Monday, January 10, 2011

Claire da room

Call Home

Fire for call home

Hot Pants and Messy Desk

"Borrowing" electricity from the neighbor.

Hey FAMILY how are you?!?!
I am doing soooo great!!! I love you all soo much!! First off I want to congradulate Maren for going through the temple and good luck with the whole marriage thingy this week!! Its finally starting to get weird that youre actually getting married!!! But its a good thing!!!
This week was good!! We taught Paulina again and she is still amazing!!! The other family we were teaching, the mom had her baby this week, so they are all going to get baptised the 29. Theres 5 of them!! I am definently excited for that!!
I also got my mail this week! That was great!! It felt like Christmas! There were packages from the Kartchners, Websters, Heidi Oliver, and you guys!! Thanks everyone sooo much!! It was amazing. I also got some letters!! one from Sister Bailey that was dated from June!!! Haha and one from Jeff. Thanks for that one jeff def made me want to go out and work even hard. I need to see a picture of your girlfriend to see if I approve... I also got see's candy from Aunt Vicki!! Wow see's candy tastes way better when you eat it in a third world country!!!
Tuesday I had an intercambio with the Zone Leaders!!! It was amazing. Iwent with Elder Espinal. He is such an amazing man!!! I love him to death!! We worked hard and I enjoyed being with him. We ate some really amazing chicken!!
The next day we had district meeting and I wasnt feeling so good (im guessing from the chicken) and was hholding in my gas all day but when we got to the closing prayer I couldnt hold it in anymore!! I left one out and if smelled soooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Lets just say the prayer ended really fast and everyone left running!!!
Then I had an intercambio with the other Elderes in my district. I went to their area. I started not feeling good but kept going. Then it just hit me. I had to goo soo bad!!! I told Elder Moya to find me a bathrooom fast. We basically went running and found a members house. Her out house had all sorts of stains on it and had a water spout that was spraying water over me the whole time I was in there but I sure did feel better afterwards... until i saw that there was no toilet paper but luckily Heidi sent me some hanckercheifs in her package............. hahahaha In the thankyou note to the websters I went into more detail because I figured Jordan would be interested. It was horrible. I wish I had my camera to have a picture of the out house!!!
On Friday and Saturday we went to Hermano Tabias house (the old man in the picture I sent awhile back) and we helped him put a cement floor on their house. We (o sea I) mixed and loaded the cement in the wheel barrow. IT was pretty fun. I think I wanna try and build a basketball court at the shack when I get home!!! We took some pictures but my comp has tyhem. On the way there we stopped and bought some banana bread at the Menonite church's bakery thing and since we were wearing normal clothes that asked if ya we were mormones anymore. He laugh pretty hard.
On Sunday I got to talk in Church again. I went with out any notes again. It was pretrtyy cool. Its going to be so easy to talk in English now. I have Dads problem and dont have enough time to say what I want to say. Lots of the members came up after me and thanked me for my talk and how they really felt the Spirit. It was about Mosiah 3:19. Leaving behind the natural man to become a person of God and how the Atonement is there to help us.
Thanks again for everything. THe weeks are flying by. I cant believe marens getting married without me there!!! haha but I am so grateful she found a good man. But jake two words- Good luck!
I love you all so much thanks for your love and support. Thanks for always being there for me.
Thanks everyone for the packages!! Made me feel spoiled and loved. I like the pen with the light and lazer!! and The back scratcher is AMAZING!! haha love you soo much!!!
Love Elder Wilson.
Oh and in the picture where I am on the second story on the wall that is me robbing electricity from the neighbors because now our electricity doesnt work!!! (maybe I will get in trouble for saying that but leave it there :))) And as you can see mom I gave up on cleaning my desk. Over Rated!!!
Love you so much


  1. I like those pants, Seth! They are going to be a CHICK MAGNET for sure when you start dating!!

  2. Are you kidding me? He looks like he should be shining shoes at an airport somewhere!

  3. Lali says all he needs is a white belt and white shoes.

  4. I have to comment on this. Firstly, I love the way you have your family pictures all perfectly straight and organized, but your desk is trashed. It says something about what's important to you, and I like it! And I'm with you, cleaning up is overrated. But it's got to be done... says the mom in me.

    Secondly, I can't wait to read the thank you note. Thanks for warning me about its contents.

    Thirdly, if you can speak like your dad, you've got a gift.

    And lastly, pants... I gotta bring them up, but I'm not sure what can be said about them.

  5. The pants are awesome. They show confidence! I think I'll get a pair for myself.