Monday, September 20, 2010

Introducing.....Elder Kleiner

Seth and Elder Kleiner are in the front row. Elder Kleiner is to Seth's left. This image is from The Johnsons' blog

Hey yall how you doing?!

I am doing great loving the training life! My kid's name is Elder Kleiner. He is great. From Mesa and we are going great. He and his family are members and hes a sweet kid. Very nice and loving and patient and will be a great missionary. Its weird to think that only eight months ago i was in the exact same situation and that helps me to realise how much ive learned. I hope that i am the trainer that his parents are praying that i am. I hope i can give him and his parents that gift. I am going to do everything i can to do it. The first day he asked if we had to stay next to each other when we were in the house too. I thought it was pretty funny but just smiled and said no and that he could go upstairs without me if he needs something. Worked our butts off this week and plan to continue doing so. Its so amazing to finally be able to work hard and to be able to know that we have given it all.

Tues I went to the capital to pick him up. I saw Elder Horton. He is from Cienega HS. We played volleyball against each other and hes buddies with kimo. I am not sure if hes related to the Hortons we know but maybe. He is in the other Haina so we will see each other a lot. Today we did a pday activity (and finally have someone who wants to go to the activities!!!) and it was a blast. I got a lot of good friends in our zone and there's 4 of us from tucson and phoenix. They are all younger than me so it will be fun to go to their homecomings after the mission.

I got a package from the Kartchners and a letter from haley! record time arriving for the one from haley!!! Thanks for both. Very nice of you to send it! I love you all lots. Josh and Aubrey look so old! Kinda wierd. Its only been 11 months but wow look so old now!!! THe towels of U of A were great because Elder Kleiner likes ASU so i can wave the towels at him!! hows u of a doing?!

I took some money out to be able to spoil my kid! Give him the gift that i so badly wanted as a newby. FYI.

2. How your first week was as a trainer! How did you do with the spanish? Are you able to converse with each other better?
First week was amazing. Being the one that needs to understand it really helped me to realize how much i already knew but also helped me to see the Lord helping me to fulfill my calling. Spanish was great this week. I feel very blessed.
3. How was it being able to "control your own destiny" so to speak! It was great. We worked our butts off. The numbers dont show it because the members that were going to leave with us didnt show but we taught a lot without members and worked hard every second.

4. What do you have planned for P-Day? Again curious if it will change now that you have a choice! Yes we met up with our zone in San Cristobal. Played bball and volleyball! It was lots of fun,

5. Have you still not been able to get groceries? ya we got some at the little market in the other area in haina. but mostly buy out of trucks selling guineos and platanos. i love guineos con juevos which is great cuz i can make it back in the states too.
6. Any plans for your b-day? I guess you'll probably have to celebrate today! One of our investigators is going to make a small dinner for us. She wants us to come by but no one else really knows its my bday!! PS. I bought myself a bday present. 42 campo ties. when ties are your personality you gotta keep changing it up ;) now up to 93 ties. my goal is 200 before i go home hahaaha.

7. How are your investigators progressing? Did you gain any new ones this week? Found two potencial priesfhood holders that are in there 50s and 60s and they went to church yesterday. i really hope they will progress. theres a kid that has 14 years that is going to get baptised on the 16 and hes been going to church for 6 months now.

8. Do they have you doing anything specific in the ward right now? Everytime I go to ward council and see the elders I think of you giving the same reports as to your progress for the week (Are you that organized? Ha!
yes we give reports in our ward. we are going to start working alot more with the ward now that i have someone whos willing to work. we were given three families that are unactive to work with. We will see how tht goes.

meagans questions have now been answered.

tells us about....
your training with the pres to be a trainer.........we dont have training. Dont tell us what to do so its kinda just a learn as you goo!!
any food you've been trying to cook... i cook eggs and green bananas boiled, and platanos- thats about it.
how clean your desk is or isn't,... overated... gave that up awhile ago.
the status of your worm.... seems to have left through the bottom side---
(Edited by Tim) lots of ingrown hairs on my legs though from the sweat.
the status of your hair length... got it cut last week.. with the number 5 trimmer. i cnt find anyone that cuts normal.

Kay, so you asked for questions. Here they are:
1. What'd you eat for breakfast this morning? guineo verde sancochado con juevos... my favorite!! ill cook it so much at home
2. Can you pronounce your comp's name yet? yes
5. Can you believe you're 20?!?! That's OLD! Not as old as 23... but close. 20= gross... next going to be teen ager again
6. Are you going to do something fun to celebrate your birthday? leidy is going to make yuka with juevos for me
7. Do you still drink Coke all the time? now i get the cheap oranage kind.
8. Have you discovered anything new about the DR that you love? If so, what? Don't just write yes or no. Lame. yes..... luckily u wrote i cant just write yes.. i like that everyone drinks all sunday long because the ones that areent drinking are the ones that are ready to teach. makes our job easier.
9. Are you hanging out with any kids again? yes. jambati family. I miss your stories about the cool kids you chill with! they are out of control. i told them id give them a 100 pesos if they could swallow a spoonful of canela (cinnamon) which is impossible. none of them could do it.
10. How relieved are you to not have to put up with wedding stuff? veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i always give thanks for that in my nightly prayers! :) hehehe
11. What's the branch president like? ward...obispo... very strick and runs a tight ship so its really good. Do you still have a good relationship with him? yes and now its even better since he kinda has to talk to my obligado.
12. What's your comp like? hes like 6 feet tall. brown hair. size 12 shoes. like totally rad man. Is he gringo or Latin? gringaso como soy yo.

Ok so i think i basically answered everything. I love you lots and know that im thinking about you always!! Love you soooo much and thnaks for your love and support. I am doing so much better and am so grateful for this oppurtunity that ive been given. I am a lot happy and ffeel alot better about life being able to work again! Thanks for your love and prayers--

elder wilson

oh i almost forgot. I guess ive already got used to the food. theres lots of things that elder kleiner doesn't like that i think are amazing. leidy make a brownie and i loved it and he said it was all he could do to get it down. said it was dry! i liked it! hahah and another person made us another bread and i loved it and he couldnt get it down. he keeps telling me just wait to you go home and try a moist brownie and youll realize what your missing out on.
love you lots. love this gospel. love the chance i have to serve God. I love my comp. Everything is wonderful. i feel very blessed!


  1. You are awesome! Tell Elder Kleiner I said so, and that he better listen to you because you'll be the best teacher he has.

    It's so good to hear about you working hard and loving your mission. You seem happy!

    So, what is guineo verde sancochado con juevos? Some of us don't speak Spanish. I can pick out green and beans. I'm thinking your not that excited about green beans.

    Oh, ya... 20 < gross.

  2. Ok eggs. Right? Some of us speak less Spanish than we thought.