Monday, June 27, 2011

Sour Cream and Sour Italian iced

Hey Family how are you all doing!?!?! I am doing great. ANother great week here in the capital. Very busy but very good!!!
Our week kinda started off kinda crazy. As we were contacting an apartment building this crazy italian guy answered the door and he started freaking out and tell us that he was athiest and that he didnt want to talk to us. We told him that we were called from God to preach His gospel and that we are just trying to help everyone become closer to God. He ended up telling us that he had a PhD in like 5 different things and that he knew everything and didnt need us to come to teach him and that we were wasting our time preaching and that we sohuld go to school and study more. He asked me that if he could prove that Christ was a fake if I would stop preaching the gospel. I told him first off, he could never prove that and second off it doesnt matter what he tells me the words of a man cant take away what I feel in my heart. He got really mad and told me a was ignorant and had a hard head. I told him thanks. then hes like I know everything about the mormons and said that it started in 1815. I told him actually its 1820... He says no 1815 and I showed him it was actaully 1820. he got really mad because he was proven wrong. Then he asked Elder Price where he was from and he said that he was from Argentina and the guy said, I KNEW IT!! AND DO YOU KNOW WHY??? CUZ I KNOW EVERYTHING!!! hahah little does he know that Elder Price is from washington. THen he asked us if we knew what book two random names were in the Bible and we didnt know and he was like wow what preachers you are. Then asked me for my "bible" that was in my hands so that he could show me where they are. I said no its mine not yours you cant touch it and then he said just let me see it I want to show you where the names are and I said well if you knew everything youd know that this is the Book of Mormon not the Biblia and I just started laughing and he got soooo mad.
Afterwards Elder Price and I sat down and we talked for awhile. It actually made us really sad to see a man with a lot of knowledge that doesnt think he needs God nor the Gospel. It was pretty sad experience. that man is lost and refuses help. We prayed for him that night.
On Thursday we had a conference with Pres. IT was good. It was a non good bye confence. He just shared a little with us and it was good. The new one comes tomorrow.
On Friday we had intercambios with Elder Knudsen and his comp. His comp is kinda crazy so I went with his comp. We had a good talk and I tihnk i really helped him. He ended up getting a special transfer yesterday and Elder Knudsen has a new comp. Seems pretty happy.
On Sat we had to go do an interview for a baptism. In the area there was a taco bell and we ate there!!! It was soo AMAZING!! HAD SOUR CREAM!!! IT WAS SOO GOOD!
WE had an activity for the Zone today we played ping pong and made embanadas. I really like our zone. Its lots of fun.
Not too much new. We had bunch of investigaters in church again on sunday. We have several baptism dates so that will be cool.
I sure do love you all. Do whats right and do it for the right reasons. Blessings come to those who do whats right. Not just do whats right but do it because they love the Lord.
Theres never a reason to not be happy!!! I love you alll so stinking much!!! :)
Until next week
Elder Wilson

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