Monday, August 30, 2010

A week for reflection and perspective.

Hey yall how you all doing

Its been a good week. Got to love the Dominican electricity. Runnning all over town to use internet until the light goes away and having to another one but its all good. This week was better. We had a Zone Conference with Elder ViƱas and that was really good. He talked about having a perspective and that we need to live the mission the way that we are going to want to tell our children we lived it and that theres nothing worse that when your son asks you what kind of a missionary you were and you have a guilty conscious. He made me remind myself that they little things matter. The little things are important. The little choices we make form who we are. Although we dont realize it but little by little the little things matter.
Its the end of the month so were pretty poor and have been starving. everyone at church yesterday kept saying how much skinnier we are haha. I believe it. I have never live on just bread for a week but I refused to not make the budget and i suceeded. (I am just glad I had an empty note book because toilet paper ran out too)
(I think I have a parasite so) maybe thats why im loosing weight too!(This sentence was edited for content by Tim.)
I got a bunch of cards this week which was nice cuz it had been a little while since i had gotten many. Got one from Jessie with some pictures of the family thanks for those! And from Brin and the sister missionary in argentina, and from the Kartchner´s FHE activity! THanks a bunch they made my day!
On Sunday, yesterday, we ate at the Jambati´s house again. They are the Haitian family with not much money. He made what little he did as a motorcylce taxi but in the last week he got robbed at gunpoint and the robbed his bike. They got 5 kids and no job now but still insisted on feed us and all the Young single adults. I really enjoyed it. I felt like part of them and that i was part of the convo. It felt really good. I love the ward here in Haina. i dont really wanna go. Its my new home for now. We also past by their house a different night to see how he was doing. His attitude is so amazing and so hopefully. MAde me feel bad for feeling bad for myslelf when his situation is a lot worse. He says sometimes he wants to ask why me but then reminds himself that every other time he asked why me, the Lord gave him those trials to bless him. He said that he was inactive for a while and was working away from home and he got laid off and (a long time ago happened this) he asked why me but went home and when he got home there was a pair of senior missionaries waiting for him at his door step and they helped him to be active again so he told us to never ask why me and just trust in the lord. it was a great message. he is amazing. The pictures of cutting hair are of him and his kids.
I love you all lots and im grateful for your love and support! Little things bring to pass marvelous work and wonders
Elder Wilson


  1. Hi, Seth! I love that we get to read your emails on Monday, because they make a great addition to FHE!

    The kids and I just visited your parents. They are awesome, and sooo proud of you. They told me how diligent and obedient you are even when it's hard. Which I already know, but I humored them and listened anyway... It's fun to hear how great your doing. We sure love and miss you and your family.

    Take care and keep it up!

  2. hi seth this is jaxon. my fav part was that the little things matter... cuz im the youngest and the smallest. TEE HEE


  3. What are you doing looking for investigators in the garbage dump, or is this where you do your grocery shopping