Monday, November 9, 2009

Elder Wilson sighting

Scotty Catt, an RM from Marana who played ball with Seth in HS, is a Spanish instructor at the MTC. Seth is not in his group, but Scotty texted and said he had seen Seth. The report was someting like, "He looked great; a little 'Deer in the headlights' right now but great." His companion is from Arkansas and, per Scotty, is a nice guy.

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  1. Mark Mackelprang commented on your wall post:

    "Just got Richard's email for this week. Here's what he said: "Now to recount some of the highlights of this week... Elder Seth Wilson is in my Zone!!! He actually lives a few doors down from me in my building! :P It's was way cool to see him again!""
    Mark Mackelprang on Facebook