Monday, June 21, 2010

Transfer to Haina.... What does a battery mine look like?

Ok kenny. Real tough guy. Ratting me out when I am not even in the country! If youre gunna rat me out you gotta fill me in on the story? Four feet of water? I must not remember this one. I dont remember getting stuck in four feet of water? Or were you talking about the big sand hill we high centered on? Or when we rolled the rhino? or when i did a 360 in the truck on in the middle of the highway in pinetop on accident when it was raining and I pulled it off perfectly and no one said anything til like 10 seconds later and were both were like wow that was cool! haha what else is there kenny and keato? apparently you all are ratting me out while I am gone so I might as well confess! the countless times we got pulled over. what else did we do? climbing over Karlies "wall" to her neighbor hood. Sobe bombs that were always KEATOS idea. hmmmm what else is there. Im sure theres more but since kenny is giving in and ratting me out I might as well confess total! :)

Now that we got that out of the way. Transfer calls came. I am going to Haina. Its a compo of the capital. According to the website below it is the third most dirty city in the world. ITs built on top of a battery mine! Haha But people who have gone there say its amazing and that the ward is awesome1 It has an actual ward. It will be my first time working with a ward so it will be interesting! MY comp will be Elder Price. I dont know much about him!

This week was good. Another week in the trio. Thats always a lot of fun. The pres made a ton of changes this transfer. Every missionary in my zone was taken out except for the zone leaders. Looks like he is trying to change things up a little.

I have over 200 mosquito bites on me. I have tried everything and they still eat me! The power has been horrible lately. Its now just a joke. I laugh inside everytime it goes off. One night it was sooo hot that I just sat against the wall iin my bed for two hrs until the light came back on. I am sure someday I will look back on it and think it was funny!

As for the missionary work we have several investigators but were going to have to leave them behind. They are putting new missionaries here. Only going to put 2 instead of four. I am excited for the change. We will see what it brings! There are chocolate chips in this area so that is good.

About the lady having my groceries in Vincente Noble, we bought it in Barahona but we hitched hike back home. Bout 60 min drive but the guy dropped us off in Vincente Noble and I must have left it on the ground while we were hitch hiking for our next ride back to tamayo. thts why it was in VN. But the lady was just on a motorcylce and called us over.

I am soo excited for Keato to leave! He is going to be such a good missionary. Just do whats right. Thats where the happiness comes. Its a harder course but so much more worth it.

I love you all lots

Hope all went well with stevo. Being late on the first family gathering. Idk man looks like youre going to have to send the favorite brother a package of sweets to make up for it.

Sorry its not too detailed but my book that i keep all my notes in is already packed away. Were sleeping in Barahona tonight and then tomorrow i catch a 615 bus to the capital!
love you lots
elder wilson


  1. Ha, ha! Sounds like you got in some trouble before your mission, huh? Be glad your parents are finding out now and not when you're home. By the time you get back they'll be so happy to see you they won't care anymore!

    Good luck with your transfer and new companion. You'll handle it all well, you always do. And, as always, we pray for you!

  2. Seth,

    Good call on confessing of all past deads while on your mission. Sounds like a good way to come clean and double dip on blessings. Now that you've come clean maybe you'll be blessed with power! Keep up the good work.

  3. Wait... Batteries are mined??