Monday, August 1, 2011

Risk and Reward

I am doing amazing!!!! It was a very hard but very amazing week!!!

Ok so first things first. I want everyone of you this week to invite atleast one person to listen to the missionaries and pray to know who it is and if they accept the invitation you need to go with the missionaries to teach them.

This week was amazing. As you know Weds and Fri we work in the institute. There is a senior couple named the Finlaysons and they are soo amazing. They are soo nice to us. We were talking to them about there marriage story and how they got to know each other. They love each other soo much and they are both so sweet. We asked him what the secret to their marriage was and she wasnt around and he whispered really quietly, "before you get married, you have to play the board game Risk with your girlfriend. Thats when the true her comes out" Apparently sister finlayson is like meagan when she plays games. I thought it was funny to talk to him about their love story and everything. THey are amazing people. I think they have facebook if you want to try and find them.

On Tuesday we had to do an intercambio to try and fix some companionship problems. It was fun I got to go with Elder Negron. It was fun to be with him aghain. The next day in comp study Elder Price and I were talking and were talking about how sad it is that people dont just get along. Selfishness and pride are the roots of all problems. We then got tlaking about life and how the mission helps one to be less selfish and less prideful. We started talking about our dreams and ambitions for our lives. It was a really great conversation and the Spirit was defininently there. We talked a lot about the beauty of Eter 12:27. How much of a blessing that is that God allows us to make our weaknesses become strengths. I really love and apreciate Elder Price. During our conversation he told me that he felt that I had taken the most advantage and gotten the most out of the mission than any other Elder he had ever met. I didnt really know how to respond to his comment but it made me feel really good to know that they person who I am with 24/7 feels that way. Made me feel like my efforts mean something. Dont get me wrong I have a long way to go still but hearing that from him made me feel really good inside. I sure apreciate that kid and his parents to for raising him well. They are lucky to have him home in a couple of weeks.

This week we taught Yoanna y Ana her mother and it was going well. We stil;l havent gotten them to church but we are working on it. They live on a third story and one day we had taught them an amazing lesson and I was totally stoked and so going down the stairs I decided that I would slide down the railing. IT went great until my foot got caught at the end of the rail. Lets just say that I ate it pretty hard. We were all laughing pretty hard. Big men dont fall gracefully.

This week was amazingly hard. I made more contacts than I had ever done before. Infact we did almost 50 more than I had ever done before. We are working it a rich area and it is just soooo hard to get into the houses. The very few lessons that we put, when we went back they were not there. We just knocked on doors all day everyday without teaching any lessons. From Sunday to Friday we had only taught 3 lessons when usually we would already be at or more than 20. I was very proud of us though because we were persistant and kept knocking and didnt get discourage. Saturday came around and wow we felt soo blessed for our work. We met 3 amazing people on saturday and we could really testify to them about the gospel. One was a 19 year old kid. You could tell that he was searching for the truth. We taught about the Book of Mormon and he, after we had finsihed our teachings, asked if the Book of Mormon had changed our lives. I just looked at Elder Price and he at me and we both smiled. We then both testified of the changes that have happened in our lives as we came to actually know the Book of Mormon. It was soo spiritual and although I already knew it, it was really nice to be reminded of the powerfulness of the Book of Mormon. Testifying to this kid that was searching for truth. I love the Book of Mormon and invite everyone to study it. It will fill what ever emptiness you have in your life. Give it a chance.

We also met a woman that has two kids that are 15 and 13. Lesson went really well. We had a return cita tonight with her but she just sent us a message saying she wont be there.

AFter a week of no success, just when we thought there wasnt much hope, Heavenly Father really blessed us. Just like it says in Alma 26:27 suffer with pacience and God will bless us. Ive studied a lot in this week about pacience. Pacience is always accompanied by success and being made instruments in God's hands.

I love this work. I love you all. Keep your heads up and remember that theres always someone in the DR that loves you. Take advantage of everyday. THis work is real. Allow Heavenly Father to do his part and happiness will come.

I love you all soo much

Elder Wilson

Ps there is another elder wilson that is new in the mission so if anyone sends letters make sure to put my first name

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  1. If you put together your paragraph about setting aside pride and selfishness to get along in a companionship with your paragraph about the secrets of a good marriage, there you have it.

    Also isn't it neat that even though you do hundreds of contacts all week long without any success, you find three winners at the end of the week? One might think "Why did you waste all of your time during the week only to find those three on Saturday?" To counter one might say that it took a week's worth of effort to be blessed with three great new investigators on Saturday. I sometimes like to think of those kind of investigators not as contacts, but referrals from Heavenly Father!