Monday, March 7, 2011

Baptized Taylor Swift

Hola Familia!!!! how are you all doing??? I am doing great!! Another amazing week!!! We had a baptism on Saturday. That was good. It was a 17 year old girl thats been going to church for more than 6 months now so they finally said that it was probably time to get her baptised. We didnt have to do much because she already knew everyhting. So Elder Dolan got to do his frist baptism. He was super nervous but did great. I was a proud daddy. Apparently we forgot to tell her that she would need to bring extra undergarments so we had to go to back to the house and we got some shorts of Elder Dolan and then the only female shirt we had was the taylor swift shirt so elder dolan and I like to claim that we baptised taylor swift!! haha it was pretty tight.
I felt really loved this week. I got like 15 letters. Some from Elder Brown, we played the animated Jose Smith video and it was the most reverent baptism I have ever had here. Now I know the secret... play cartoons... thats how you can get people to be reverent. others from bro mccook, haley, kalob, HANNAH!!! haha, sister baker, one from sis rosemore from the beggining of october... 5 months later haha, pictures from meagan, jessie, susas... Thanks everyone for that. I also got a package from mom with the u of a shower curtain.. it is hanging up in my room next to me bed :)
The funny story of the week was in a lesson elder dolan was testifying and I started to testify when he finished and there was a little dog sitting there scratching himself and when i looked down..... lets just say to payson we would have said "put it away" but all three of us, elder dolan, the kid that was with us, and I we all noticed at the same time and we just started blurting out laughing. It was disgusting. Then the people realised what we were laughing at we idk it was hilarious.
Lesson of the week was in Mosiah 20... The daughters of the lamanitas were captured and The lamonites reacted with out knowing the whole story and supposed it was the pueblo of limhi and went to fight against the pueblo of limhi. a lot of people died innocently. When Limhi asked the king of the lamanitas why they came to battle against him he said it was because he had captured their daughters. Limhi then told them that it wasnt them. that it was the high priests of Noah. All that could have been avoided if before acting with anger, they could have talked and figured out both sides. Sometimes we react thinking that we know why someone did something but in reality it wasnt even them or they had a different reasonings behind why they did it than what we thought. Idk if that makes sense or not but it hit me really hard.
But that is my week in a nutshell. now for moms questions.

Now for the questions for you:

- Did you get the sonogram done!? What did you find out? negativo..
- Did you get your poop retested? negativo number 2
- How did your investigators progress this week. I loved hearing how you were specifically led to people last week. That is so cool
solando and rosa... we still need to get her declared as a citizen so they can get married and then baptised... they are so amazing. they went to the baptism on sat
- Any neat stories for the week? I thought the payson putting it away story was pretty neat :)
- What did they end up doing to "fix" your apartment? they fixed the outlets and painted it and put in new toilets and thats about it. Is it better I hope? its better but the shower still leaks but now they say that its the lady upstairs responsibility.
- Cooking anything good these days? tuna pasta every morning!!! i am in love
- As far as shirts... you liked the ones we got in Mesa right? brand enro... 16 1/2 short sleeve yes ..

love you all so much thanks for your love and support...
elder wilson

ps what is u of a ranked.

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