Monday, August 23, 2010

Still in Haina when the dust settled

ok so we got some reviewing to do. From the week before. we had interviews with pres and the went very well. it was really nice to talk to him. the next day we had an intercambio with the zone leaders. again i went with elder canela. he went with both me and elder cuadra. so we worked in threesome. that night they stay with us and there werent enough beds so elder canela and i shared one. i am not sure why the biggest kid was the one to share but i didnt sleep to well that night. he helped us put a baptismal date with Leidi but I still dont think she is ready. she told us the next day she still wants more time. and that was about all that happened that week. we did get yelled at from this one guy claiming that he knew we were from the CIA haha.

Then for this week. we got a call while using internet and were told to go to our house and pack our bags. it ended up that i didnt have to leave but Elder Cuadra and one of the other guys left. so now i am companions with elder ferreras. Going on 11 comps in less than 10 months! Atleast i am getting to kno a lot of people! its been a little rough trying to push the two different areas into one. We are walking a ton because they are working on one side of town and us on the other.

We cannot leave our area for anything except conferences so that puts a limit on our pday activities and means a lot less food becasue theres not even a small supermarket in our area. we are going to have to see what we are going to do.

Like I told you all I wrote the Pres but he didnt write or call back yet. They say that there are a lot of special transfers going on here right now. Something must be going on but for now me and Elder Ferrerras are going to be the only ones here and theres only going to be two missionaries in the other ward in haina also. Its def different living in a two man house again. A lot more quiet.

This week was difficult but i was able to learn a lot. If was a bad spanish week haha I think it was just that I was distracted by other things but thats life sometime. I am doing great and will continue to do great. I love you all sooo much! thanks for all you do!

ps... hi to kennys aunt in Michigan. He told me that you read my blog and to tell you high! :) love you all so much

elder wilson

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