Monday, June 27, 2011

Sour Cream and Sour Italian iced

Hey Family how are you all doing!?!?! I am doing great. ANother great week here in the capital. Very busy but very good!!!
Our week kinda started off kinda crazy. As we were contacting an apartment building this crazy italian guy answered the door and he started freaking out and tell us that he was athiest and that he didnt want to talk to us. We told him that we were called from God to preach His gospel and that we are just trying to help everyone become closer to God. He ended up telling us that he had a PhD in like 5 different things and that he knew everything and didnt need us to come to teach him and that we were wasting our time preaching and that we sohuld go to school and study more. He asked me that if he could prove that Christ was a fake if I would stop preaching the gospel. I told him first off, he could never prove that and second off it doesnt matter what he tells me the words of a man cant take away what I feel in my heart. He got really mad and told me a was ignorant and had a hard head. I told him thanks. then hes like I know everything about the mormons and said that it started in 1815. I told him actually its 1820... He says no 1815 and I showed him it was actaully 1820. he got really mad because he was proven wrong. Then he asked Elder Price where he was from and he said that he was from Argentina and the guy said, I KNEW IT!! AND DO YOU KNOW WHY??? CUZ I KNOW EVERYTHING!!! hahah little does he know that Elder Price is from washington. THen he asked us if we knew what book two random names were in the Bible and we didnt know and he was like wow what preachers you are. Then asked me for my "bible" that was in my hands so that he could show me where they are. I said no its mine not yours you cant touch it and then he said just let me see it I want to show you where the names are and I said well if you knew everything youd know that this is the Book of Mormon not the Biblia and I just started laughing and he got soooo mad.
Afterwards Elder Price and I sat down and we talked for awhile. It actually made us really sad to see a man with a lot of knowledge that doesnt think he needs God nor the Gospel. It was pretty sad experience. that man is lost and refuses help. We prayed for him that night.
On Thursday we had a conference with Pres. IT was good. It was a non good bye confence. He just shared a little with us and it was good. The new one comes tomorrow.
On Friday we had intercambios with Elder Knudsen and his comp. His comp is kinda crazy so I went with his comp. We had a good talk and I tihnk i really helped him. He ended up getting a special transfer yesterday and Elder Knudsen has a new comp. Seems pretty happy.
On Sat we had to go do an interview for a baptism. In the area there was a taco bell and we ate there!!! It was soo AMAZING!! HAD SOUR CREAM!!! IT WAS SOO GOOD!
WE had an activity for the Zone today we played ping pong and made embanadas. I really like our zone. Its lots of fun.
Not too much new. We had bunch of investigaters in church again on sunday. We have several baptism dates so that will be cool.
I sure do love you all. Do whats right and do it for the right reasons. Blessings come to those who do whats right. Not just do whats right but do it because they love the Lord.
Theres never a reason to not be happy!!! I love you alll so stinking much!!! :)
Until next week
Elder Wilson

Monday, June 20, 2011

Old friends from Sabana Yegua and Shout Outs.

how you all doing this week!?!?!? I am doing great. I think i gained about ten pounds this last week between the package and eating so bad but wow its sooooooo gooooood. FAST FOOOOODDD!!! and we had a hot dog eating contest last night,lets just say they ran out of hot dogs before I was done eating....
This week was awesome. I dont know if you all remember but when I was in Azua withe ELder Barrett we were teaching a deaf lady that was going to get baptised but then she moved to the capital. The other day we were walking in the street, one of the my first days here, I swear that I saw her and even told Elder Price wow i think I saw a deaf lady I taught with my trainer but she was a ways a way so I didnt think twice of it but the other day while we were contacting we saw a small door way back in an alley and we went and knocked on it and Elder Price was standing in the doorway and I was a little bit back but when it was my turn to present myself and stuck my head in the door and was completely surprised. It was the sister of the deaf girl. I had met her in Azua too and she jumped off her seat and yelled WILSON!!!! and ran over and completely hugged me and gave me the Spanish kiss greeting. AWKWARD!!! She is almost as tall as me so she is the only one that would be able to do that to me!!! I asked her where he sister was and she went and got here and when here sister saw me she freaked out!! It was so fun to talk to them and find out about everyone in Sebana Yegua. Lots of people don't live there anymore apparently but wow it was so much fun!!! The tall sister went back to Sebana Yegua but the deaf one went to church with us on Sunday!! IT was sooo amazing and sooo coool!! I never thought id see them againa!!! We are going to try and work with the deaf one to see if she wants to get baptised!!!
I was wondering.. Has the work for Grandad and Grandma Wilson been done?
I got the package and mail this week. Got letters from the Browns, Brindy, MAren and Maddy Kusilek the girl that was in my MTC group that played D1 basketball. She is already home and wrote me. I was going to ask maren to find her for me to get me her address but now I got it!!! You should find her on facebook maren and tell her hi and that I already wrote her back :)
I got a call on Wed or Thursday from the secretary of the mission and asked me if I knew a Vladmire from Sebana Yegua. I said yes and he said well I am going to give him your number so that he can call you. Its the kid I baptised in Sebana Yegua. He is leaving in agosto to San Salvador to do his mission. There are like 8 boys from Azua that are all leaving in the next couple months. 3 from SY and the rest from actual azua but i know them all. Randomly I saw one of them on Fri in the streets here and told him goodbye because he leaves next wed to Bolivia. I told him to find Gabe.
Will you talk to the U of A Spanish department to see what I need to do to get tested out of some classes??
We are working Wed and Fri mornings in the institute. We are teaching this one girl that walks with a cane because she got a an accident. She was riding on a bus and sitting in the back of the bus and the bus was nailed by a semi... she got hurt really bad and she says all she can remember is that she felt like someone was holding her up during those moments and that she new she was not alone. She said that when shes in the institute building that feeling returns and that's why she knows that where she needs to be and that shes going to stop rejecting all the signs God sends her and whats to join the church. She was taking to the institute by a friend. A simple invitation but if the friend wouldn't have gotten up the guts to talk to her she would have never of known. We all need to share the gospel with our friends.
I was reading the war chapters in Alma this week and loved them. B4 I had always wondered why the wars were important but I learned a lesson that I would like to share. Moroni, during the peaceful years didn't just sit around and do nothing. Sometimes when times our easy we slack off and don't do the thinks that we need to do. Our prayers are less sincere, our scripture study is just reading to read and things like that but when trials come we start praying hard and get more out of our studies but if we were more like Moroni and even during the times of peace when theres no wars o sea trials if we prepare ourselves, build walls around ourselves (scripture study diligent prayers) when the temptations come (los lamanites) we will be like moronis army and defeat them without even struggling. I dont know if I explain myself well but I really enjoyed reading that part. The lamanites were shocked when they saw all the preparation that the Nephites had done. They nefites could have said you know we are not in war right now so lets just sit back and relax but instead they decided to act and then when the trials came, they were already ready. I really liked it but i dont think I am explaining myself well.
So on Sunday we got ten investigatores to go to church!! It was awesome. One familia. A couple of young couples like 25 ish and the deaf lady. It was awesome. Definitely felt blessed. Elder Price and I had been praying a lot so that we could get them to church and so that we would know what we needed to do to help them get to church. Our prayers were answered!! This is sooo real. The gospel is real. I beg all of the young men to prepare themselves to go on the mission. Dont let ANYTHING get in the way. Satan will try and put things in the way but dont let him. Dont fall. You all are enlisted in God´s Army. Dont flee the draft.
I love you all lots!!!! THanks for all you do and for who you are!!!!
Tell the McCooks hi and that I would like to hear from them!!! Especially Skyeler and BRo McCook!!!
Tell Groll´s mom he is being a good boy and Elder Knudsen´s mom too!!!
Love you all soo much!!!
elder Wilson

Monday, June 13, 2011

Loving the Capitol

HEY FAMILY!!! HOW Are you all doing!!! I AM DOING WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Goood here in the capital con with Elder Price!!!! :)
I absolutely love it here. So much to tell but I wrote down the talks that I really liked from conference. Followers of Christ and face the future with faith, and desires but Elder Oaks. Desires reminded me a lot of Dad and how he always talks about having a vision and working towards our visions/goals. And Alma 41 talking about being judged for our desires of our hearts. Its not just enough to do twhats right but we got to have our true desires wanting to do whats right. I also liked Elder Anderson´s talk aobut how misionary serive is a Priesthood duty and obligation with the Lord and that the Lord expects us to serve a mission and that we have been given so much that we should serve him. I really liked that and made me feel better knowing that I am completing that part. Elder Price and I talked about that a lot and what would we do if we read that talk not having gone on the mission. I hope all that are at the appropiate age do it.
When I get home I want mexican food like we talked about but I also want stake and baked potatoes fyi haha :)
Here in this area ever weds and friday we go to the institute. ITS SOO MUCH FUN being there and being aroun kids of my age. GOt me really excited to go to institute and be in that atmosphere. We are teaching this girl named Alberta there and she is amazing. We taught the lesson with a Senior missionary and it was the first completely silent reverent lesson that I have taught in the mission!! It was soo amazing!!! I loved it. And theres air conditioning there. And in our chapel the whole building has air conditioning and most of the people are members from along time and in functions like a normal ward. For the first time I just went to church and only had to participate in the clases but didnt have any responsibility and the ward is HUGe so when we sang it was loud and powerful and idk AAMMAAZZIINNGG!! I just walked around with a huge smile on my face all day at church on sunday. I love it sooo much here.
On the way to the insititute on Friday, we have to go in a little taxi like a 1975 toyota camery that fits 7 people in it, all four of us were in the bag and the guy was listening to Christian music and the song went Yo se que mi Cristo vive over and over again so we told the guy to repeat the song and we all just were singing at the top of our lungs with the guy it was sooo much fun.... Def one of those life long memories hahaha.
This week I ate soo much good food. MT DEw and FOUNTAIN DRINKS!! Yeah theres fountain soda here. We still havent gone to the super market but apparently there is EVERYTHING there.
Here in the capital there are more cars than motors... Thats weird for me... There are a ton of people that speak english and life is a lot more busy. This last week we were home for lunch only thursday and saturday. Running around all over town doing interviews for baptisms and intercambios!! I RODE THE SUBWAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!! THAT WAS SOOO FUN TOOO!!!
I got my hair cut with scissors... oh and its like phoenix here... thats the only bad part. doesnt cool off at night!! but it rains alot too so that makes up for it!!!
Well I love you alll sooo much!!! Bummer that the internet isnt working at the office but we will talk next week!!! ;)
Love you all soo much!!
Congrats on the house mugs and dud!!! thats soo exciting!! THisngs are going to be different at home but so glad were all going to be close!!! love ya all soo much.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Good old Elder Price again

Hey Family!! how are you doing??!! I am doing great. Another crazy week.
Lets just say I ate burger king today. Second time in 19 months eating fast food and it was amazing.
Thursday the office elders were going to come to the house so I decided to take advantage and write a letter to presidente re the situation in
Bani. As I was writing him I dont know how to explain it but it just kinda hit me the importance of being obediente and keeping the commandments. I was reading one of the talks from the liahona from the conference and it was about keeping the commandments and blessings are received. I started thinking of all the little things really wanteed to change. After dad giving me the story of the good wolf and bad wolf last monday it really made me think and i decided I really wanted to just feed the good wolf. That I need to leave the little weeknesses I have behind. I realised I only have 5 more months to become the servant of the Lord that He wants me to be. I have five months to form the type of man that my future wife is going to need. I realised that I had changed a bunch in the mission but there are still parts of me that I want and need to change. I wrote all my feelings and thoughts to president and sent him the letter. He said that he was going to change my comp the next day. I really wanted to help my comp so Sat in the morning I sat him down and talked to him and told him how I felt (I learned a valuable lesson about expressing myself rather than holding it in) So this morning we got a call and said that we both needed to pack because we were leaving. My comp got put in azua as a normal missionary and I got sent here to Independencia in the heart of the capital- still a ZL. I am here with elder price and i live with elder groll. I am soooo excited to be here. I love Elder Price to death and I know we will work hard and that he will help me out a lot and I hope to help him too. Its def an answer to my prayers. I cant really go into to much details about the last week but it was probably one of the hardest of my life but I will always be grateful to Heavenly Father for giving it to me because I feel like I grew more in the last week than in who knows how long. On sunday in church we sang count your many blessings and I felt the Spirit so strong. After a long emotional week I could just feel so strongly the love that my Savior has for me. I just bowed my head and started to cry as I sang the song. I learned that you have to stand up for the right even when you know people arent going to like you for it. I love this Gospel. I know Christ lives. I know that He loves every single one of us and just asks us to be obedient to the commandments so that He can bless us. I know that He has called modern day prophets to lead and guide us. I invite everyone to read the May Ensign,

especially those who are not members, so that you are can feel of our Saviors love through the words of the Prophets and Apostles. I love you all so much and feel so bless to be part of such an amazing familia.
I know that this letter doesnt make much sense but its hard to explain everything.
Everyone needs to serve a mission. Its hard but oh so worth it.
I love you all
Elder Wilson