Monday, January 31, 2011

New--found (Unwanted) Friends

Tired Elder Dolan

Sick Elder Dolan

Elder Allred and Elder Wilson

Good old Elder Price

Elder Dolan's First Day in the Field

Elders Addison Day and Wilson

Elder Schoenhals

Elders Wilson and Pena

Elders Wilson and Jones

Elders Martin, Wilson, and Yeip

Elder Espinola (Sabana Yegua comp)and Elder Wilson

Sewage issues from both the apt above and their toilet. Wonder why they're all sick?

Elder Dolan and "The Sample."

Elder Dolan and Elder Wilson

Elders Wilson, Knudsen and Haroldsen

Hey Family how are you doing?!
Im doing well!! It was another great week but totally insane. Sorry for the late letter but basically I have been traveling since 5 am this morning.
Ill start from the beggining. So this week was pretty much crazy. All was going well and we were working hard and having a ton of success and loving life and then Fri night came along. Elder Dolan got crazy sick starting about 1am and was up all night throwing up and had diahrea. Ive never seen someone so sick. So I was helping him all night and didnt get much sleep. Sat morning comes along still completely sick so we call Hermana Almonte and she says that he needed to get a poop analsis. I almost forgot that on Sat night aftyer the bapitsm we had to go to the hospital so Elder Dolan could get an IV/ At that point I kinda needed to go the the bathroom so I decided what they heck I might as well do one too! I went and got a cup and did my thing and ya didnt think much more of it.
Then the ZLs came over to do the baptismal interviews, Turns out only two of them were in the chruch. One decided that she wasnt ready yet and the other one had lefted for dk one hour and hadnt returned for over threee. We went to the house and talked to the one that decided she wasnt ready but Elder Espinal, the coolest kid ever, started talking to her and it turns out she didnt want to get baptized because she was not respecting her mom and wanted to change that first. Elder Espinal was really inspired and helped her out. Long story short she decided to go into the house and appologize to her mom. I truely gained a testimony of repentance by seeing the change that happened by just simply apologizing and commiting to try to be better. She went from one of the depressed people ive met to shining with joy. After talking to her mom she said wow now I feel ready to be baptized. All five of them got baptized and were early to church on sunday as a whole family... all 9 of them. Theres two miracles there, number one that they were on time, number two that all nine of them went! Theres 3 of them under the age of three. During the interview the mom was explaining me her life story. basically the husband abandoned them. Everyone always told her that he had another family but she refused to believe but it turns out that in reality he did have another fmaily,,, after having 8 kids with her... sad story.
So the interviews, from the time of the first one to the last one lasted 5 hrs trying to get everyone together and all. But the important is that they got baptised. The interviews ended at 330 and the baptism was going to start at 4 so we ran home and I came back with Elder Lopez because elder dolan still hadnt been able to get out of bed. He missed his first baptism! haha but we ran around time trying to find investigators to go to the baptism then it ended up starting at 530 and ending at 630. I got to baptize them all. that was nice. It was a great service.
But in the mist of all the baptism fiosco, the results of the poop tests came in. Elder Dolan had like 3 parasites and an infesction in his colon. Elder Lopez has a parasite that is supposively several yards long. tenia or something like that and some other ameba. Elder Haroldson and I both have amebas too. Mine is Ascaris and have larvas of them too. I think ive had it for awhile because I really dont feel sick at all but they gave me a treatment of albendomeba or something like that. Idk if Grandpa will reconize that.\
So after that they decided to send us all the the capital to get checked out. So we got up at 5 and caught the first bus to the capital. got there at like 10 got checked out and caught the next bus back at 2. It was a long day but the results are the Elder Dolan and Elder Lopez are staying in the capital because there things are more serious than mine and Elder Haroldsen so now Elder Haroldsen and I are ccomps for now. Tomorrow we have to send Elder Dolans bags to him then after that we are moving into another house where other missionaries alraedy live while they fix our house. We will see how long that lasts for!
But ya thats the news here, Been a crazy last couple of days. Sat was wayyy crazy. I was a little stressed out haha you know i dont get stressed very easy so that explains what kind of day it was. I got three cold sores out of it.
So Dearie;s soap will be good so that i can keep clean from more parasites! haha
We will start up again tomorrow elder haroldsen and I and we will make the best out of the situation!
I love you all so much and miss you all so much and i am grateful for all you do!!

A few questions before I forget.
Did Zane and Suzy get my letters.
Mom didnt you say you sent me a letter a while back? cuz i havent got it :(

love you all lots
Elder Wilson

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  1. Nothing like a good parasite to brighten your day! At least he is on the path to recovery.