Monday, August 2, 2010

Stays in Haina.....New Comp Elder Cuadra

Hey Yall How you doing

I am doing great. Another week flown by. Transfer calls came last night. We were pretty sure that Elder Schoehnals and Elder Price were going to leave because they had 3 transfers here. We were right they both are leaving. I am getting a new comp. His name is Elder Cuadra. He grew up in the states but they say his family is from Mexico so he already knows spanish. They will be fun and should help out my spanish a lot. I am excited!

Were teaching a lady named Leidi and she had a friend over for a lesson. He asked where I was from and I said Arizona. You have to understand that everyday everyone is saying AMERICANO so sometimes we change things up and says we are from different places so long story short i had told her that i was from canada but i forgot and so we i said arizona bueno... she called me out on my lie. Luckily she has a pretty good sense of humor but it was really funny!

We had lunch yester with a great family. My favorite one here. They really dont have much but they gave all that they had for us to be able to eat there. It was kinda hard because there kids didnt have much to eat and i know that they didnt have much food but they wanted to show their love for us and refused to let us say no. Thats something that i really love about here. What ever people have, they give the best. They not only give but give the best of what they have.

Kilsi, a little girl got baptized on sat. She is pretty sick . Have intestinal problems. We werent going to baptize her because she was sooo young but we really felt it was the right thing to do so we did it. It was a great service.

That is about the extend of my week this week.nothing too extremely knew. I really have started to love the mission this last month or so between knowing more spanish and workin hard. I realize more and more each day how much i am learning from and how important these experiences are. I tihnk something really special about the mission is that we are given to oppurtunity to learn the love that comes from selfless service. Learning to love everyone on the mission will make it so much more easier to love the family. Idk its hard to explain but its soo awesome. I love you all so much more each day that goes by but tambien I am learning to rely on the Lord. Sometimes times are difficult and we are forced to completely rely on him. I am grateful for the knowledge I have of him as my Father in Heaven. He is always there for us. I love the Book of Mormon and the light that it gives to our lives. There is no other way to come closer to our Savior than the Book of Mormon. Its a great blessing. I love you all sooo much. I put you in my prayers everynight and can feel of your love and prayers. Until next week!
Elder Wilson


  1. I was totally going to jump on the gay comment, but after reading your testimony at the end I just have to say good for you! You're growing so much, and we are all proud of you! Keep up the hard working roll you're on with your new companion.

    By the way, Jordan played volleyball with a gay kid who also thinks you're beautiful. You better keep up your guard.

  2. Alisa,
    I gotta say I was thinking the same about all the easy pickings in this one and I just couldn't name this entry, "Beautiful Canadian."

  3. Sometimes our solution to the poor family giving us everything they had to eat was that we would buy them like 50 pesos worth of platanos or a big bag of rice or beans or we'd buy the meat for the meal and bring it ahead of time. That way they get to cook and be hospitable and we didn't feel like we were putting them out as much.