Monday, September 13, 2010

VWs but not beetles

Hey yall hov are you doing. im doing really vell it vas definently a better veek. if you cant tell the w doesnt work very well so i have to copy and paste everytime so vere going to use the v as a w hope its not to complicated.

This veek vent by very vell. It vas a little slov because my comp is def very dead in the area but he is leaving. he is going to go be comps vith elder money from my group from arizona. Transfer calls came last night. I am going to be training. I am excited but nervous. I am not exactly sure what his name is because no one could pronounce it right but well find out tomorro. I get to go pick him up tomorrow in the capital and well have a trainers meeting with the pres. I am really excited but very nervous. Dont kno if i kno enough spanish to be the one that does everything but we will go forward with faith. If nothing else we will work hard and do what we can.

we found several more investigators this week that i am excited to work with. Leidy is still progressing. shes going to take awhile but will get baptized one of these days.

NEed to ask me questions so that i can write more!

I am very excited for maren and jacob. I am glad to hear from you all thanks for all your love and support!


elder wilson

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  1. If you didn't know enough Spanish to do all the talking before now, you'll certainly know it after the transfer! You'll have mounds of growth with your new missionary.

    Remember the things you really appreciated about your trainer and the things you didn't like and try to incorporate those in the way you train. You probably know that open communication in the companionship is key, that's especially true with a new missionary. Also you should have him drink a Malta Morena his first night just to see the look on his face.