Monday, February 21, 2011

Return of Elder Dolan and the Dr Down Under

HEy family how are you doing?!?!? Everything is good here!!! Another stinking crazy week!!!
So on Thursday we had interviews with presidente. On the way there Dr. Kilgore called me and asked my what I had and he said to see a uralogist. I got in a little bit of trouble for not calling Hermana Almonte about the issue down low but I smooth talked my way out of it. I didnt get senior class teachers pet for nothing. I know how to work them over :) I told her I was to embarrassed to tell her about it so I wanted to wait to tell her in person. But she said that they had a specialist in the capital and that they were going to send me to see him but that I needed to talk to pres about it. So the interview came along and I told him about it and he said that I should go to the capi on sunday and then on monday morning i could go to the specialist and that......................................................................................I could take Elder Dolan back with me to San Juan!! I WAS SOOO EXCITED!!! So basically that is the highlight of the week. I went to the capi to get checked and to bring back Dolan. Elder Haroldsen got all packed up and went with me. He was going to stay in the capi but this morning they decided to send him back with us to. So now I am training to greenies at one time!! Pretty intense but I am excited!
In the interview pres said that he wanted to keep in touch after the mission to do a reunion is arizona with everyone and asked if id be incharge of it. I said sure.\
Right now we had 6 people with baptismal fechas. One of them is a family. Husband and wife. Hes 70 and shes 43 but they are amazing!! the problem is that she isnt a declared citizen so were going to have to work for that to get her declared.. We will do what we can.
Today with the dr he made me cough and everything. He says to just get a sonogram and make sure that there is nothing just to make sure!!
This letter is all over the place but thats ok.
On Friday I did an intercambio with the other people in my district and it went well. One random lady went off and how she had a dream and it was pretty crazy and wacked her dream. She ended up saying that she saw Elder Moya (one of the missionaries in that area) playing with an lion. I asked her if the lady ate him. I thought it was funny and so did the other missionary but she didnt think it was funny hahah but it was hilarious. She was kinda crazy anyway but I kinda passed myself on that one but we laughed for a goodwhile afterwards.
Thats about all for this week. Here with EldeR Dolan and EldeR Haroldsen. Training them both. IT will be an adventure but lots of fun. Elder Dolan was soooooooo excited when we went to pick him up. He hasnt stopped saying how excited he is all day. I love that kid its going to be lots of fun!!! I love San Juan I love the mission and I love all of you!!! Keep it safe and real unmtil next week!!!
love you
elder wilson

San Juan kids

Elder Haroldsen

Hey, mom.....How do you like the pants?

Moving Again

Fishing San Juan style

San Juan Zone

If you know Seth, you've seen this face.

Making cake for FHE

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