Monday, June 7, 2010

The King forgot the Crisco (And, apparently, the spell--checker.)


Tamayo LDS "Group" (Not big enough for a "Branch")Party


Hey yall

Another good week in tamayo. Before I forget, I awhile back you said Grandma wanted to send me an email and I am going to call her out on it because im still waiting on it!
And looks like dad is starting to follow Grandpas footsteps. Grandpa bought the tractor after the sons left and now dad is hiring people to rake up the leaves. Its ok Id do the same thing to dad.
TTThis week was good. We were robbed for sure but with some bribes evrything was returned. But the fact that someone can get into the house when ever they want isnt to conforting.
On Thursday we had an intercambio with the Assistents. It was good . I went with Elder Araya. He served here for 6 months so he knows everone so he took me aroudn to meet a lot of inactibes. We got about 10 of them to go to church on Sunday. He is a great elder. He goes home in 2 weeks.
Elder Barrett called me to say goodbye this week. It was nice to talk to him. He said that he was sending me some stuff and he sounded really happy.
I felt like a king on Friday and Saturday because i spent ALOT of time on my throne in the bathroom. I was soo sick on friday. I had diarrhea 20 TIMES on friday and about ten on sat. It was not fun, I think I lost atleast 5 pounds from that. ON top of that we havent had much light lately and that makes sleeping hard. And there is a war between the mosquitos and us. Were definently losing. Goody (Elder Goodmensons new name) Had an idea that if he smoke them out theyd all leave. The only problem with that is that we smoked ourselves out too! wow it was horrible.
Today we went to barahona. We got permission from pres. It was nice to get out and have a little change. We bought lunch and ice cream. then went to a big supermarket there and lone and behold i found baking soda and crisco. danggg itttt.... right now as i am writing this i realized i left it in the back of the truck that we rode in. Perfect day ruined!!! HAHA man i am mad at myself right now. Atleast we know i got moms genes :)
Well it is getting late and we need to leave and I am stinking hot sitting in this sauhna. But love you all lots and know that I love you!
eLDER Wilson
p.s. I bought a foto album today. THey only had a high school musical one. Reminded me of Kord and Kenny

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