Monday, July 4, 2011

People who really understand the message know what are the things that need to change.

Hey Family how are you all doing!!!???
I am doing mighty fine!!! Really wet. Its been raining a ton. Right now its been pouring rain for the last 90 minutes of soo!! Our street will probably be flooded when we get home.
This week was amazing but pretty insane!!! It started off well. We are teaching a lady that is from Azua. Her name is Leonela and shes gone to church a couple of times but a week ago sunday she couldnt go because she was going back to Azua to celebrate a birthday party. I can't lie, I honestly thought that maybe she was going to drink and stuff there but when we went and visited her last monday she said that normally when she goes home she goes out and goes to parties and stuff but this time she had passed all the time with her family sharing stories and talking with her parrents. She said tht when people started drinking she had no desire to drink and people started pressuring her so she left and went to the park and sat at the park talking with a friend. She said that by sharing with us and learnign about Christ she has no desire to do stuff like that anymore. She says she wants to change her life. She wants to become someone. We hadnt even talk the Word of Wisdom yet but people who really understand the message know what are the things that need to change. It was a big blessing to hear her say that.
The other couple we are teaching names are Aleini and Evans. They are a haitain couple and are about 25 or 30. I sent pictures of them. They are soo amazing. We were teaching them about the Apostacia and they ask what will happen to all the people that lived in that time and didnt get to know the gospel. We then went in to the Plan of Salvacion and how God is perfect and so is his plan and that everyone will have the chance to get to know the gospel. That was the biggest blessing in my life this week. To be reminded that this Gospel is perfect and pure and that all we have to do is follow it and we will be happy.
I talked to Elder Price about Dad{s council last week from Alma 5 and to testify with power. We have been putting it in practice. This week has been harder because we have moved into a richer neighborhood and we are contacting a lot and not putting too many citas. But I know that Heavenly Father will provide us with peopel to teach!!!
On Thursday we have a conference with the new Presidente. Presidente Rodriguez. Wow he is soooo amazing and so inspired. He talks with love and one can feel that he really cares for them. I love the guy. He shared his love with us a lot and told us how much he trusted in us. We all left feeling really well knowing that the President loves us and trusts in us. I really admired the way he treated his wife and respected and loved her. His kids are amazing too. It was amazing. I am very grateful for him. I feel blessed to be able to finish with a president so amazing.
Other than that not too much new. We ate out today. It was a little expensive but worth it!! We all felt weird being in a real restuarant but it was way worth it. We will have to eat there when we come back.
I love you all soo much. Coinsedences dont exist. God.s hand does. Trust in him and do whats right and everything will come out right. I love you all sooo much thnaks for your love and support.
Elder Wilson

Pics to follow. Tim

Wilson and Price

Elder Price teaching piano

Elders Wilson and Price

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