Monday, July 11, 2011

P(ee) Day news and information.... (TMI!)

Hey family how are you doing?!?!
I am doing great!!! REALLY WET and feel like a prisioner because we had to stay inside all day today for some riot they are doing to try and lower gas prices. But luckily where I live it is pretty chill and all.
So transfers were this week. There were basically no changes. Elder Negron got moved into my zone and is training. He is in Cristo Rey which is a very dangerous part of the capital so I dont know how he is going to survive there if he didnt like BANI! haha but we did an intercambio with them because its Elder Price´s last area so he showed them all around and stuff. It was fun seeing him again.
Sooooo on Weds we went to a members house so that I could use the bathroom. I had had to go for like 3 hours and I was dying! When i walked in there was someone already in the bathroom soooo I went for a little walk outside since it was already dark. First of all until then I dont think that I had ever seen a motion detector light in my whole time here!!!! Yah.... So they saw me as I was walking back in and asked what I was doing and they all knew exactly what had happened!!! But i played it off well but then one of the kids was like ok lets go shoot some hoops and I had to confess because I had taken my walk on the court. Luckily they are a cool family and just make fun of me for it. I dont tell them that mom used to always get mad at me for the same thing haha getting up and going outside when theres a perfectly good bathroom inside!!!
On Thursday we had a zone leader conference with presidente. He is sooo amazing and loves us sooo much. Its such a change but a change that is very appreciated. Everyone wants to work harder now knowing that he loves and trusts us. He gave a good presentation on faith and the importance of having a passion for what we did. It was an amazing message and the Spirit was very strong. Hes everything youd think off when youd think of a mission president. I really love that man.
I got a package from Vicki. Thanks a bunch aunt vicki :) I am def spoiled. I ate the skittles in one day..............
We are working hard and found a new investigator names miguelina she went to church and everything. I am sure she will get baptised. She is awesome.
I love you all so much. Sorry that theres not too much new this week!!! Even the Pday was uneventful. I love you all sooo much. Thanks for all you do and who you are. Remember that Heavenly Father loves us and knows who we are!!! Never give up hope nor faith. Faith can move mountains. Especially the everyday mountains we face everyday.
Love you all soo much

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