Monday, March 21, 2011

Red and Blue

Hey family how are you all doing?!?!

First things first... Aubrey needs to write Elder Dolan... I think its what you call love at first sight! :) haha I would def approve!!

So this week was amazing. We had two more baptisms and they were awesome. Started more than an hour and a hlaf late but thats on time Dominican style :)

I got some mail this week from Aubs and her saying she got in a wreck... Kartchner woman... i dont know why they always give them their liscenses!!! But thanks a bunch Aubrey for the letter it was great hearing from you!!! We sent you a later in the mail today. We being Elder Dolan and me! I also got a letter from Keato saying how he has gone to the temple 8 times since being in Peru!!!! THats so crazying being that my second time will be TOMORROW!!! They called today saying that I get to go tomorrow!

Today we went to Elias Pina to go to the market. I got some New Balance dress shoes for 250 pesos... o sea 12 bucks brand spankin new!!! I also buck some mockasins and am wearing them with my red pants. Elder Dolan got some red pants too soo we are looking stlyish today. I wish i could send you a pic of us but with the virus on my memory card it wont let me load them.

We are having lots of success and were very grateful for it. Solando and Rosa are finally going to be able to get married and baptised... but in 2 months. Her papers were aproved so that she can finally be a citizen here and then they can get married then baptised but we have to wait two months until her indentification comes back.

It was a great week. I love this work. I love this gospel. I love that Ive been able to learn so much. It is soo amazing. Its hard out here but an experience that is irreplacable. It is so worth it and by doing it the Lord can guide us. My plans, dreams, priorities, and so much more have all changed being out here on the mission and now I can see that the Lord is forming the life He wants me to have. Its so nice to finally "get things" a little more. Its such a great blessing to be able to serve and receive so many blessings.

I love you all so much thanks for all you do!! keep up the faith and remember theres never a reason to not be happy!!!

Elder Wilson

Go U of A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am wearing my red and blue today in suport!!!

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