Monday, December 27, 2010

See you in 2011

Hey yall how you doing!!!
NExt time I write it will be 2011!!!My black year is over!!! I am doing very well!! I loved the call to the family. Enjoyed talking to you so much. Its cool how after how much everything have changed over the last year the family always stays the same!!! IT was as if we hadnt miss a second together.
My week was amazing. Def hard because there is a TONNN OF alcohol in the streets and parties everwhere. All the appointments we put didnt show!!! Kinda frustrating but we are having success with Paulina. She went to church on Sunday. On Sat we passed by and taught her and she said se was going to go to church on sunday and she asked where it was and we said in the mesopotamia (which is a good 25 min walk for an elderly woman like her) and I thought she was going to say wow thats too far but she said wow thats not far at all. I will be there. We asked if she wanted us to pass by to find her and go with her. She said no shed go on her own (usually means that they arent going) but she showed up and it was amazing. She even chanted out loud during the prayer, luckily I didnt have an allergy attack :) We will have to tell her that we dont do that in our church!! But after I went up and asked her if we could come by tonight (monday) and said we were goingf to take away much time and she said you guys dont take away my time. When you say that you offend me. The time is of God its not mine. I love her soo much shes soo amazing and "gets" everything!! I sure hope she will get baptised!!! I know she will.
We have another lady named Sureilis and she is going to get baptised the 8th of January and another family for the 29.
I got a package with brownies from the Rollisons and A letter from Maren last week. They say theres more coming. Sister Webster says she sent me one too!!! Thanks to all that sent something! I am way spoiled!!!
It was a great week!! I wrote keato a letter and am going to send it to the browns to forward it on. I loveddddddddddddddd talking to you all soo much!! I have the best family in the world. Thanks for all you do and who you are.
Elder Wilson

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  1. I'm sure it was tough waiting for the phone to ring on Christmas, but it sounds like he is doing great. I always like to read Seth's letters. Give him my best.