Monday, March 14, 2011

(G)love is blind...

Hey family how are you all doing?!?! I am doing well! Another good week. We finally got Maricela baptised and it was amazing! It was such a good baptism. She got up after she got baptised and gave an amazingly simple but profound testimony. As she was giving it I am not going to lie i was very proud. Kinda extra proof of how ready she really was.
One question, I was talking to Elder Dolan the other night and we started going into our family story and all and it made me wonder if Papa's ever said anything about my letter? Have you guys heard anything from him? Id really like to hear from him if he has time. Even an short email.
Tell Bro Brown that it was the animated Jose Smith video that we used. It was awesome. I had never seen it before.
Solando and Rosa are doing great. He is working like crazy to get her declared as a citizen so that they can get marriend and then baptised. We have been helping them out money wise because they are very poor but I dont have a problem because hes willing to do the dirty work. As a 70 yr man hes running all over town to get it all done. We hoping to get them married this week or early next week to get baptised in the coming week.
On Thursday I went and got my sonogram done. Luckily this time the guy used gloves. It was still defininetly awkward. The results came out saying I have a sist that is .7 cm x .6 cm so I called Hermana Almonte to tell her and then she talked to Presidente and they told me to go to the capi on sunday afternoon so I could get checked this morning. Again I went to the same guy and ofcourse he didnt not use any gloves to check. He says he doesnt see any problem with it and doesnt think that its anything dangerous so didnt really tell me anything to do so it must be fine.
Last night I got to go work out with the Aps. I went with Elder Falor. Hes a great Elder and an awesome kid. Hes so funny. IT was weird working my first day ever in the capital. Theres so many people and so much happening. Driving around made me feel back in the states!! It was kinda weird. There were actually more cars then motorcylces!!!
So that is my week in a nutshell. Nothing to interesting. Friday I had an intercambio with Elder Bird. It was fine. Last Thursday Elder Goodmansen got a year in the mission so we had an icecream cake and the frosting tasted like FROSTING!!! it was soo amazing.
Thats about all I can think of!!!
Love you all lots. I love the work and enjoy what I do! ITs a priceless blessing being here serving the Lord. Its not easy but its worth it. Love you all lots
Elder Wilson

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