage was and she wasnt around and he whispered really quietly, "before you get married, you have to play the board game Risk with your girlfriend. Thats when the true her comes out" Apparently sister finlayson is like meagan when she plays games. I thought it was funny to talk to him about their love story and everything. THey are amazing people. I think they have facebook if you want to try and find them.

On Tuesday we had to do an intercambio to try and fix some companionship problems. It was fun I got to go with Elder Negron. It was fun to be with him aghain. The next day in comp study Elder Price and I were talking and were talking about how sad it is that people dont just get along. Selfishness and pride are the roots of all problems. We then got tlaking about life and how the mission helps one to be less selfish and less prideful. We started talking about our dreams and ambitions for our lives. It was a really great conversation and the Spirit was defininently there. We talked a lot about the beauty of Eter 12:27. How much of a blessing that is that God allows us to make our weaknesses become strengths. I really love and apreciate Elder Price. During our conversation he told me that he felt that I had taken the most advantage and gotten the most out of the mission than any other Elder he had ever met. I didnt really know how to respond to his comment but it made me feel really good to know that they person who I am with 24/7 feels that way. Made me feel like my efforts mean something. Dont get me wrong I have a long way to go still but hearing that from him made me feel really good inside. I sure apreciate that kid and his parents to for raising him well. They are lucky to have him home in a couple of weeks.

This week we taught Yoanna y Ana her mother and it was going well. We stil;l havent gotten them to church but we are working on it. They live on a third story and one day we had taught them an amazing lesson and I was totally stoked and so going down the stairs I decided that I would slide down the railing. IT went great until my foot got caught at the end of the rail. Lets just say that I ate it pretty hard. We were all laughing pretty hard. Big men dont fall gracefully.

This week was amazingly hard. I made more contacts than I had ever done before. Infact we did almost 50 more than I had ever done before. We are working it a rich area and it is just soooo hard to get into the houses. The very few lessons that we put, when we went back they were not there. We just knocked on doors all day everyday without teaching any lessons. From Sunday to Friday we had only taught 3 lessons when usually we would already be at or more than 20. I was very proud of us though because we were persistant and kept knocking and didnt get discourage. Saturday came around and wow we felt soo blessed for our work. We met 3 amazing people on saturday and we could really testify to them about the gospel. One was a 19 year old kid. You could tell that he was searching for the truth. We taught about the Book of Mormon and he, after we had finsihed our teachings, asked if the Book of Mormon had changed our lives. I just looked at Elder Price and he at me and we both smiled. We then both testified of the changes that have happened in our lives as we came to actually know the Book of Mormon. It was soo spiritual and although I already knew it, it was really nice to be reminded of the powerfulness of the Book of Mormon. Testifying to this kid that was searching for truth. I love the Book of Mormon and invite everyone to study it. It will fill what ever emptiness you have in your life. Give it a chance.

We also met a woman that has two kids that are 15 and 13. Lesson went really well. We had a return cita tonight with her but she just sent us a message saying she wont be there.

AFter a week of no success, just when we thought there wasnt much hope, Heavenly Father really blessed us. Just like it says in Alma 26:27 suffer with pacience and God will bless us. Ive studied a lot in this week about pacience. Pacience is always accompanied by success and being made instruments in God's hands.

I love this work. I love you all. Keep your heads up and remember that theres always someone in the DR that loves you. Take advantage of everyday. THis work is real. Allow Heavenly Father to do his part and happiness will come.

I love you all soo much

Elder Wilson

Ps there is another elder wilson that is new in the mission so if anyone sends letters make sure to put my first name