Monday, July 12, 2010

Ups and downs

hola familia!
this week was a great week. Def a hard week but a great week. We had a lot of last minute things that tried to impede on the wedding of Cristian y Francisca but we were able to over come them all and they got married and baptised on Sat. I baptized cristian and elder price baptized francisca. it was interesting with them being blind and all and but it was great and they absolutely loved it. they are flying high and really love being members and married. It was a very spiritual experience. I have some great pictures but i will be lucky if this internet lets me even send this email so i dont think i can send pictures this week.
our other family that we were teaching, clari, her husband is still married to another women through the law so it is basically impossible for her to progress. she is soo amazing and wants baptism so bad. it broke my heart when she told us that he was still married to his other wife. She is absolutely amazing.
this week we worked our butts off. Weds was prob my best day in the mission. Spanish was going great and the lessons were amazing and everything was just perfect. But like always, I was humbled on fri and sat and they were probably some of the hardest days I have ever had. but life goes on and today is a new day! I am definently learning a lot
To answer dads question we contact around the house. right now we are contacting in a barrio called barcequillo. it is a little poorer part of town adn has so many hills. i am dieing!
I really feel like elder price and I have the confidence of the Bishop here and we can see the difference that it is making in the work. He is a great man. He even gave us dinner one night so that makes him even graeter.
I still havent made anything with sour cream and have not found ranch dip. We are very close to the port but i cant feel the difference. its always humid. its nice tho because therer is always a breeze and a lot more electricity so that helps a lot!
well thats all for this week! For the package just a few ideas-deflated volleyball that we have in the house in the front closet. costco trail mix, toothbruth head and some more pens! ;) love you all so much
i missed you all a lot this week! love you all soo much
elder wilson!

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