Monday, June 14, 2010

Return of the Baking Supplies

Hey all how you doing.

Another crazy week in Tamayo. To start with, we got a call late on tuesday night. It was the assistants in the capital. They told us that in the morning (weds morning) There would be another special transfer and that elder Potter was going to go back to the capital. And that I am in a trio with Elder Muse and Elder Goodmansen until the transfer comes. A trio is a little harder to work with but we will do our best. Only one more week left of it.
Weds when we were in Vincente Noble for district meeting, we were walking down the street and some lady on a motor called me over. She continued to tell me that she had my bag with shortening and baking soda and cake mixes in it! I was so happy. What were the chances. But long story short we went to her house and that night we had cookies! Still not as good as homemade but they will do.
We met some americans. THey are from the peace core. The were dancing and drinking and somehow its gotten back around that they were mormons and that we missionaries were drinking to so were trying to kill that rumor but we arent having much success with that.
The last four days , our neighbor, whose sister is a member, has had a witchcraft festival in his house. They go 24 hours straight for 4 days. Not stopping for one minute and they play the same beat over and over! I am going insane with that haha but I saw a video and they slit a goats throat and he was drinking the blood of the goat. It was pretty nasty. And they were going on during church to so church was fairly interesting.

- How do Sunday meetings work? Well mom yesterday was a perfect example of church. Here there are only 2 hrs of church. Sunday school and Sacrament meeting. I got to teach the sunday school class then played piano to start Sac Meeting, Piano for sacrament hymn, Blessed the Sacrament, played piano, gave a talk, and played the piano again. We pretty much run the show here.
We had a few more inactives come to church again. We are working with some people but this week is a week of festival so there are a ton of parties and we when start to teach the law of chastity and word of wisdom people seem to loose a little interest.

We are all cooking for ourselves now. I eat grilled cheese and ham a lot. Speaking of that if you can fit it in with the solution can you send some vitamins.

We will keep working here in Tamayo. We will find some people. I love you all lots. Hope all is going well and tell everyone hi for me.

elder wilson

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