Friday, November 27, 2009

Santo Domingo MTC and Temple

Images from the Internet;  not taken by Elder Wilson

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Elder Wilson in the Dominican Republic!


We arrived last night at 3 a.m. after all the delays. So we are all on 7 hours of sleep between the last two nights. It was really cool to see the city. We only have 3 min to send a short email to say that we are here but it is totally awesome and totally humid and hot but it will be awesome. There are only 68 missionaries here. We get to eat a native food for lunch and turkey for dinner. All of our classes are in complete spanish from now on. So wish me luck! You can use pouch to send letters here while at the MTC. or you can send it to av. bolivar 825 los Robles Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.It was so nice to talk to you yesterday. Just wanted to tell you I am here and I will write you next Thursday but this is all I can write today! Love you lots and thanks for everything!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Elder Wilson

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

End of week 2 at Provo MTC


Thanks for all your letters and support. The package of candy was way yummy! Thanks a bunch. Mom, I got your note with all the questions but I cant find it now. So I will do as bewst i can to answer them. We get 30 min a day to write on pdays. I leave next Weds. Flight takes off at 820 and then we fly to Dallas. We have a two hr lay over there. Then we fly to Miami and have a 3 hr layover there and then arrive in Santo Domingo at 1130 at night. Im not sure the exact times because they are back in the room but I will write a letter when I get back telling you the exact times.

As for the MTC I love it. Its all about the attitude I decided and I am totally loving it. Our district is SOLID. So solid. We are learning a lot about Spanish and its pretty fun but hard at the same time. I again got the oppurtunity to spend a lot of time in a waiting room for my companion. He was really coming around and then last night he got a dear elder from home. As he was reading it he started to break down. He couldnt talk and so eventually he just handed me the letter (this was right before the fireside) I read it and understood why he was breaking down. Apparently his best friend was over at her boyfriends house when someone came in and murdered his bestfriend, her boyfriend, and her boyfriends parents. Then they drove to her boyfriends grandfathers house and shot him too. All five of them died. Whoever murdered them set a car on fire in town so that the fire department would be distracted and then set the homes of the people they killed on fire. It was so said seeing him sit there. One of those situations when you really do not know what to do. We went into a room and prayed for a while. At the time he didnt want a blessing but after the fireside our whole district got together and our branch president came too. My companion asked me to give the blessing. The Spirit was so strong and it was the first experience I have had where I really did not do the talking. It was very powerful and I hope he can remember what the Lord wants him to do right now. This morning we spent most of the morning in the front office while he called his parents. Then we went to the temple. Every Pday we go to the temple. I am really starting to feel of the love and peace that comes through the temple. It is probably the high light of my week. Last night Bishop Edgley talked to us and that was really neat. He is a good man. Sunday we had Sheri Dew and she was interesting because she talked about how she hates being single.

My teacher's name is Bro Welling. He is such a good man. I totally hope that I will become the man that he is. Sorry Maren he is engaged.

Today was a good day because it was FRENCH TOAST STICKS DAY!!! Dustin was for sure right when he said that they were something to look forward too.

I am driving myself crazy because I lost your letter mom. If theres anything important email me back and I will check it during laundry.

It snowed the other day. That was cool. I wore my scarf and gloves from maren :)

Ill have to figure out how to get you pictures but I think thats all for now.

Life is going well and definently having some unique experiences but I am grateful for them because my testimony is growing immencly. THe work is hard but well worth it.

I love you all a lot and I hope all is well there!

elder wilson

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Letter From MTC

Hey family!

The first email of the mission! I hope all is going well at home. Life is great here. The first couple of days were pretty insane. We just got thrown into the the schedule and had to figure out what to do on our own but we managed to get it together.

My first companion is Elder Bromwell. He is amazingly hilarious. He is from a small town in Arkansas (population 400.) He's got the accident and all. Sooo redneck but awesome! He and I are really starting to work well together. It's awesome. Last night we had our first experience teaching outside of teaching other missionaries. I thought it went really well. It was really neat to feel the Spirit there. The guy we taught was from Puerto Rico and we had to talk to him in Spanish for 5 minutes and it was torture! He spoke so fast but to make us feel better he told us that Domincans speak about 100 times faster. Up to that point I thought that spanish was going pretty well but now I realise I have a lot of work to do :).

Last night we had a fireside from Elder William Walker on temples. IT was nice and sparked a great testimony meeting afterwards. The Spirit was present and it reminded me the importance of temples.

My schedule here is pretty crazy. We have classes most the day and eat a lot. The last couple of days have been different. My companion has had to have some meetings with people and all so Ive spent a lot of my time in the waiting room of the MTC presidents office. But the meetings are done now and he gets to stay which is awesome because he has really come out of his shell. He has had a rough life and has an interesting story. But sitting in the office has allowed me to have a lot of personal study time which is good. Ive spent a lot of time this week studying King Benjamins address which I have come to appreciate more and more. So many great principles are found there.

Tatums friend Elder Urry is in my district. He is my roomate and he is an amazing kid. He is a solid kid and a great athlete. My other roomate is Elder Money who is from Phoenix as well. Same town as Dawn lives in but I do not know how to spell it. We four are the only ones in our district and zone that are going to the Domincan.Vicki sent me a package that got here Thursday which was very nice and very fun. Everyone said I most be loved to get bread and brownies my first full day here. They were AMAZING. Thanks very much :)

We have four Hermanas in our distict. Actually only three cause one switched districts. They are amazing and make me feel like im at home again being mothered :)

The food here is good. Kinda. Nothing like Mom's cooking and lets just say the food isn't going to well in anyones stomach so the aroma around here is unique. I saw Brindy twice yesterday working in the cafe. That was pretty fun!

The work is hard but rewarding. Im grateful for the oppurtunity I have to serve the Lord. I am ver grateful for the Dear Elder letters they are very fun. Thanks for your love and support from everyone!

I love you all very much and look forward to hearing from you!


Elder Wilson

P.S. Sunflower seeds are popular :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Elder Wilson sighting

Scotty Catt, an RM from Marana who played ball with Seth in HS, is a Spanish instructor at the MTC. Seth is not in his group, but Scotty texted and said he had seen Seth. The report was someting like, "He looked great; a little 'Deer in the headlights' right now but great." His companion is from Arkansas and, per Scotty, is a nice guy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In he goes!

Seth trying to fit everything into his suitcases

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad

It was a really beautiful day!
Sorry, this is my first time posting on a blog- can't quite figure it out!

Here's the story on taking Seth to the MTC:

His flight came in at about 10:15 and he was one of quite a few missionaries roaming around the airport. We decided that if the suits and sharp hair cuts didn't signal a new missionary, wearing a big watch clearly did, especially since most kids our age just use cell phones to tell time these days- no cell phones for missionaries! We gathered all of his bags (FOUR, to be exact... not sure how those are all going to the DR!) and took off for Provo. We made a pit-stop at Wal-mart for some last-minute purchases, and happened to run into Tara Wengert. Seth was really excited because he's loved Tara Wengert (who is now married) since he first met her! After Wal-mart, we went and ate lunch at Cafe Rio, which was super delicious and there were about three other families with new missionaries doing the same thing!

We drove up to the MTC and were directed where to park to take pictures, etc. We were about 45 minutes early, so we took pictures and then played some frisbee on the lawns across the street from the MTC. That was my favorite part :> I had one really bad throw and sent Seth biffing into the ground in his Sunday clothes. Luckily, no grass stains!! There were a bunch of missionaries out playing soccer and frisbee for P-day and a few of them came and said hi to Seth, and were excited he was coming into the MTC. Seth seemed pretty stoked about meeting guys that were so friendly and helpful.

At the MTC, there were missionaries EVERYWHERE, directing traffic (SCARY!) and helping to unload bags. With the system the MTC has now, the missionaries direct you to a curbside, help you unload your things, then you say a quick goodbye to your missionary, and he's off! Seth definitely kept the good-bye short, and seemed raring to go- he seemed really excited!

He'll do great over the next couple of years. It was great to be with him this morning; it felt so right for him to begin this important part of his life!


Arriving at the Tucson International Airport.

Fud and Dud support. Thanks for all the love you guys!

Elder Wilson's expression of individuality in stocking wear??

Some things never change. Elder Vapors.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Twas the night before the mission....

Seth, "Sorting" through the clothes to pack away and the ones for DI.

Jill and Toby helping Seth pack.

Seth and Kenny Liscum.

Seth, Keaton Brown, and Kenny Liscum on one last Jeep run to the Shack. (Looking for Seth's camera at the last minute.) (We're still looking and he took my camera to the MTC.)
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