Monday, June 6, 2011

Good old Elder Price again

Hey Family!! how are you doing??!! I am doing great. Another crazy week.
Lets just say I ate burger king today. Second time in 19 months eating fast food and it was amazing.
Thursday the office elders were going to come to the house so I decided to take advantage and write a letter to presidente re the situation in
Bani. As I was writing him I dont know how to explain it but it just kinda hit me the importance of being obediente and keeping the commandments. I was reading one of the talks from the liahona from the conference and it was about keeping the commandments and blessings are received. I started thinking of all the little things really wanteed to change. After dad giving me the story of the good wolf and bad wolf last monday it really made me think and i decided I really wanted to just feed the good wolf. That I need to leave the little weeknesses I have behind. I realised I only have 5 more months to become the servant of the Lord that He wants me to be. I have five months to form the type of man that my future wife is going to need. I realised that I had changed a bunch in the mission but there are still parts of me that I want and need to change. I wrote all my feelings and thoughts to president and sent him the letter. He said that he was going to change my comp the next day. I really wanted to help my comp so Sat in the morning I sat him down and talked to him and told him how I felt (I learned a valuable lesson about expressing myself rather than holding it in) So this morning we got a call and said that we both needed to pack because we were leaving. My comp got put in azua as a normal missionary and I got sent here to Independencia in the heart of the capital- still a ZL. I am here with elder price and i live with elder groll. I am soooo excited to be here. I love Elder Price to death and I know we will work hard and that he will help me out a lot and I hope to help him too. Its def an answer to my prayers. I cant really go into to much details about the last week but it was probably one of the hardest of my life but I will always be grateful to Heavenly Father for giving it to me because I feel like I grew more in the last week than in who knows how long. On sunday in church we sang count your many blessings and I felt the Spirit so strong. After a long emotional week I could just feel so strongly the love that my Savior has for me. I just bowed my head and started to cry as I sang the song. I learned that you have to stand up for the right even when you know people arent going to like you for it. I love this Gospel. I know Christ lives. I know that He loves every single one of us and just asks us to be obedient to the commandments so that He can bless us. I know that He has called modern day prophets to lead and guide us. I invite everyone to read the May Ensign,

especially those who are not members, so that you are can feel of our Saviors love through the words of the Prophets and Apostles. I love you all so much and feel so bless to be part of such an amazing familia.
I know that this letter doesnt make much sense but its hard to explain everything.
Everyone needs to serve a mission. Its hard but oh so worth it.
I love you all
Elder Wilson

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  1. Cool! I know I say this about every area that you get transferred to, but Independencia is awesome! I was in Quisqueya/Bella Vista for a transfer and I loved it! One transfer wasn't nearly enough to get to know the capital fully. The problem is that you always run out of money because there's tons of good places to eat, tons of fun things to do on P-day (that cost money, like racquetball courts at Centro Olimpico or Bowling at Plaza Bolera). This zona has the richest areas in the mission, but the wards are really strong and fun and you can make some lasting friendships with the members if you have time to build those relationships. We also found some great investigators in this one ghetto part of our area. Although while tracting in a very wealthy neighborhood ringing gate buzzers, a woman let us into her office to teach a short lesson. On her big executive desk was a photo of herself, Leonel (the Dominican President at the time) and Fidel Castro all shaking hands on a landing strip!! She was interested in hearing what we had to say, but not interested enough to invite us back.

    There's a bakery that we would go to I think on Avenida Betnacourt that you HAVE to try. We would go there often to eat Pan de Sobao (I'm not sure what that means, but it's super good melt in your mouth fresh bakery rolls) and they had these cream cheese filled things that were awesome. We dropped way too many pesos at that place.

    I remember having a hard time not "dying" at the last few months of my mission and thinking that I could just coast through and go home. But then I thought about how short my mission had felt and how much more I wanted to learn and grow, much how you describe in your letter. I'm not sure about you, but my biggest challenge was sleeping in which made my personal study and overall spirituality suffer. So my companion and I woke up an extra 30-45 minutes early every morning so that we would have time to go running and then we had specific study goals each week that we wanted to accomplish. These goals as well as others really helped me finish the mission strong. And the running helped me deplete my rice belly and attract girls for after the mission!

    Good luck and enjoy the capital finally! Stay strong, you've got people rooting for you from all over!!