Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seth lives!



P-Day airsoft War w/ neighborhood kids. This one's for Kenny


HEYYY!!! I live! yesterday we had about 30 min of internet..enough time to read them all and then i wrote one letter to mare and then wrote the family letter when i realised the internet had gone. there was no way to save the letter I already wrote but its all good i can start from scratch. They couldnt fix the internet but when they did the light left. we had no light alll stinking day so there was no way to have internet. So thats why there were no letters and meagan i know maren is the favorite child but i have equal feelings for my sisters. It just so happens that hers was the first to respond too! ;)
So we had interviews with president today. They were really good. He told me some stuff that made me feel a lot better about why he got mad at us the other day. He is a really good man. I wish more missionaries would have confidence in him because if everyone did we´d be unstopable. He told us that if Tomayo doesnt start progressing that he is going to close it in six months. Talk about an awakener. We need to really step it up here.
THings are going great with elder potter. He is soooooooo stinking funny. He keeps me laughing all day long. He, Elder Muse and I have a lot of fun times together. We made some gangster friends yesterday so atleast we know someone gots our backs if anything goes down.
I am starting to really feel like I am making an influence. Of course I still have a long way to go in Spanish but for the most part I can fend for myself. Most nights I sit on the front porch and talk with all the kids from the street. They are teaching me a lot. I can carry on a conversation pretty well and I have gotten to the point where if I dont understand I can get around it and make it work. I really feel like I am forming relationships between the people and me and I like that a lot more. That was the one hard part for me before was that I felt like the language was a barrier between me and everyone else but I think I am starting to overcome that.
Haha I told maren in the letter I got off yesterday but all the kids, like 10 of them, surrounded me yesterday and were just staring at me while I was typing. and over them were completely astonished that I could type and not look haha I was the hit of the internet center.
It has been raining like crazy here. The streets just turn into rivers when it rains. I guess hurricane season starts today so that means that there will be more rain for the next little while.
The big story of the week is two dogs tried to fight me but no worries I won. I did a little studder step and crossed them up and they were toast. Like dad always used to say, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog. They sensed my manliness and were scared (what they didnt know is I was about the pee man pants) but elder Potter and the member we were with were impressed with my mad skills.
HOLY HECK I HAVE NEVER SEEN SO MANY MOSQUITOS IN MY LIFE. I am def using that net and repelant that suzy gave me. Wow thanks a bunch suzy. Its like all the sworms of flying ants that fly over the sewer river but theyre everywhen. LAst night during family home evening they were everywhere. I had to dance all night to keep em of me.
Yesterday, since pres didnt want us to leave, we had nothing to do all day so we sent some kids to buy airsoft guns for 50 pesos and we had a big war within the neighbor with all the kids. I dont know if my pictures are going to load but if they do youll see my outfit. I was legit.
I got the package from maren! THANKS SOO MUCH!! ( and meagan wants to know why maren only got a letter, maybe when she sends me so more brownies i will write her back too!!!) IT was soo fun to get letters from every one and here whats going on. THat was such a nice idea! thanks soo much everyone!
I cant think of too much new for now. I gained 3 pounds. Now at 204 so keatos gotta beat that. I am so excited for you man. Keep up the enthusiam and I know youll tear it up! only 29 more days! Oh and we got robbed today. I think. Someone left the door open while we went to Vincente noble for interviews and now some stuff is missing. Luckily none of mine!
Oh and about the retainer. Its not a mouthguard, its a night guard that dad made me. I have almost grinded through my retainer. Idk how I do it. And I am already to my last bottle of contact solution. THe clearcare stuff. Should last me another good while but just in the next time you send something I will need more! (PS. Dont put clearcare in your eye. Burns like a mother!)
But I love you all! THings here are really good. Def a challenge here. Seems like no one wants to learn about the gospel but I know that there is someone who is ready. We will find them. I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all you do for me. Know that God lives and loves us. Find him and reach out for Him. Sometimes the right way is harder but it is always more rewarding. Love you lots and goodbye til next monday!
Elder Wilson

ps haley... thanks for keeping me updated on the gossip! ;) Lots of new information that I didnt know and tell Allison hi and tell her she should write me ;)


  1. You sound happy! Those kids will always remember you for sure. Even if the area is closed, you will have made an impression. You never know what will come of that.

    So, we're in CA now. We're going to miss Tucson, but we'll definitely come back to hear you speak in church when you're back!

  2. You may want to put one of those airsoft guns in you pack, and then the dogs wouldn't stand a chance! On the other hand, it may not be real wise to have it with you when hanging out with your gang.

    Meagan, we'll still talk with you even if you don't send us brownies.