Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey family how are you all! I am doing well. Well I got my new comp, Elder Cuadra. He is from Miami but he parents are both latinos. His dad is from Cuba. Elder Baré also came. He is really tight. He is dieing this transfer. He is from Santiago.

This week was a good week. Monday night was crazy doing goodbye and stuff like that with elder schoenhals and elder Price. I sure do miss them both. We got fed a ton. inlcuding mondongo twice (pig intestines and colon) It is actually not tooo bad.

On thursday we had our zone meeting. I am the only gringo in my zone! And i am also the only one that grew up in the church. the rest of them are converts. It was kinda cool. they all told their conversion stories during the meeting and when it came to me i was just like ummm ya my ancestors were converts and came across the plains hahaha

I got letters this week from Bro Brown, Karlie, Maren, and Dearie. Thanks everyone for those. as always i love getting letters. I hadnt heard about the Unga thingy until dearies letter. I also got the package and I have been supporting my tie die shirt everyday! I love it hahah we wil have to mak e some more when i come home!

We oficial contacted another out house with a person bathing theirselves in side. that alwaya makes for an awkward moment.

I got to talk in church. it was pretty good i think. I didnt use any notes or anything. It was pretty cool. One of our investigators went and after wards her little boy told me that he wanted to be baptized and i asked why and he said so that he could eat bread and water when he was hungry. hha it made me laugh pretty good!

Well that is my week in a nut shell. It is pretty darn hot here. I am getting a lot of zits!!! But such is life. I love you all lots! THanks for all you do for me. I have the best family ever!

Elder Wilson

note from Tim... Seth sounds like he misses the hard--working Elder Price.

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