Monday, June 28, 2010

Sour Cream and Everything!

Hey Family how are you all

I am doing great. I absolutely love it here! Elder Price is awesome and we are working like crazy! It has been raining like crazy this whole weeek so i am been soaked the whole week! The area is HUGE and sooo different than being out in the country. The ward is amazing! ITs weird not being in charge of church or anything! Went from 15 members to over 160! The house is nice to and i can sleep at night. i live with elder schoenhals, i dont know if you remember but he was my DL in Azua nad we had a bunch of intercambios together! The house has light a lot so ive been sleepign amazing at night! The other elder in the house is a Dominican from my group thats hilarious and knows english perfect so we have lots of fun. Prob not learning as much spanish but life goes on.
The people here are different! Def more like city people. I am used to everyone and there mom saying high but they dont do that as much here. Everyone has there on jobs theres no really set ocupation for the area. Just like the normal city life. I dont know if i will get to go to the temple soon. I know all the elders in the campo are going this transfer but im not sure about in the capital.
On transfer day i saw sister missionaries for the first time. It was weird. They wanted to talk to me and i was scared!
Haina is basically completely like a city. On thursday i went to La Sirena! ITs basically like walmart! They have everything and anything... even sour cream!!! I bought it. I had an accident there though, i let out a toot and it was a little more than a toot. luckily it didnt make it to the undergarments but i had to run to the bathroom. i figured since we always are open bout bodily functions in our family that it would be ok to say!
We are teaching a blind family. Trying to get their papers so they can get married. She was born blind but he was beat up and robbed 17 yrs ago. they poked his eyes so bad that he went blind and also has no use of his right hand because of it. They are soo amazing tho. They want more than anything to get baptized and then go to the temple. I had to help him find the bathroom at church and when he was done he said "did i shoot it right, i didnt shoot it on the floor did i?" i said you did perfect and then he was all proud of himself. i really like it cuz they like me a lot! They are awesome.
I heard taylor swift and it def made me miss her!
Well my comp only wants to use a little time so i dont have much time so I got to run. I took pictures of all your letters and I will read them at home and write you back next week! I read mom and dads but the sisters will write back next week!
love you all sooo much! Miss you lots
Tell the Rallisons back in the day Brayden and i would each catch over 70 on an evening and next morning camping trip! thats funny.. the most i have caught in one day was 40 back in the good days.
love elder wilson


  1. Is Haina still part of the San Cristobal zone? I really liked San C. when I was there (in Madre Vieja). That's neat that you guys are allowed to go into the capital since Haina is just a stone throw away. I'll have to get out my map of the city and tell you where all of my favorite places to shop and eat are, depending on where you're allowed to go. Near president's house and the temple is an amazing bakery. There are two stores that are really good for nice ties and material for pants; one is called La Sema and the other is La Canal (I think). Also there are really good chimi stands in San C if you're ever there on an intercambio overnight.

  2. My favorite ward was when I was in San C. It was the closest thing I got to a ward in the US. That whole stake is amazing. The transfer after I left the zone, Elder Oaks came for a special stake conference in San C. to call a new stake president. I hear that it was awesome. I'm sure you'll make tons of lasting friends in that ward in Haina.

  3. Okay...that last post deserves a full on belly laugh! Seth at the top of his game, hitting the town for good old sour cream, being scared of the sisters, and most importantly on the laugh meter was the "accident"....we've all been there (well at least that's what I've been told).