Monday, June 13, 2011

Loving the Capitol

HEY FAMILY!!! HOW Are you all doing!!! I AM DOING WAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Goood here in the capital con with Elder Price!!!! :)
I absolutely love it here. So much to tell but I wrote down the talks that I really liked from conference. Followers of Christ and face the future with faith, and desires but Elder Oaks. Desires reminded me a lot of Dad and how he always talks about having a vision and working towards our visions/goals. And Alma 41 talking about being judged for our desires of our hearts. Its not just enough to do twhats right but we got to have our true desires wanting to do whats right. I also liked Elder Anderson´s talk aobut how misionary serive is a Priesthood duty and obligation with the Lord and that the Lord expects us to serve a mission and that we have been given so much that we should serve him. I really liked that and made me feel better knowing that I am completing that part. Elder Price and I talked about that a lot and what would we do if we read that talk not having gone on the mission. I hope all that are at the appropiate age do it.
When I get home I want mexican food like we talked about but I also want stake and baked potatoes fyi haha :)
Here in this area ever weds and friday we go to the institute. ITS SOO MUCH FUN being there and being aroun kids of my age. GOt me really excited to go to institute and be in that atmosphere. We are teaching this girl named Alberta there and she is amazing. We taught the lesson with a Senior missionary and it was the first completely silent reverent lesson that I have taught in the mission!! It was soo amazing!!! I loved it. And theres air conditioning there. And in our chapel the whole building has air conditioning and most of the people are members from along time and in functions like a normal ward. For the first time I just went to church and only had to participate in the clases but didnt have any responsibility and the ward is HUGe so when we sang it was loud and powerful and idk AAMMAAZZIINNGG!! I just walked around with a huge smile on my face all day at church on sunday. I love it sooo much here.
On the way to the insititute on Friday, we have to go in a little taxi like a 1975 toyota camery that fits 7 people in it, all four of us were in the bag and the guy was listening to Christian music and the song went Yo se que mi Cristo vive over and over again so we told the guy to repeat the song and we all just were singing at the top of our lungs with the guy it was sooo much fun.... Def one of those life long memories hahaha.
This week I ate soo much good food. MT DEw and FOUNTAIN DRINKS!! Yeah theres fountain soda here. We still havent gone to the super market but apparently there is EVERYTHING there.
Here in the capital there are more cars than motors... Thats weird for me... There are a ton of people that speak english and life is a lot more busy. This last week we were home for lunch only thursday and saturday. Running around all over town doing interviews for baptisms and intercambios!! I RODE THE SUBWAY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!! THAT WAS SOOO FUN TOOO!!!
I got my hair cut with scissors... oh and its like phoenix here... thats the only bad part. doesnt cool off at night!! but it rains alot too so that makes up for it!!!
Well I love you alll sooo much!!! Bummer that the internet isnt working at the office but we will talk next week!!! ;)
Love you all soo much!!
Congrats on the house mugs and dud!!! thats soo exciting!! THisngs are going to be different at home but so glad were all going to be close!!! love ya all soo much.


  1. The exact address is 58 ave Roberto Pasterizado if you're looking for a place to eat next monday.

  2. I think I forgot to hit send on my first comment. The address I posted is for a Mexican restaurant called Don Nacho. It's run by Mexicans and it's pretty good. I took my Mexican companion there on Cinco de Mayo when he was homesick. It's just North of the Temple off of Avenida Tiradentes.