Monday, August 8, 2011

No hurricane? Let's check the roof during a lightning storm and the street drain just to be sure.....

Hey Family!!! How are you all doing!!!
I am doing super well!! It was definently a different week!!! So we kept hearing that dk emily was coming and that the world was going to come to an end because it was going to be huge. Long story short nothing happened. Dk she was going to enter the country tuesday morning, then tuesday night, then wed for sure but never came. We couldnt go out on Weds because it was supposed to hit directly Santo Domingo. It was one of the longest days of my life!! So we might have ended up crawling into the road drain in the front of our house. I was lying down in bed and then Elder Groll and Elder Price called me and said to go outside. Then they were like I bet you wont crawl into the drain pipe. I was bored enough to prove them wrong. Long story short all four of us ended up going inside it.

So Thursday they did let us go but it rained ALL day LONG!!! I iwas soooooo soaking wet. It was kinda fun but it was kinda a cold rain so not so fun at the same time!! It was hard because we basically lost two days and we had some important citas and we lost contact with one of our investigators but I know that we will be able to find her again.

Things are going well with Yoana and Ana. They still havent gone to church yet but they will get there. They just have so many questions and its awesome because we can always answer them with the Book of Mormon and they always just say wway that makes so much sense!!! I love it!!

We finished up with the rich part of town and we are now it a poorer part of town. Its pretty crazy because there are just houses everywhere. On top of everything and its just a bunch of sidewalks that have a bunch of houses going up and down the hill. Its hard to explain but you will see when you come down here!!! After not putting citas for along time in the rich part, we put 13 citas in less than an hour in the poor part. When we left the area I said to Elder Price thats why I love these people soo much. Everyone is just so friendly and loving. I hope that those of us who are more fortunate dont blind ourselfs thinking that we dont need Heavenly Father and that we dont have "time" to do what He would want us to do.

It was really nice to hear about all your experiences this week sharing the Gospel. It made me more motivated to share. I really hope that Larry and Honey, the Webster's friends, keep progressing. The gospel is amazing and will bless them so much. I hope that we all continue to share. Even if its just a little and we can plant the seed in other peoples hearts. I love you all sooo much. I am so grateful for you all. Thanks for your amazing examples and love for me.

Like it says in 2 Nefi 29 God's work is not done and will not be done until the end of men. Work in the field!!! THanks for sharing the scripture from Mosiah 2:41. I actually read that this morning and loved it. I love chapters two and three. I love all of King Benjamin's address!!!

i almost forgot to tell about the baptism that Elder Groll and Elder Farra had it was a woman of like 50 years!!! It was sooo amazing and sooo spiritual and Yoana went and felt the Spirit it was sooo awesome!!! I played the piano for it and I played it well!!! The Spirit was def helping me!!! this work is aweseom!! love you all so much
hasta luego!!!

I love you all soo much!!


Elder Wilson

ps. Pops- use Preach My Gospel as much and you can with the young men. Help the to get to know the book. It is inspired and the guide manual.

love you all soo much
ps... add to the letter that I jsut got call from the kids papito from Sabana Yegua. He is getting set apart tonight to go on his mission. Hes leaving tomorrow to go to Guatemala!!!

Papito and Seth in Sabana Yegua Feb 2010

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  1. Cool factoid that Seth can use: a hurricane hasn't hit Santo Domingo since the temple was constructed in 2000.