Monday, August 15, 2011

Staying in Independencia. Elder Price se va.

Hey familia how are you all doing!!!??

So basically you all know that I am staying here in Indy. I am super excited. This week was really long and weird but went by really fast at the same time!!! Elder Price is gone. He is getting on a plane in less than 7 hours!!! They came and picked him up yesterday.

On tuesday we had an intercambio with the office elders. It was fun. I went with Elder Martinez in the office. It was nice driving around in air conditioning for a little bit!!! We were arrived to the house at night I was dry and not completely full of sweat. THat was kinda weird!!! haha and showered with hot water. That was even weirder. ANd with a shower head.. even weirder. Not sure how I feel about that.

So I am getting a new comp. Elder Juarez. I think he is from Salvador. He was in my zone in San Juan. He is a great kid. I am looking forward to it. I hope he kills me.

This week we taught Yanelis several times. She is sooo amazing. She is sooo opened minded. We left her the site to dcheck things out about the church. She decided not to go to that site but to others and had all sorts of questions for us when we went back. But she accept all of the answers sooo well and prayed about it and said that she felt it was true. She said that about a month ago she was thinking to herself what is my purpose in life. She said she felt like a robot and that dshe wanted more purpose and meaning to her life. She said that when we knocked on the door she felt something inside her telling her to go talk with us. She accepted una cita out of curiosity and everything is going amazing. Says she feels a vibration inside her chest when we share with her. Her kids said that the ¨mormons¨must be very lucky because she never lets religious people in her house. She says she usually lies and says she doesnt have time to share with missionaries but for some reason she felt like she should talk to us. We exdplained to her that that was the Spirit impulsing her to accept us. I was having a little but of a hard time one of the days that we had a cita with her and I was praying all day that Heavenly Father would help me feel of His love for me. I just kept feeling empty but then we got to her house and shared about the Plan of Salvation and wow it was one of the best lessons of my life. The Spirit was so strong. As I was testifying to her about the Plan of Salvation I felt so strongly that the plan is real and that God loves us sooo much that he provides away for us to return to Him. It was def an answer to my prayers. IT felt so good. I had a hard time not just breaking down because I felt so warm inside. I love this work. Little moments like that make it all sooo worth it.

She went to church on sunday and the whole reliefs society went crazy over her. They all want to visit her now and teach with us in her home. Everyone is getting involved. I feel like is a needed spark for the ward members.

I also met Sister Hill in Zane and Susy´s ward granddaughter. She is going to Santiago mission but did intercambios with our zone while in the CCM.

Well thats about it for this week.

Keep up on your missionary efforts at home. If we are persistant we will find those who are ready. I love hearing about your experiences!! I love you all oh so much!!!!!

thanks for who you are and what you doo!!

love you

elder wilson

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