Wednesday, November 4, 2009

In he goes!

Seth trying to fit everything into his suitcases

Saying goodbye to Mom and Dad

It was a really beautiful day!
Sorry, this is my first time posting on a blog- can't quite figure it out!

Here's the story on taking Seth to the MTC:

His flight came in at about 10:15 and he was one of quite a few missionaries roaming around the airport. We decided that if the suits and sharp hair cuts didn't signal a new missionary, wearing a big watch clearly did, especially since most kids our age just use cell phones to tell time these days- no cell phones for missionaries! We gathered all of his bags (FOUR, to be exact... not sure how those are all going to the DR!) and took off for Provo. We made a pit-stop at Wal-mart for some last-minute purchases, and happened to run into Tara Wengert. Seth was really excited because he's loved Tara Wengert (who is now married) since he first met her! After Wal-mart, we went and ate lunch at Cafe Rio, which was super delicious and there were about three other families with new missionaries doing the same thing!

We drove up to the MTC and were directed where to park to take pictures, etc. We were about 45 minutes early, so we took pictures and then played some frisbee on the lawns across the street from the MTC. That was my favorite part :> I had one really bad throw and sent Seth biffing into the ground in his Sunday clothes. Luckily, no grass stains!! There were a bunch of missionaries out playing soccer and frisbee for P-day and a few of them came and said hi to Seth, and were excited he was coming into the MTC. Seth seemed pretty stoked about meeting guys that were so friendly and helpful.

At the MTC, there were missionaries EVERYWHERE, directing traffic (SCARY!) and helping to unload bags. With the system the MTC has now, the missionaries direct you to a curbside, help you unload your things, then you say a quick goodbye to your missionary, and he's off! Seth definitely kept the good-bye short, and seemed raring to go- he seemed really excited!

He'll do great over the next couple of years. It was great to be with him this morning; it felt so right for him to begin this important part of his life!


  1. Those are great pictures, Maren!! He sure looks like a missionary. :)

  2. Thanks Meagan and Dustin for setting up the blog. It will be really fun to have!!! Thanks also to Maren for posting the happenings of yesterday after he left here. It made us feel a little like we were a part of the MTC experience! Yesterday was a huge day! It is a day that you look forward to all of your life and then is wierd when it finally comes. Seth was so ready to GO which made it easier for all of us! We are proud of you Elder Doodie!