Monday, July 18, 2011

The Intercom

How you all doing??? I am doing very well. IT was a great week. Lots of contacting big building through intercoms but it was good over all. We had an amazing experience this week. We were contacting a building and this lady answered and said that we could come back and when we went back the next day we knocked on the door and a 25 yr old ish woman answers the door and says ¨hola¨and asks how she can help us. Being that we talked to her through the intercom we didnt know what she looked like and so we asked if she was Joanna and she was like yes, how do you know my name? and we said well we talked to you yesterday for the intercom and she was like no you didnt because i was not home yesterday. But she invited us to come in and we shared with her and wow it was a huge blessing in disguise.. We had contacted the whole week and hadnt had any success and then we taught her and she at the end said you know what? you two are answers to my prayers. I used to be close to God but Ive kinda stopped doing the right things but recently Ive been praying to God that He would help me to be able to put my life in order again and as I listened to you guys I really felt that you are an answer to my prayers. She just soaked in the whole lesson and loved it. Gave us all of her attention and could feel of the Spirit. It made me think wow its sooo easy.. If people will just listen to the message its impossible not to feel the Spirit. She was def an answer to my prayers too because we hadnt had much success. We have another cita with her tonight!! I am supèr excited to teach her. It felt so good to be able to help someone to realise what they need to do to come unto Christ.

LAst sunday elder price and I call Cristian and Francisca and talked to them. We committed them to go get an interview with the bishop to be able to enter in the temple.

So in one of the big apartment buildings we took advantage of that someoone was going inside so we snuck in the door and after we contacted everyone we went back down and the door was locked so we had to sit there for like 10 minutes until someone came and could let us out but dont worry I played it off pretty cool and told them we were just observing the scenery.

We are having a hard time getting hold of all of our old investigators- Evans and Aleini decided they would start plans to get married but after that havent gotten back into contact with them. I was really impressed with Evans because in one of the citas he said you know I really want to obey the commandments but I feel like I dont know them all so its impossible to keep them all. We took advantage and talked about the Law of Chasity and he ate it up and said that he really wants to get married because he doesnt want to live in sin. I was very impressed with that answer.

Well I am running out of time. Talking about plans to come back made me super excited!!! It will be lots of fun. I sure do miss you all lots and I hope you think of me Pops everytime you get a refill :) hahah

This Gospel is true. I invite everyone to let it form your life. SOmetimes we try to form our own lives with our little knowledge but by being obediente and worthy of God´s guidance o sea the Spirit, He will form our lives so that we can reach our full potencial. All we have to do is believe and have desires and turn our desires into ACCIONES!!!

I love you all soo much

Elder Wilson

PS. I didnt know the allstar game was in phoenix. Thats pretty cool. When I saw chase field I got a lil trunky!!!

PSS. Mom I want to play the violin when I get home do we still have it??

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