Monday, February 28, 2011

Still training two Greenies.

Hola Familia how are you all doing?! I am doing great!! Cant complain. It was a pretty crazy week walking around with the two kids but it was a lot of fun. They have a lot of faith and we saw the fruits of it.
On Tuesday we were walking around doing our work and we passed by a members house just to say hi and see how things were going. Apparently her daughter in law went to the capital, also miembro, and was really sick and went blind. She was comoing back from the capital but didnt know when she was coming to arrive. I offered our phone so that she could call her daughter in law to see where she was at. She called her and she was pretty close. The husband was working and couldnt pick her up so we offered to go walk to the bus stop and wait for her. Long story short the husband ended up showing up but we met the most amazing guy ever. His name is emmerson and he has three little kids. Hes not married to his wife and she is not a declared citizen so were going to have to work with that too. But emmerson is so amazing and he was the one that approached us. He says he felt an urge to talk to us. That something inside him told him that he needed to talk to us. He lives forever awway but its totally worth the walk.. He will be a great member when he joins. He read one chapter in the book of mormon and says that althought he couldnt read much, with what little he could read he felt of the truthfulness. He wants to get baptised. Its so amazing. We trusted in God and decided to serve one of the members and althought the service wasnt given, we qualified ourselves to be guidded by Heavenly Father.
Ive never felt more guided and more blessed in my life than what I did this week. We met person after person who accepts our message. Dk its the hardest part of the area but we havent seen it like that. Its been so fun. Loving the work. I know that what ever happens is what He wants to happen. ITs all in his hands right now. I feel so unworthy so His guidance sometimes but always grateful for Him and that he trusts me even with my imperfections. He only asks that I try to do better everyday.
Yesterday I received a call from Presidente Almonte. I was wondering what in the world could he be calling me. When I answered he said ""Elder Wilson I am here with so in so"" I didnt reconize the name but then he said that so in so was preparing to go on a mission and he was doing the final interview to send him off. Right away I knew it was Vladimire from Sabana Yegua. I didnt reconize his name because I know him by his nick name but he passed him the phone and I talked to him for a little bit. I made me feel really good seeing fruits of the labors. Presidente congradulated me and it was pretty cool. I felt pretty good.
It was a great week. I love my job and I love this work. I love my companion. He is amazing. We only got 3 hours of sleep last night talking about life and the blessings of the mission. He was struggling a little bit and decided to wake me up to talk. I felt really good that he felt comfortable enough to wake me up and ask to talk. He is so amazing. He says that he looks up to me and thanks Heavenly Father for giving him a good trainer but if he only knew how much i look up to him and admire his faith. I too thanks Heavenly Father every night for giving me the chance to work with him.
I love you all so much. I am grateful for your love and support. The work is hard but oh so rewarding. Every young man needs to experience something like this. Its priceless. Its an obligation of the Priesthood but in realidad its a blessing of the Priesthood. I love you all sooo much!! Take care!

Elder Wilson

PS..happy bday KEATO!!
PSS... two shirts went down the drain this week so I might actually end up needing more!!!

ZL speaking about Seth's apartment:
In the zone of San Juan, we started with 18 missionaries and 3 districts. However, an entire house got tested positive for parasites and 2 missionaries were transferred to the capital for treatment. One of those missionaries returned to the house in the other week and the other elder returned to Chile. So for some time we have had a trio of Elders here in the zone. So, this upcoming transfer should start the same, 18 missionaries and 3 districts. We`ll see how it goes.

Elders Haroldsen, Wilson, Dolan

Sliding on bottles

Elder Dolan

Taylor Swift meets the DR

For the holiday

Elders Gomez, Fondeur, Sanchez,Espinal, Dolan, Yo, Bird, Tyler

Elder Espinal, my Zone Leader

Elder Dolan

Elder Haroldsen

Elders Dolan and Haroldsen

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