Monday, January 3, 2011

I think you have a little doggie poopie on your shoe.

Hey Yall how are you doing?!?!?
It was another great week!!! Everything still going great with Paulina. She will take a while to get baptised but every lesson we have with her is amazing!! She has so much faith its incredible!! I hope I can be like her someday!!
I have to be honest I didnt write down what I wanted to tell you this week so there arent too many things!! On New Years we had dinner at a members hows named Margarita. She had just gotten back from the temple that day and went through for the first time. She was soooo excited and beaming with joy. Our Branch President also went through and he was very excited too. The dinner we had was amazing with Lasagna and this dried meat thingy not exactly sure was it was but it was good and potato salad. We then went home and I celebrated New Years Eve by going to bed 15 minutes early..1015. It made me think back to last New Years in the CCM and then the one before when Kenny and I just sat on the couch and celebrated us two together after Bradshaw Mountain tournament. We were so dead that we didnt do anything. I cant remember the last time I actually celebrated it!! But there was soooo much alcohol in the streets the whole weekend long. It was kinda sad.
Yesterday we were contacting and when we left a house we realised there was a huge puddle of dog poop on the porch with my foot print in the middle of it... I had tracked the dog poop into the house... about 10 seconds later we heard a dog yelping. Haha the owner kicked him pretty good.
I cant think of much more fomr this week!! It went pretty well. We met several new people that I have hopes for. They joined the two parts of the branch together and now everyone meets togfether so it actually feels like church again!!!
I am loving the work. I love what I do. I love taking the Gospel to everyone!!! Anyone who is thinking about going need to go!! The experience of a mission is priceless. I am soo grateful for it. I love you all and thanks for all you do. Maren good luck at the temple! Soak it all in. I cant wait to go with you in 10 months!!1
Love you all
Elder Wilson

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