Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandpa's Barn

Hey family!! How are you all?

another good week here in Haina. Time is flying by. This week went well. We taught lots of lessons and got wet lots. Its been raining the last little while!!! But its all good. They say my wife will be hotter the more i get wet so ill keep doing it. We started teaching a guy who had a bad accident and gfot left with one leg. I dont think that he is too interested in the church but were helping him to realize that he has a purpose and God let him live because he has a purpose to complete. I can already see the change in his attitute.

We have a couple fechas for the 16. for the minimum two will get baptised that day. We are searching for others. Where were working right now there are a lot of Evangelicos that dont want to listen to us so it will be hard but we will keep going.

On my bday we help this old lady move. It reminded me of cleaning out Grandpas barn. Lots of rats and cockroaches. I ruined one of my shirts but its all good. My shirts next to Elder Kleiners look yellow but la hermana jambati washed out clothes for us on sat and made them a lot cleaner. We also destroyed the neighborhood kids in a bball game on sat. Its fun finally having someone that plays. no one can beat us. its pretty fun.

Things are going good hear. Were working hard and loving life. I am excited for conference this weekened and am glad ill be able to understand it this time. Elder Kleiner isnt looking forward to it as much!! haha

We went to the CCM today because all the new missionaries had to get tested for TB again. IT was weird going back. Weird being inthe capital but we ate a really good lunch!!! I saw one of my old teachers and was able to talk to her so that was fun. We have to go back weds so the DR can check it again.

Still no packages but DK the assistants are passing by the ZLs house tomorrow so maybe i will get them next monday! Thanks for all your love and support.
love you all lots
elder wilson

Elder Kleiner

Oatmeal that Kleiner wouldn't eat so I put a juice packet in it.

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  1. Ha ha! Dominicanisms and missionary Spanglish! Dizque is Spanish for supposedly. Dominicans often drop their 's' sounds in speech, pronouncing it di'que. And of course, Dominican missionaries frequently use it as DK.